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The Strip Gets Sweeter Started by: QueenFrostine on Jan 14, '20 21:07

"Ice cream machine broke."

The boy at the counter spat out without even thinking twice. QueenFrostine made a face, placing her palms on the counter, leaning towards the him. She looked the lanky puberty ridden teenager up and down narrowing her eyes, his stance unwavering. Huffing, she took a step back, sizing the kid up. 

"Are you sure you can't check again? My sweet tooth is really craving some frosty sweetness and it would make my day. I would hate to have my men come back there and check for you. Would be a shame, really."

Her bodyguard, Minty, cracked his knuckles behind her, scowling at the worker. Gulping, the boy rushed back to the machine, turning it on and quickly making her a frozen cone. Rushing back to her, he shoved the cone towards her.

"Sorry, ma'am. I didn't realize it wasn't on. Please forgive me and don't tell my boss. He will surely fire me."

The Queen nodded and licked her cone before walking away, giving Minty a nod.

"Give this kid my card, just in case."

Piling in the automobile and making their way towards the new site, QueenFrostine ate her victory cone quickly, careful to not let it melt on her new dress. It would not be very lady like to show up to such an event covered in melted ice cream. Royalty must never look tarnished, especially during such a day as today. Today, her castle was finally ready for her to move in. Insta's headquarters was a cozy welcoming place, however she preferred something a little bit....cooler. 

The car came to a quick stop in front of the newest building in The Strip. Minty hopped out of the driver's side to open the door for the Queen, leading her to the front of the castle steps, before bowing to her. Queenie smiled as she saw such a big crowd gathered around her sweet new digs. The outside looked like a carnival, with food vendors and the sweetest of treats pairing with the finest champagne. She could see Insta and Zeitgeist sharing an bottle themselves as her lovely ladies, CaseyCox and PrincessLolly fed each other cotton candy. Smiling, she knew it was time to address her public.

"What a day! The sweetest of days really. Thank you all for coming to my fabulous, sugar coated party! As we share in the festivities, I would like to formally welcome you to my new headquarters of Candy Land that will be housing my own family...I present to you, with permission from Godfather-Chairman Homer...."

A huge banner dropped down, with writing across:

The CandyLand Coven

The crowd roared as QueenFrostine curtsied and raised a glass full of champagne and gum drops, making a quick toast.

"To the city of Las Vegas! May it only get sweeter from here!"

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It was the day. It was the day, it was the day, it was the motherfucking day!!!!!! PrincessLolly ran around like a half crazed half absolutely over the moon and 100% excited for the day of all days. TODAY!!! Because today of all of the days was the day that Las Vegas, SIN FUCKING CITY, would get it's FIRST EVER....CASTLE!!!!!! And what would a castle be without a queen. A MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN! A @QUEEN FROSTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lolly took a breather for a moment before taking eight more sips of melted sprinkles and got back to work. There was much to do. MUCH TO DO!! Everything needed to be ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for QueenFrostine and her CASTLE. Lolly batted her lashes at the florist and engulfed the large bouquets of flowers into her arms. She then exited the shop and hopped into the car with one of Frostine's bodyguards, borrowed from the royal court. 

"Any more stops?"

The bodyguard asked wearily. If it wasn't obvious and it was, he had reason. The car was already jam packed with goodies and trinkets and flowers and of course CANDY - chocolates and cookies and gum drops and marshmallows and lollipops and oh my goodness all the candy one could ever think of. Often times people would say you've got junk in your trunk, but Lolly, no she had CANDY IN HER TRUNK!! She was in absolute heaven. HEAVEN. 

One more stop!

Lolly replied excitedly. Maybe she should lay off the sprinkles, but then again, it was a day of much celebrating. The guard looked at her with...with a lot of things. There was obvious confusion written all over his face. There was pain. He was probably just very tired of all of PrincessLolly's excitement. Honestly, not all men could keep up with her. This fella, as much as he had tried, was ready for a nap. 

No worries! Only one last place on the list!

PrincessLolly tapped on the driver's shoulder and whispered an address into his ear. As soon as the car pulled to the curb, Lolly bolted out and through the front doors. As much as the dress she was currently wearing was wonderful and amazerful it wasn't good enough for such festivities. Princess whirled around the seamstress who covered her in pink and blue gauze. Lolly stepped from the dress store looking like the cutest cotton candy Princess she could ever be. It was PERFECT!!!! She hopped back into the car and arrived just in time to help set up and await the arrival of QueenFrostine

Shortly after, a trumpet announced the AMAZING QUEEN was on her way. PrincessLolly grabbed a puff of candy and went to find CaseyCox, her coven sister. As she passed Insta and her boss she stopped for quick moment to boop Zeitgeist's nose with the puff of cotton candy and giggled. She gave him a wink and twirled away, right into CaseyCox's arms. 

I'm so EXCITED!!!

Lolly shrieked into Casey's ear. Then waited patiently for the announcement. And once it finished of course Lolly completely lost her shit. 


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FuriousWolf were in happy tears when seeing his former Queenie starting her new crew, he were so happy over this and just had to say;


"I'm so happy over and for you dear, hope you really will have a great time and make sure to build a superbly good crew which you always are the best at"


After licking the face of QueenFrostine he walks out again happy over what he had seen, it was so funny and loveable to see this.

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Charlie looked at the spectacle around him, and patted his pockets to find his shades...he had a feeling he was going to need them - not just for the flashing lights of the newspapermen's cameras, but because of the whole....colorfullness of it all!  He'd been recovering from a rather heavy drinking session when he got word from the Queen that she had got the go ahead to set, and had to get her to repeat herself when she told him he as to go with her.

Grabbing a glass of champagne from a server as they passed him, he knocked it back in one, and tried to focus on his surroundings.  He quickly spotted his boss, as she stood chatting and laughing with CaseyCox and PrincessLolly.  He had to admit - this was definitely where QueenFrostine belonged...

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Nipsey arrived at the scene and saw a bunch of people celebrating and taking pictures with QueenFrostine. Nipsey smiled, ashed his blunt and exited his vehicle so he can congratulate Queen.

He approached the Queen and gave her a big hug. Nipsey also handed her a few congratulatory gifts to enjoy. 

"Congratulations Queen! I wish you and your family the best. I know you're busy, so I'll let you go. Just wanted to swing by and say congrats."

Nipsey gave her one more hug and went back to his vehicle.

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After swinging a fair few Duff beers as what is customary when joyus things happen such as this. I mean theres few things I like more than Candy, so whats not to celebrate? and what better way to celebrate other than with candy and beer?

There had been a lot of bitterness of late and it was duly time to being in some much needed sweetness to our city and country. That being said QueenFrostine being the sweetest person to have graced Las Vegas, it was only fitting she took the helm at counteracting all bitterness being spewed out, and bring some much needed sweetness.

On that note, I have no doubt that having QueenFrostine here alongside me will make Las Vegas a much more sweeter place than it already is. I look forward to seeing what the CandyLand Coven offers, I expect no less than extraordinary Candy's of all varieties being on offer, but no seriously I know QueenFrostine will do a sweet job here in Vegas, and I'm excited for her and Vegas in this period of rebuilding, I couldn't have asked for a better person to make Las Vegas sweet again.. okay enough with the sweet puns. Congratulations QueenFrostine

Homer grabs a bag of cotton candy from the CandyLand Coven headquarters as makes his way out, heading to the bar for the continued celebration of QueenFrostine taking up the bold suit. 

Ladies and Gentleman, join me in celebrating this momentous occasion for Las Vegas. Drinks are on @MontgromeryBurns. 

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Raphael thinks back to his days back in the strip, though he loved Philadelphia there was no place like home...

Snapping out of his momentary day dream of being a young turtle in the Vegas he starts to speak...


First and far most, congratulations! The Strip is a beautiful place in the city that never sleeps. A place I hold very close to me, I'm sure with Homers blessings you will continue to make the strip shine even brighter.

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"You can do this," Casey coached herself in the mirror. Brushing aside a stray hair, she continued her pep talk. "You're going to go to QueenFrostine's celebration, and it's going to be amazing. PrincessLolly and Zeitgeist will be there, and you're definitely not going to punch any unworthy guys in the throat that try to speak to her." She wrinkled her nose at the untruth before breaking into a grin. "Maybe."

After collecting her things, she shouted to her boss that she was leaving. "You better hurry up or you're going to be lateeee!" she teased as she exited the headquarters. Casey knew full well the boss man had a tendency to be fashionably late, so it was probably a waste of breath. Normally she would be as well, but there was too much excitement buzzing in the air. One of her very best friends had been given her own headquarters, and it was time to celebrate! 


"There you are!" Casey lit up into a genuine smile the second Lolly spun into her arms. "What did you do, take off the second you woke up?!" She giggled as she remembered sounds of elation coming from her adjacent room before the door of the HQ slammed shut. If Casey thought she was excited, PrincessLolly had her outdone; she was practically vibrating with enthusiasm. Though that wasn't too unlike her really - bubbly, excitable, adorable - still fully capable of bringing a man to his knees. 

In the midst of giggling with Lolly, who was still trying to lick the bits of cotton candy off her lips, QueenFrostine came out, looking like an absolute candy-coated snack. They both squealed, the way girls do when they're genuinely excited, when the completion to their trifecta arrived.

As if on cue, a hush fell over the crowd as Frostine began to speak. Casey couldn't help but beam; she was so proud of her friend for getting this far. While she herself had never been the type to want any authority, it was almost as if Frostine was born to do it. Frostine was friendly and charming, she was talkative, and she made this world an exciting place to be. God knows she'd have followers, but that's okay, because if the stepped out of line Casey could hunt them for sport! 


"Yessssss!" Casey squealed as the banner rolled down. Temporarily stunned from Lolly's burst of congratulations, Casey rubbed her ear and looped her arm around her friend, pulling her forward towards Frostine. Taking a glass of champagne and gumdrops from the nearby table, she held up her glass as she approached. 

"Congratulations, my sweet Frostine. You look beautiful, darling. Of course you know I absolutely love the name. You know we're only right around the block if you need us, but we all know you're going to be amazing. Cheers, my love!"

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It had been a while since Monty had spoke to QueenFrostine, he had been busy with other business deals, money and some beautiful music he had recently been listening to by some random Italian gentleman in the street. After hearing that the other leaders in Las Vegas had received an invitation to a sugar party he couldn't really let it go, he had to find out where it was that they were going. After all, who doesn't love sugary stuff? Despite his skinny and boney figure, Monty did enjoy a good sweet or dessert from time to time.

After getting some of his henchmen to do some digging, a location had popped up a few times too many to be a coincidence and had decided without further investigation that he would arrive with a case of Freddos. Apparently they were the new chocolates around that everyone was fussing about. Stepping into the car parked outside the headquarters, Monty signals for the driver to head to The Strip.

About a short journey, the car stops outside what appears to be a castle. A castle he thought, what was a castle doing in The Strip? Queenie did always see herself as royalty so after some thought, it wasn't actually that surprising. After his bodyguards give him the signal that the coast is clear, Monty steps out the car with Freddos in hand and steps on the bottom steps leading to the castle.

"Oh Queenie!"

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*Zeitgeist had the longest week and hadn't had a chance to visit the Candyland Cover what was rumored to be to craziest headquarters ever, he was still a little hungover and was really hoping at least some of the things he had heard were true. Zeitgeist walked in two gorgeous young ladies wearing nothing but candy floss dresses removed his coat and offered him a drink, Zeitgeist literally could not believe his eyes...*


To his left was a Dr Pepper waterfall, it was at least 300 feet high, a light mist of Dr Pepper filled the seemingly endless main entrance of the CandyLand coven, the mist collected on Zeitgeist's lips and he softly licked his lips and smiled, at the bottom of the waterfall stood PrincessLolly in the skimpiest bikini, she was literally moving in slow motion, flicking her hair back and breaking both hearts and necks in the process


Zeitgeist couldn't take to much more of this and he turned to his right where things didn't get any softer, I mean easier....


CaseyCox could be seen walking, nay; wandering, seemingly lost, in a forest... there were rows and rows of palms trees, CaseyCox wearing nothing but her signature Gummy Bear bikini winked at Zeitgeist almost stopping his heart in the process


Zeitgeist was now visible distressed and cast his eyes forward, where, if things weren't wild enough already, they escalated even further.


There was a giant throne at the end of a long hall, the carpet was made from licorice, the throne itself seemed to be made from marshmallow and had small tablets adorning the throne, as he got closer he recognized the tablets as the same Molly that QueenFrostine had slipped him a few days prior. On either side of her throne were hundreds of "Big Booty Hoes" twerking non-stop to the savory beats. Zeitgeist cast his eyes to QueenFrostine sitting on her throne, she sure had made the place hers in record time.... QueenFrostine was looking like her usual B0$$ A$$ Bitch $elf.  Zeitgeist started walking towards her to offer his congratulations when he felt something wet hit his face, followed by a slap to his left cheek.


Zeitgeist woke up to CaseyLovesCox saying 


"We are here boss, we just arrived at QueenFrostine's for the opening party, you have been snoring for hours now"


*Zeitgeist creaked both of his eyes open and let out a loud*



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