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Jan 20 - 16:42:33
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Funny Lounge comments! Started by: Honesty on Jan 27, '20 02:19

21:17:57 <Agrippa[MR]> I-errrr wan zee race errr tu keell zee rogue

21:17:58 <Agrippa[MR]> SEE

21:18:01 <Agrippa[MR]]> THATS FRENCH

21:18:07 <Honesty[MR]> That's a stroke

21:18:18 <Agrippa[MR]> EXACTLY


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21:15:17 <Honesty[MR]> Back when IRC was a thing I used to make puns out of every obit's name

21:15:19 <Honesty[MR]> But

21:15:24 <Honesty[MR]> I would start the setup

21:17:12 <Honesty[MR]> Do this: ( •_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)

21:17:16 <Honesty[MR]> And say the pun

21:17:36 <Plague_Doctor[MR]> So saying puns make you cool?

21:17:46 <Honesty[MR]> No. I was always cool

21:17:58 <Honesty[MR]> From the second I was born I had my sunglasses

21:18:26 <Plague_Doctor[MR]> You came out with them on?

21:18:40 <Honesty[MR]> I came with them on

21:18:41 <Honesty[MR]> Yes

21:18:56 <Honesty[MR]> My mother's womb was like the Batcave for cool fetuses

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14:09:02 <@TriviaBot> The plant Lunaria Annua is grown mainly for its seed cases and used in flower arranging by what name is it more commonly known?

14:09:14 <@TriviaBot> Here's a hint, Ho_____

14:09:26 <@TriviaBot> Here's a hint, Hon____

14:09:30 <Honesty[MR]> Honey

14:09:37 <@TriviaBot> Time's up! The answer was: Honesty

14:09:44 <Honesty[MR]> WHAT

14:09:48 <Honesty[MR]> THE FUCK

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11:48:10 <&MRBot> ADMIN WACK: Ripper1488 <Syn> Inappropriate Name
12:08:56 <Honesty[MR]> YO QUEEN<
12:09:08 <Honesty[MR]> YOU GETTING CREDITS<
12:09:18 <Honesty[MR]> OR ARE YOU SLACKING AGAIN
12:09:24 <QueenFrostine[MR]> YO HONESTY
12:09:30 <QueenFrostine[MR]> YOU INVITING NAZIS
12:09:34 <QueenFrostine[MR]> OR YOU SLACKIN?
12:09:40 <Honesty[MR]> Shit
12:09:44 <Honesty[MR]> I wasn't prepared for this
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22:50:05 <AlTylerson[MR]> How do I play this game?

22:50:30 <TwoKnucklesDeep[MR]> have you ever played CSGO?

22:50:47 <TwoKnucklesDeep[MR]> its kinda like that except text

22:50:49 <TwoKnucklesDeep[MR]> and campers

22:50:55 <TwoKnucklesDeep[MR]> plus friendly fire is on

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03:29:09 <&MRBot> CREDITS: Congrats Made Man Gunny of Lust's Depravity, Old City District, Philadelphia! (Just won 1 credit / 16 Credits won on IRC this character.)

03:29:14 <Honesty[MR]> Gunny

03:29:15 <Honesty[MR]> Wtf

03:29:19 <Honesty[MR]> Give me that credit

03:29:27 <Gunny[MR]> Do I have to... :(

03:29:30 <Honesty[MR]> Even if I wasn't in the race, I deserve it more than you

03:30:01 <&MRBot> ROGUE: Will be unproed in 15 seconds. Please do not share this off of IRC.

03:30:16 <&MRBot> ROGUE: Honesty has ended Rogue's pitiful attempt. They beat 7 to the hit. 94 shots were fired.

03:30:27 <Gunny[MR]> I'm keeping that credit..

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01:06:28 <Gunny[MR]> mmm speak french in my pms

Goes into PMs

01:07:05 <Honesty[MR]> Croissant

01:07:09 <Honesty[MR]> Eiffel

01:07:12 <Honesty[MR]> Voiture

01:07:17 <Honesty[MR]> Cigarettes

01:07:24 <Honesty[MR]> Masturbation

01:07:27 <Gunny[MR]> God damnit..

01:07:30 <Gunny[MR]> you don't have tits..

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03:06:23 <&MRBot> ROGUETTE: With a final bullet, Honesty has put an end to Roguette's valiant attempt to overthrow Rogue. They beat 7 to the hit. 1005 shots were fired.

03:06:26 <Honesty[MR]> YES

03:06:28 <Honesty[MR]> LET'S GO

03:06:28 <gestra[MR]> nooo

03:06:29 <Vidic[MR]> oh no


03:06:48 <&MRBot> ROGUETTE: Roguette sees her opportunity to make a name for herself by ridding the world of Rogue. You had better put her in her place as soon as possible! Please do not share this off of IRC.

03:07:00 <&MRBot> ROGUETTE: With a final bullet, Honesty has put an end to Roguette's valiant attempt to overthrow Rogue. They beat 12 to the hit. 130 shots were fired.

03:07:04 <Honesty[MR]> LET'.S GO

03:07:07 <Vidic[MR]> oh no...

03:07:10 <Honesty[MR]> 03:06:39 <Honesty[MR]> KISS THE MOTHERFUCKIN RING

03:07:16 <Vidic[MR]> :(

03:07:17 <gestra[MR]> shall we race on Honesty next?

03:07:21 <&MRBot> ROGUETTE: Roguette sees her opportunity to make a name for herself by ridding the world of Rogue. You had better put her in her place as soon as possible! Please do not share this off of IRC.

03:07:21 <Honesty[MR]> No

03:07:22 <Vidic[MR]> LOL

03:07:32 <&MRBot> ROGUETTE: With a final bullet, Honesty has put an end to Roguette's valiant attempt to overthrow Rogue. They beat 10 to the hit. 130 shots were fired.

03:07:36 <Honesty[MR]> LMAO

03:07:37 <gestra[MR]> goddamn

03:07:38 <Honesty[MR]> WTF

03:07:39 <Vidic[MR]> is this real life

03:07:39 <Honesty[MR]> HAHAHAHA

03:07:47 <&IzzyCreamcheese> shame none of them are counting :D

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13:54:24 <Honesty[MR] All meat is yum

13:55:56 <Elodin[MR]> My meat is yum too Honesty[MR] ?

13:56:09 <Honesty[MR]> I'll gargle on your meat whenever you want

13:56:16 <Elodin[MR]> Wowow

13:56:45 <Elodin[MR]> That escalated quickly :D

13:56:57 <&IzzyCreamcheese> thats the sign of a true warrior

13:57:01 <&IzzyCreamcheese> spitting = mehhh

13:57:04 <&IzzyCreamcheese> swallowing = yay

13:57:08 <&IzzyCreamcheese> gargle.... thats a lifetime friend there

13:57:22 <Honesty[MR]> Fuck ya Elodin

13:57:27 <Honesty[MR]> Give me that meat scepter

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14:07:19 <Dolores[MR]> beans are good

14:07:35 <OneEyedMonster[MR]> You would like beans you whore.

14:07:42 <Honesty[MR]> Breakfast beans are great

14:07:46 <&IzzyCreamcheese> beans beans the musical fruit

14:07:50 <&IzzyCreamcheese> the more you eat the more you toot

14:07:54 <&IzzyCreamcheese> the more you toot the better you feel

14:07:58 <&IzzyCreamcheese> so eat some beans with every meal!

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03:24:01 <Honesty[MR]> But Vidic

03:24:08 <Honesty[MR]> Sucking up to me won't get you maple syrup

03:24:12 <Vidic[MR]> poop

03:24:24 <Honesty[MR]> Cause

03:24:30 <Honesty[MR]> No matter how much someone sucks up to me

03:24:33 <Honesty[MR]> You have to remember

03:24:41 <Honesty[MR]> I know all that stuff

03:24:51 <Honesty[MR]> I tell myself the same things every morning

03:25:32 <Ivy_Rose[MR]> Vidic[MR] you gotta be mean to Honesty[MR] to get his Maple syrup

03:25:36 <Honesty[MR]> Nope

03:25:43 <Vidic[MR]> Nah Spike is here, Honesty who?

03:25:52 <+SpikeSpiegel> ooo

03:25:53 <Ivy_Rose[MR]> LMFAO

03:25:57 <Archy[MR]> Rofl

03:25:59 <Archy[MR]> That hurts


03:26:01 *** &Bubba has kicked Honesty[MR] (Turn caps lock OFF!)

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16:22:23 <Geneva[MR]> what on earth does it take for &MRBot to start abusing me????

16:22:34 <Geneva[MR]> i feel really left out

16:22:49 <Geneva[MR]> :(

16:25:20 <Honesty-[MR]> It never has abused me before

16:25:25 <Honesty-[MR]> Cause MRBot's a bitch

17:46:01 <&MRBot> Yo Honesty-, If I wanted to kill myself I'd climb your ego and jump to your IQ.

17:55:37 <+dickbutt> OH MAN

17:55:45 <+dickbutt> Honesty-[MR]: gets called out by MRBot

17:55:49 <+dickbutt> DRY

17:56:28 <TryAgain[MR]> Literally made you his bitch homie Honesty-[MR]

17:56:45 <+dickbutt> PM'd that to him

17:56:49 <+dickbutt> So he extra sees it

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11:07:46 <&IzzyCreamcheese> [11:07:26] <Honesteh[MR]> I have this thing called verbal diarrhea

11:07:48 <&IzzyCreamcheese> he eats a lot of ass

11:07:50 <Honesteh[MR]> LMAO

11:07:52 <&IzzyCreamcheese> his mouth is like.. an ass blender

11:07:59 <&IzzyCreamcheese> everything comes out like a smoothie

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14:18:33 <Honesteh[MR]> YOU ALL SUCK

14:18:39 <Honesteh[MR]> oh hi squishy

14:19:20 <Squishy[MR]> Alexa, schedule honesteh for a wackback next week

14:19:45 <Honesteh[MR]> Alexa is the true admin here

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 HOLY SHIT ON KOYUKI'S DESK, THIS IS A LONG ONE. (The reply...Not the shit...)

10:54:09 <Archy[MR]> Its about Honesteh[MR] admitting he needs to apologize before its too late

10:54:19 <Honesteh[MR]> WHY WOULD I APOLOGIZE

10:54:23 <Honesteh[MR]> What did I do?!

10:54:31 <Honesteh[MR]> I asked a question to Evelina

10:54:33 <Right[MR]> I am sorry for Honesteh not apologizing

10:54:40 <Honesteh[MR]> Which she still didn't answer

10:54:49 <Honesteh[MR]> WHY WOULD I APOLOGIZE

10:55:51 <Archy[MR]> See Honesteh[MR]

10:55:58 <Archy[MR]> You never learn anything

10:56:02 <Honesteh[MR]> What

10:56:11 <Archy[MR]> Right[MR] is apologizing for you being rude

10:56:20 <Archy[MR]> And you are too stubborn to apologise

10:56:28 <Honesteh[MR]> WHY WOULD I APOLOGIZE

10:56:43 <Right[MR]> Because you dont say sorry

10:56:51 <Honesteh[MR]> Why would I say sorry???!!!!

10:56:59 <Right[MR]> To apologize

10:57:03 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> It's not too late to say you're sorry

10:57:03 <Honesteh[MR]> FOR WHAT!?

10:57:09 <Right[MR]> Not saying sorry

10:57:18 <Honesteh[MR]> Why would I say sorry??!!

10:57:29 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> Do you think it's too late?

10:57:30 <Right[MR]> You know, Right?

10:57:37 <Honesteh[MR]> No, I don't know

10:57:47 <Honesteh[MR]> Too late for which apology?

10:57:49 <Right[MR]> I am Right

10:57:54 <Honesteh[MR]> I don't even know what I'm being accused of

10:57:54 <Right[MR]> Sorry

10:58:02 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> ^^

10:58:03 <Right[MR]> Not saying sorry

10:58:05 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> See, not hard

10:58:05 <Honesteh[MR]> What

10:58:09 <Honesteh[MR]> WHAT IS HAPPENING

10:58:15 * Honesteh[MR] flips all the tables

10:58:17 <Right[MR]> You should apologize

10:58:19 <Honesteh[MR]> FOR WHAT

10:58:25 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> No need to get vexed

10:58:27 <Right[MR]> Not apologizing

10:58:36 <Honesteh[MR]> Not apologizing for what???

10:58:39 <Right[MR]> You know I am Right

10:58:50 <Honesteh[MR]> In which sense of the word?

10:58:53 <Right[MR]> Not saying sorry

10:58:57 <Honesteh[MR]> What

10:59:01 <Right[MR]> I am Right

10:59:04 <Honesteh[MR]> Why would I say I'm sorry?

10:59:04 <Right[MR]> Literally

10:59:08 <Archy[MR]> Just say sorry

10:59:11 <Right[MR]> To apologize!

10:59:11 <Honesteh[MR]> No

10:59:20 <Honesteh[MR]> I don't know what I need to apologize for

10:59:31 <Archy[MR]> For not saying sorry

10:59:36 <Right[MR]> ^

10:59:38 <Honesteh[MR]> Sorry about what???

10:59:39 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> ^^

10:59:45 <Honesteh[MR]> Charles agrees with me

10:59:47 <Honesteh[MR]> GOOD

10:59:48 <Honesteh[MR]> FINALLY

10:59:54 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> Don't shout

10:59:58 <Right[MR]> ^

11:00:13 <Honesteh[MR]> No

11:00:19 <Honesteh[MR]> I will always shout when I want to

11:00:36 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> Well that's rude, you should apologise

11:00:51 <Honesteh[MR]> For what?

11:00:54 <Right[MR]>  Weird

11:01:12 <Charles_Barkley[MR]> For not saying sorry and then shouting about it

11:01:31 <Honesteh[MR]> But saying sorry about what?

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15:48:11 <&IzzyCreamcheese> the server taking 34 milliseconds to process the page... would be for *everyone*

15:48:24 <&IzzyCreamcheese> thats literally has nothing to do with whoever the client is

15:48:41 <&IzzyCreamcheese> in that example it could be you, me, Honesteh[MR], anyone

15:48:46 <&IzzyCreamcheese> it doenst know or care who is on the other end

15:48:52 <Honesteh[MR]> YES

15:48:54 <&IzzyCreamcheese> once it got all the data, it took 34ms to process everything

15:48:56 <Honesteh[MR]> I DON'T COUNT AS ANYONE

15:48:58 <Honesteh[MR]> I'M SPECIAL

15:48:59 <Honesteh[MR]> FEAR ME

15:49:05 * Honesteh[MR] thunder crackles

15:49:07 <&IzzyCreamcheese> Honesteh[MR] i was using you as a extreme example

15:49:10 <&IzzyCreamcheese> like, if i was goign to say

15:49:33 <&IzzyCreamcheese> you can invite someone over for dinner, like a celebrity, or (now where you do the complete other end of the spectrum) Honesteh

15:49:50 <Honesteh[MR]> WOW

15:49:58 <Honesteh[MR]> This is true admin bullying!

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01:06:13 <SpikeS[MR]> hi

01:06:16 <SpikeS[MR]> how are you Honesteh[MR]

01:06:18 <Honesteh[MR]> I'm off to bed

01:06:21 <SpikeS[MR]]> oh

01:06:23 <SpikeS[MR]> well fuck you then

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11:04:29 <TonyAlacchi[MR]> where you from selena

11:04:45 <Selena[MR]> Manchester 😁

11:04:52 <TonyAlacchi[MR]> UK?

11:04:55 <Selena[MR]> Yeah

11:04:57 <Honesty[MR]> That's where Manchester is

11:05:09 <Honesty[MR]> Explains her crooked teeth

11:05:35 <TonyAlacchi[MR]> ohh shots from Honesty

11:05:59 <Honesty[MR]> Teeth so crooked you think she's throwing up gang signs when she smiles

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23:09:31 <Honestea[MR]> You suck, MidpoinT[MR]

23:09:35 * Honestea[MR] puffs out chest

23:09:39 <MidpoinT[MR]> lmao

23:09:39 <Honestea[MR]> LOOKING FOR A FIGHT?

23:09:52 <MidpoinT[MR]> big tits you got Honestea huh? You must be a bitch

23:09:58 <Honestea[MR]> Milk me, motherfucker

23:10:26 <MidpoinT[MR]> i dont touch someones penis fake ass pussy

23:11:03 <Honestea[MR]> What

23:11:05 <Honestea[MR]> Wait

23:11:10 <Misty[MR]> Honestea... MidpoinT... this is Main... please at least take the weird kinky shit to MM? XD

23:11:12 <MidpoinT[MR]> no your mom thinks its a treat

23:11:30 <MidpoinT[MR]> ill fucking fb you with some kinky shit Misty[MR] ill google that shit

23:11:13 <Honestea[MR]> I didn't ask you to touch my penis

23:11:16 <Honestea[MR]> I said milk me

23:11:44 <MidpoinT[MR]> no one wants those moobies

23:12:25 <Honestea[MR]> Misty, you KNOW you want some of our action

23:13:14 <Misty[MR]> Honestea[MR], I never said i'd turn down the logs

23:13:18 <Honestea[MR]> (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ )

23:13:31 <Honestea[MR]> Oh

23:13:37 <Honestea[MR]> So you want a "log", huh?

23:13:37 <MidpoinT[MR]> logs or lesbians?

23:13:39 * Honestea[MR] wink wink

23:13:51 <Misty[MR]> Can i have both MidpoinT[MR]?

23:13:55 <Honestea[MR]> MidpoinT loves big logs

23:14:02 <MidpoinT[MR]> Honestea is the twigs you use to start the fire im the log you put on to burn all night

23:14:27 <Honestea[MR]> OH SHIT MIDPOINT

23:14:28 <Honestea[MR]> DAMN

23:14:39 <Honestea[MR]> That was beautiful

23:14:46 <Honestea[MR]> ಥ╭╮ಥ

23:14:49 <Honestea[MR]> Makes me cry

23:14:44 <Misty[MR]> 20:14 -MRBot- Hey Misty, thanks for being an active part of the MR Lounge community. Enjoy a free hustle point on us. <<<<I almost feel guilty getting this from this conversation....

23:14:54 <Honestea[MR]> Don't be

23:14:56 <Honestea[MR]> You're part of it

23:15:00 <Honestea[MR]> You're a guilty pleasure

23:15:31 <Honestea[MR]> •‿•

23:15:43 <MidpoinT[MR]> lmao Honestea has a small dick i got a log that bitches love

23:16:10 <Ronnie-Radke[MR]> Mines bigger

23:16:13 <Ronnie-Radke[MR]> and smother

23:16:24 <Honestea[MR]> Ronnie-Radke[MR] keeps his in oil

23:16:33 <Honestea[MR]> So it's a slip'n'slide

23:16:54 <MidpoinT[MR]> Honestea wants to feel that slip and slide Ronnie-Radke

23:17:07 <Caserr[MR]> I LOVE SLIP'N'SLIDES

23:17:10 <Honestea[MR]> I want to ride the slip'n'slides

23:17:15 <Honestea[MR]> Caserr can join me

23:17:18 <Honestea[MR]> We all will

23:17:24 <Honestea[MR]> 3 people on his Slip'n'Slide

23:17:25 <Caserr[MR]> I'm down

23:17:29 <Honestea[MR]> I'll get down

23:17:31 <Honestea[MR]> On all fours

23:17:30 <MidpoinT[MR]> im game Caserr

23:17:47 <MidpoinT[MR]> Honestea seems like someone id bitch slap with baby powder

23:20:18 <Honestea[MR]> Damn. That's nuts

23:21:18 <MidpoinT[MR]> no i mix my nuts. just call me a bowl on the bar. Ppl love me in their mouth

23:21:32 <Honestea[MR]> Is that why you taste salty?

23:21:54 <Honestea[MR]> You're a plate of nuts, because after eating you out, people always need a fucking drink

23:22:20 <Caserr[MR]> Fuck. I like this one

23:22:54 <Honestea[MR]> Anyways, I gotta go

23:24:12 <MidpoinT[MR]> bye bitch. next time we'll go for a second round

23:24:16 <MidpoinT[MR]> everyone loves a second round

23:24:33 <Honestea[MR]> Because you leave no one satisfied

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18:49:34 <+DaddyCream> wait did someone actually say 'get on board or get the fuck out'? sounds aggressive. Did someone smuggle Curtis into this meeting?

18:49:58 <Grin-DD[MR]> I think Curtis is a PNG, so I doubt it

18:50:10 <Honestea[MR]> Curtis is a JPEG

18:50:16 <Honestea[MR]> Maybe a ZIP file

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