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Songs of the Bad Life Started by: Revenant on Jan 12, '20 04:24

Revenant woke with a smile his belly still bursting from the feast he had the night before. Strolling around his neighborhood hes still humming a tune. One of the "Il Canto De Malavita" its traditionally sung at family get togethers. Chuckling at his cheek and making sure the only ones who can hear dont understand Italian. Only one old couple sitting on a bench both with a twinkle in their eyes they sing along without missing a word. 

Heres what it sounds like

If you understand the Southern Italian dialect this is what it says in English. 

Of a night of a time that was
Three knights, from Spain, left
From Abruzzi to Sicily I will pass
And then here in Calabria it will stop
Twenty years they worked underground
To found the social rules
Laws of honor, blood, war
Major, minor and criminal laws
And these rules of blood and of mercy
From father to son they will be sent to them
These are the laws of society
Read the sign in the story here
Ndrangheta, Camurra and Mafia
It is an organized company
Ndrangheta, Camurra and Mafia
Sicily, Naples, Calabria honored
In the morning, by the sea
In a boat, she navigates
With five sails and seven sailors
One of them wanted me to ask
'Young man, say you're looking'
'Honor and blood, I answered'
Above this boat and bua inflianati
Honor and blood were found away
And they took me across the sea
In the name of the favignana
Or people all who have been shaking
This is a land near and far
Ndrangheta, Camurra and Mafia
Laws of honor, laws of mercy
Ndrangheta, Camurra and Mafia
And with tears, no mercy
Here was a castle with three rooms
Where the first one smelled of infamy
Three drops of blood in a second we find
While in the third, corporations do not
Worth and merit I was recognized
Under the tree of beaten science
Honored circle I greet you all
Until his death he linked you
I shit man for blood and for honor
And to drive out the infamous and the traitors
No forgiveness and no mercy
This is what this body drives me to do
Ndrangheta, Camurra and Mafia
It is an organized society
Ndrangheta, Camurra and Mafia
Laws of honor, laws of honor

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Monty was minding his own business just wandering the streets when he hears the most beautiful song. The song was so sweet and innocent, he closes his eyes and just listens. He had no idea what it was, who was singing or even what it means, he just knew he wanted to hear more. The song finishes and Monty opens his eyes are his few minutes of relaxation.

He notices an elderly couple on a bench clapping and looking towards a gentleman wearing a dark suit and hat, Monty feels the needs to congratulate the gentleman himself.

"Excuse me, that song... It was... I felt... I feel released, it was so beautiful and I have to know what it was and if you have more."

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He smiles and motions him to walk and talk. 

"One of the Il Canto De Malavita?" Looking to see if it strikes a chord with him then looking around making sure nobody can hear them. He knows Mr. Burns as a respected crew leader. He wonders if he’s in trouble because he’s singing them in public even with the great care he took to make sure it was not heard by the wrong ears. Realizing he was not aware of this musical genre and is not here to silence Revenant he smiles.

I was lucky to have learned Latin at a young age. I was going to be a priest untill the world took a turn and sent me on another path. I picked up the dialect from some of my travels and learned them.  Some call them "The Songs of the Bad Life" and oh my yes there are more."

Jotting down something in a small notepad he hands it to the revered Consigliere with a nod. "The lyrics in English for this other song ill share. You may have heard it at a business meeting or family get together. Its from the "Old country" This life of ours emulated the melting pot that America is and now not everyone in our business knows the old tongue. But its traditional songs that are intentionally vague but still hold a powerful message. Looking around once again with a twinkle in his eye he sees nobody close enough to catch their words or piece it together so he smiles and says.

"This song is called “Omerta”

Click here to listen to "Omerta" as Revenant sang it

Knowing the words are safe in his hands the note he gave Mr. Burns says this. 

(This song uses some Portuguese, Italian and Corsican words to help keep its mystery)

While singing the shotgun
The carrion shouts and died
It reads hard and bitter
The infamous breaks our hearts.

No one sees or knows anything
Who wants to come to God
Who prays to the saints?
Be guilty or innocent
Everyone keeps their mouth shut

Omertà, Omertà
This is the law of the Society.
Law that does not forgive
One who does treason

The silence is commandment
These laws are right and correct
Who took the oath
It costs a lot to lose

I have an eye but I don't see it
I am deaf and also dumb
I know the rules of God
But I am still a kid

Omertà, Omertà
This is the law of the Society
Law that does not forgive
To whom we betray betrayal

I am dumb and blind
I am To the honor
I belong to Society that is in a fist
He commands the whole kingdom 

And the man who talks a lot
He is always in trouble
Who is deaf and blind
He lived for a hundred years in peace

Omertà, Omertà
This is the law of the Society.
Law that does not forgive
Who does treason
On our family

Smiling and shaking Mr. Burns hand in respect he says its a pleasure to meet him. Seeing that a crowd has formed but nobody showing a sign of understanding the words save for two. The old couple holding hands are still beaming at the memories these songs have for them. With eyes like a hawk the old Sicillian man winks at him. Deciding that the crowd is getting too big to be sure nobody who should not hear these songs would Revenant switches over to "All of me".

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So sorry for the broken link, 
HERE is the correct liink for the song "Omerta"

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Furious listens to the music and were happy over hearing it, He sat and shaked his head to the good rythms he heard and were totally into the music.

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After listening to another song, Monty realises he's been missing out on the beauty that is music. So soft, delicate and relaxing. Monty approaches the gentleman and hands him a little something.

"This is just a token of my appreciation... Say, I'm looking to open a business sometime soon, if you were to come sing for me, I'm sure it would be worth your while. In that envelope you'll find contact details to get in touch with me, I could certainly use a man of your talents should my approval go through. For now, I must leave, I'm sure we will meet again."

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A drunk Tommy stumbles through the streets when he hears some awful noise.

"Ey..what de hell iz dis shit? Y'all are terrible singers. How bout ya SHUT DA FUCK UP. I'm tryna get some sleep."

Tommy falls down and sleeps on the street corner.

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Thanking Mr Burns with a smile he says he always appreciates any oppourtunity for new work. Parting ways he strums aimlessly untill he is yelled at by the shabby fellow who passed out in the nearby alley. Inspired by a man he met a few times on his travels he starts up with "Hobos Lullaby" by Woody Guthrie. While not a Il Canto De Maladiva its a song from the heart of a man who traveled this country both as a popular folk singer and also as a tramp. He hopes this one is more to the mans liking.

Heres what the song will sound like many years later when finally recorded.

He met Woody back in 33 at a union hall meeting and immediately struck up a friendship. He would always catch his shows when he could even if it was just Woody singing for his supper at a speakeasy or rail yard. Singing from memories he smiles at how much hope and joy he brought the people who needed it most. 

Beginning the final verse,, 
"I know the police cause you trouble, they cause trouble everywhere. But when you die and go to heaven you'll find no policemen there."
He notices a cop glaring at him and decides to skidoo before he gets on his bad side. 

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