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No King is Perfect I: Depraved Nobility Started by: TigerKing on Mar 26, '20 00:25

Why does our world no longer have kings? Here I tell the tale of the last king: The TigerKing

The man was born a mute and has never been able to learn sign language; it seemingly doesn't click for him. He can write...but only slowly. Despite this, pragmatism, bravery, modesty, patience, generosity, scientific curiosity doesn't do justice in detailing his capabilities. He is an incredibly shrewd man and will run circles around most of his political enemies. The man may be a high-functioning alcoholic, but since the death of his wife and daughter, he replaces their superior council with even more wine. The TigerKing is not perfect? He's only slightly drunk in the morning and deals with the larger responsibilities of nobility then, enough so that he has most of the Holy Church and almost all of the proletariat convinced that his rule is in their best interests. He is also an intellectual-biology, chemistry, astronomy, and celestial mechanics engraved in his head along with over-ambitiousness, deceitfulness, the tendency for cruelty, pettiness, cynicism, emotional detachment, and lust. Despite this, he is ready to help out a random citizen with anything-saving his pettiness, cynicism, and deceit for his enemies. He's a kind and sweet King who does not lord his status over other people's heads and most importantly he tries to see everyone as equals, even though that's just not the way the world works. 

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