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Dean III Started by: Dean on Aug 01, '20 11:13

    Dean was all to familiar to these streets he had once walked as a boss of families, a leader of a city. He remember fondly the days when he ran all gangster operations in Chicago for his once good friend Luis Patangeli, who these days was buried somewhere in Philly. He had been to his good friends grave a couple times since he began walking this Earth again, he had no idea who kept bringing him back and just didn't let him die. He realized this time he wasn't in his body instead he looked like a new body he didn't even look like himself maybe he had been dead for too long. He still went by "Dean" by this time it was just Dean he was a shell of his former self.

   After walking the streets for months he decided to do the only thing he knew how, he ended up back in Chicago working for a woman named Billie who ran a small time crew under the watchful eye of Grin doing little jobs here and there just whatever the family needed, it wasn't until he moved out to New York and began working for Nipper a powerful city leader that he got back into his old form. He began doing actual jobs, he killed a couple smucks who tried moving into the city. He did anything he could to help his family, until one day Nipper bit the bullet. This was something Dean knew all too well, he grabbed his gun and was ready for war... no war came. He knew he would have to move on once again, he linked in with Rick Dalton the old Right Hand Man of Transmission who was running his own outfit out of Philly. Dean felt weird being back in the city he called home so long ago when he was just entering the way of life the first time. He lounged around drinking and feeling sorry for himself, just taking up space in the headquarters most days. It wasn't until he found out Nipper's son Curtis was now running the show in Seattle did Dena feel revitalized, he asked Rick's permission to leave grabbed his bags and was on the first plane out of there. Dean had unfinished business in Seattle he worked for his long time Magua out in this part of the country before the last time he was murdered. Dean had a fire lit under his ass with the hopes of working in the beautiful city once again.

   Once he arrived he quickly got to work bringing in money and back to his old doings when he worked for Nipper, he had earned Curtis' trust and worked his self into the inner circle. He was a Capo in The Colony, until he was approached by Vanya with a opportunity a Right Hand Man spot right here in Pioneer Square all he had to do was go to work in a new building he could keep the relationships he had built and he would be part of building a new family. Dean smiled at the chance to do this, it had been a very long time since he had to put in some real work. Now Dean walks around in his new fancy suit,but he isn't naive he knows that the real work is just beginning and he is ready to tackle this new job full force.

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