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Monomial: The Archduke Ferdinand of our Time? Part 2 Started by: JackHenryAbbot on Jun 28, '20 16:27

JackHenryAbbot ignores the fools trying to distract him and continues his story...

We may never know what inspired Sisyphus, Vulcan and Ghus, Philadelpians,  to marshall their troops and attack New York and Chicago, but at 11:25, Fidd, Zapata and Nipper were murdered.  Sisyphus fired the shot that killed Nipper.  We do not know who gave the order, neither do we know for what reason these murders were committed.

It took a mere eight minutes for Chicago and its allies to organise a counter attack, and a few hours for the ultimate hombre  - Ghus - to be felled.  During that time, Philly lost innumerable men, whilst casualties within the Chicago alliance were relatively light.

Sisyphus, Vulcan and Ghus led their men into a slaughter.

What I would like this conversation to be, now, is to try to unpack exactly why what happened, happened.

Was the killing of Monomial the spark that lit a flame?  Or was there something else going on?

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quite a few women lost their lives too


lest we forget.

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Foamy - you are of course correct.  I believe we should design, enact and establish a protocol aimed at preventing this type of oversight.

Perhaps we could call if the TEQ PROTOCOL - making sure that we take into account men and women.

My linage has been so focused on masculine love that I fear I miss the valuable contribution made by women, not least my Right Hand Man,  I mean woman.

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You are clearly a visionary ahead of your time sir.


and please don't forget us squirrels.

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I guess it is true what they say, sequels never live up to the hype.

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I have a few ideas as to why they led their men into a slaughter, but they're not for here.

Several of them involves someone with the initials "JHA" though.

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GeorgePatton clearly has tiny little cajones and can't speak up when it matters, instead reverting to speaking in codes and riddles.

Cohle chuckles. What a fucking fruit, he thought to himself.

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Patton sees some drunk associate blunder by the soapbox Mr. Abbot is spouting most profoundly from. It looks like it might by Cohle.

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What about JHA's spouting is profound, little Georgey? Enlighten us, don't beat around the bush. Be a man about it, grow a set.

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Cohle -- If you and JHA had brains you'd see that is sarcastic. Now, please stop insulting your betters and go get a job.

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As I thought, another nobody talking shit and not having a set to say what they're really thinking. Go on and take your mangina down the road, little lady.

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Chicot - I am not your muse, son.  What's clearly happened, is that I asked people for their input.  You provided it.

So, simply put, you are my subject.

You're welcome.

(Mic drop...)

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West was just wandering through the streets when he happened to catch the end of JackHenryAbbot 's somewhat questionable version of events from yesterday.

He takes out a small notebook clearly labelled 'Foreign Language Vocab,' locates a space between two previous entries, and scribbles in a new one.

...omo - not to be said (language unknown)  


ultimate hombre - second to last man (Spanish?)


FY - Nice shot (Du...

He mouths the words and the translation to himself a few times before closing the notebook and putting it back inside his jacket pocket.

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After seeing West take notes, and knowing he would probably be served off with same pathetic line as he did before, Right stepped forward.

Why are you here, JackHenryAbbot?

I will give you some input on what you said, as you literally asked for that.

Let's start with the basics.. It beats me how it occurred, but you are made, Abbot.. You should know that if you want to know what happened, the Streets are not the place to get that info.

You don't know what inspired party A.

You don't know what the cause of party B was.

Even though the information you are trying to give literally can be taken from the Obits section of the paper, you still have been able to get it wrong. That's pretty impressive.

And you manage to start two speeches about it.. You sure like the attention, don't you? All attention is good attention.. Right?

I am pretty clueless how you can speak of little damage when of the 5 real crews...

Right paused for a moment and slowly said

Yes, I exclude rental HQ's before continuing

..out of the 5 real crews of Chicago, two Crew Leaders were already killed. How can you even try to dissect the lead-up to the?

But then again, maybe you also feel Charlemagne Peralte and his Cacos rebels's moves were totally unrelated to any politics or any US invasion of Haiti.

Turning to Cohle, Right said

Cohle, I don't like how you address GeorgePatton.

Turning back to face both, Right continued

You two have are just a couple of people that have their own little agenda, faking bringing up discussions to find excuses to publicly disrespect people.

Why are you here, JackHenryAbbot?

You say you want to spark a discussion, but you don't. You act like you take responsibility, but instead of being accountable for what you say and being responsible to lead the discussion that you initiated yourself, you have your own agenda that you need others to follow at all costs. Your side-stepping and evading replies underlines that your rationalization is making pseudo excuses as tactics of arrogant and self-overestimating manipulation.

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Right - TL/DR. But I'm sure it's a coom story bro'
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Right, I mean "cool" story, bro'
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Right, I'm glad you finally got my name correct. Well done for that, it's showing a step in the right direction. Fortunately for me, I don't share your own concerns. I'm sure if George wants to put his big boy pants back on, he can speak for himself...or not.

Anyway, onto your next point, I'm unsure if that was aimed at me, if so, it made little sense. I am going to translate it to mean the following:

You two are just a couple of amazing people that have their own agenda, which is to make up discussions in order to find ways to publicly disrespect people.

I'd like to highlight that in some ways you are correct, we are both amazing people, I thank you for that compliment. In others you are severely mistaken though.

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Cohle - it's truly a great pity, that these... these individuals come to these Streets and interrupt the discussions between intelligent men with their solipsistic, overly dramatic  toro senza senso.

I recall a time when these Streets were active, busy, full of entertaining men, and women, and Teq.

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Very weird Grin keeps authing and encouraging this ridiculousness that Kuku keeps putting on. Almost puppet masteresque
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Bill - I believe anyone can set up in Chicago subject to the terms being met. This has already been explained. You can give it a go if you like? Show Jack how it’s really done if you feel so strongly about it. 

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