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Status Symbol Started by: Nipsey_Hussle on Jan 14, '20 19:59

It was time for Nipsey to get back to work on his album. Lately he had worked on features to help build awareness for the upcoming project, but he had a few songs for the album that he was ready to record. Nipsey began smoking and preparing to record, when he was notified by the front desk that his friend Buddy had arrived. He smiled and had one of his bodyguards go meet his friend and bring him to the studio.

Once Buddy arrived, Nipsey shooks his hand and offered him something to smoke and drink. As usual, Nipsey rehearsed his verse a few times, and stepped into the booth. The beat played, Nipsey got into his flow, and began rapping his first verse.

Rappin' for my section, roll with my protection
Who gon' die next? Ain't tryna get elected
Ridin' by myself, time for some reflection
I feel like a young boss brother that's thankful for his blessings
I can't even lie, I ain't even flexin'
Block for me homie, know they tryna stretch us
I ain't tryna preach, I ain't tryna lecture
When you make your first mil' in cash, you gon' feel the pressure
Just wanna feel the thrust, wanna feel the texture
Wanna feel the drop top breeze, wanna feel successful
Wanna change the game, never chase a message
Never stop grindin', cherish no possessions
We ain't get accepted, we just reinvested
Things that I expected 'cause we ain't even set trip
60th the Mecca, Choppers for protection
FBI invests us, but they can't arrest us

 Nipsey finished his verse, and stepped out of the booth. He poured himself a shot, and grabbed his blunt, before giving the nod to Buddy to step into the both. Buddy stepped in to record the hook.

Almost forgot what I was doin'
Almost forgot where I was goin', I been drivin', I been smokin'
Almost forgot what I was doin'
Almost forgot what I was drinkin', what the hell have I been thinkin'?
Now I'm just ridin' through the city
Now I'm just ridin' through the city, and ain't nobody rollin' with me
And ain't nobody rollin' with me, it ain't a problem, I'm gon get it
It ain't a problem, I'm gon get it, this a trip, trip, trip, trip
Ridin' 'round smokin' by myself
Don't you know I do it so well
Dollar signs all on my head
Rollin' solo dolo, this a trip, trip, trip, trip
Aye, almost forgot what I was doin'
Almost forgot where I was goin', I been drivin', I been smokin'
Almost forgot what I was doin'
Almost forgot what I was drinkin', what the hell have I been thinkin'?

Buddy stepped out of the booth. Nipsey smiled and shook his hand. "Good shit homie! That hook was dope." 

Nipsey rehearsed his next verse while smoking and drinking a little bit. He was definitely feeling the track, and loved the energy that was present in the room. After one last practice run, he stepped in to record his next verse.

Always had the passion, boy this a classic
How we came from nothing, went and got established
Livin' like a savage, tryna make some magic
Everybody starving, tryna take the sandwich
I know it's elaborate, a brotha just imagined
Felt the right to ask it, we can make it happen
Weavin' through the traffic, I can take you back then
Everything I said I meant, I was never cappin'
I was never scared to stand, front line with MAC 10's
Raise and shoot at made men, never felt the satisfaction
When I seen the game collapsin', guess they took the rules and wacked it
Started movin' at a different frequency and it got me livin' lavish
All my partners steady passin', tryna wiggle through this madness
Tryna fight this gravity at time and I swear I could feel it pull me backwards
Puttin' thousands on they caskets, tryna pick the right reactions
I appreciate the progress, but I'm so conflicted about the status

 The song was complete. Nipsey's producer nodded his head and told the engineer to get to mixing. His album was nearly complete. It felt good to be back in the studio recording, although things have been busier lately. 

Nipsey shook all of his people's hands and exited the studio. It was time to get back to his other business.

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