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Co-Op RP Challenge - Sign Up Sheet & Rules Started by: Magda on Mar 21, '20 16:43


VIP Entertainment (in conjunction with the Godfather Council) is hosting a two-week-long RP Challenge that every player in the game is welcome to take part in no matter their rank or position.



Initially, we are offering $5,000,000 and a 30-Day Super VIP perk.  It's possible this prize pot may grow or more prizes will be given out to second and third place participants.



We wanted to encourage more cooperative writing on the site (those RP threads that take place between two or more players) and encourage people to interact with players they might not normally write with.



  1. This challenge will run 3-28-2002 to 4-11-2020.  That will give everyone a week to find out about this contest and sign up below.  Late entries are welcome but obviously joining when we start will give you more time to collect as many writing partners as possible.  But to be counted, the post MUST be time-stamped with a date on or after 3-28 game time and on but not after 4-11.
  2. Reply below with your interest and share an emoji that will be awarded to anyone who writes with you.  It must be unique to you and not one already chose by someone else.  Get ideas here:
  3. During the challenge time period, post with other players on the streets or BD (only these two places will be counted, HQs and BA posts do not count) to count as interacting, you and another player need to have your characters interact for two posts each minimum.  There is no requirement to how long the interaction must be but there needs to be some minimal interaction between your characters.  For example, you just walking into a business and saying you buy a coffee isn't an interaction.  BUT you going in, buying a coffee (post 1), the owner asking you how things are going in Chicago (their post 1) and then you replying to him (your post 2) and him wishing you well as you leave (their post 2)... that's an interaction.
  4. Once you've interacted with a person, you can add their emoji to your profile to show the entire community how many people you've taken time to write and interact with.  
  5. The person with the most emojis at the end will get our prizes.
  6. IF there is a tie, we will try to dig up multiple VIP Perks and split the cash.


Help us encourage co-op writing with this fun challenge.  Please encourage your crew members to come by and sign up!  Got questions?  Feel free to reply with them (it's possible we didn't think of something when we came up with this on sleep deprivation!)

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Screamed one man ever... Apparently.

Anyway, I'm interested, and I choose the COFFIN!


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I will be participating, obviously.  I will be using Uffa (goat) as seen here!  


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Sign the Sheriff of Creditham up, obviously, I'll be using the pen 🖊

Respect my pen... ;)

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Looks interesting, not sure how much time I have to participate but I’ll give it a go anyways. 

You have my axe 🪓

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Count me in. I got what ya need.


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I'm in!


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I'll pick up where my father left and swing his axe with all my might. 



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Sign me up! I'll be using the cherry blossom emoji 🌸

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I'll go ahead and take my twin sister's emoji 🌸

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If this is still happening, I'm playing along! Kiss is my my chosen emoji. 💋

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