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One Of Us Started by: Premeir on Feb 14, '20 03:34

Stepping into an run down radio station, his father had bought a ton of these places up years ago.

Pulling a chair over to the table covered in dust, he notices a empty whiskey bottle, a can of old chewing tobacco and two glasses. He could tell his father and Grooglez had met here multiple times

Grooglez and Whoreable had approached me sometime after my father had passed, I told them both, he made his own choices and got himself killed. I was nothing like my father.

I remember Whoreable snapping, cutting me off, telling me I may not be my father but she wouldn't allow me to put him down. He had done a lot for her and the city.  Grooglez laughing lightly and said "opposites? He liked killing too, Premeir."

Some weeks passed and I decided to give them another chance. It was nice to have someone to talk to. I had found multiple old journals kept by myfather. In them I learn that we are similar but different. My father killed because he liked it, i kill because it makes me happy.


As Grooglez approached the radio station, Premier visualized his father walking beside him. He knew that he was his own man. But he also knew he was something bigger then that. He knew that he could not let Grooglez walk alone any longer. He knew at that moment, that he was connected to his father, Grooglez, Whoreable, and all that they were building. He knew that he was... that he is...

...I am One of Us

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Premeir... you were an incredibly annoying shit. Any time your father was mentioned, you would simple close up and distant yourself in every way. But I knew it. From the beginning. You and him are so different... but yet at the end, so similar. 

You're deeper than he was. You have something your father didn't. You feel. 

I know.. with this heart warming love you feel that compels you to do things... will lead you to much success and wealth running the streets your father one did. 


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The Hot PoshSpice walks around and sees many people she knows around and nods at Premeir 

then chants

One of us, one of us, one of us

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"Congrats are in order, Premeir . Your fatha would be proud." Dominique smiled, offering the young man a bottle of wine and a box of cigars.

"I'm excited ta see ya in a position ta continue your fatha's work. I know 'e's lookin' down on ya wit' a smile. Best to ya, an' don't eva hesitate callin' if ya need somethin'."

Dom offered his hand, then slipped back into the crowd.

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Whoreable sat silently in the dark, dusty deejay sound booth watching the celebration through a small glass window that overlooked the rest of the radio station. She held a pile of old scripts close to her chest as her mind filled with fond memories of the past. Her eyes became glassy and as she blinked the tears escaped and rolled down her cheeks. She was internally angry at herself for feeling such emotion, but she was in a safe, dark place where no one could see her pain. It was the first time she allowed herself to feel her anguish over the loss of Premeir 's father surface. Her leadership position never allows her to talk about such things as pain and sorrow or walk into a funeral and collapse over the casket crying out over the loss of a loved one. In times of sadness and confusion she has to be stoic and take care of business. As her tears dampened the scripts she held so tightly she could see the celebration going on in the next room and she knew it was time to put the past in the past and move forward. She took the old scripts and carefully dropped them in the rusty trash can beside her. She stood up so she could raise her skirt to her face and pat the tears away. The floor felt cold on her feet as she searched around in the dark for her pumps that she kicked off an hour earlier.  After a minute of searching she found one and then other. She lost her balance as she placed them on her feet and fell onto the trash can which made a loud noise. As she stood up and smoothed out her skirt she smiled to herself because it was a sound booth after all and no one could hear her as she muttered a string of profanities without taking any breath's in between. Once composed she smiled and swung the heavy door open, walked up to Premeir and gave him a big hug and then took two steps back before speaking.

Would you look at this guy? He's just as handsome as his father before him. Prem you're father laid a strong foundation for your future. He taught you well through his written words. The student has now become the teacher with the capabilities to lead. I'm excited to see you have a seat at my table. 

Whoreable picks up a drink from the dusty serving tray beside her and raises it high above her head.

To new beginnings... Congratulations to you, your amazing crew and all of Los Angeles. Today is a day of celebration.

Welcome! One of Us!

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