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Unpacking The Family Bible. Started by: mahihkan on Aug 01, '20 18:33

Mahihkan had finished moving everything into her new house. Her hands palms down loosely sat on her hips as she scanned her new place. It wasn't a bad place, much larger than her last place. She dropped her arms and strolled towards one of the small windows pushing the curtains aside she smiled as the sun shone through the filthy window. She would have to clean the windows, but she thought she would do it after unpacking the moving boxes. Grabbing herself a glass of water she sat among a stack of boxes set her glass on top of the one nearest here, as she had no furniture yet.  She then ripped the tape off that held the box closed, and started unpacking he box. 

Mahihkan grabbed a rectangular paper wrapped item and unfurled the newsprint  wrapped around from it. She recognized it as the family bible that her father had given her before he his  unsolved murder. It wasn't even in the papers, he wasn't of importance but an entire district  was taken out and not word as to why. The others n the city didn't even lift a finger to defend their fellow brethren when they fell. It was quite the mystery.  When she tried to seek  shelter and employment from the city that her father had served loyally , she  was treated like she wasn't even there.  So much for rewarding a families loyalty by keeping the families of the dead employed. So she left the city that her father had faithfully served, and found herself like her ancestors starting over fresh without any connections.  This was the old way of doing things when those your family served suddenly turn you out with no explanation.  

She really didn't feel like dealing with the new house cleaning and the unpacking she was emotionally spent after her father's funeral. She didn't want to admit it because they didn't have  the best of relationships, but she missed the ol' bugger. Her thoughts drifted as she held the family bible against her chest, to memories of her father. A slight depression came over her as tears welled into her eyes. She scrubbed them from her eyes and grabbed her glass of water.  Taking a few steps she found a large solid box set against the wall and sat on it . She gingerly ran her fingers across the embedded image of her families crest shaped like a bird in flight embedded in the cover.  Then opened the book she lifted her glass to her lips and took a drink as she started reading the entry written on the cover. 

Apparently her family had many generations that worked for "the Family" as many of the entries  referring to syndicate were written as. She guessed to help keep true identities  hidden in case the family bible fell in the hands of the Feds.  She pulled herself from her thoughts and read the written inscription on the inside cover of the book. 

It was simply titled,  The Four Codes of Omerta. She pulled the glass slowly to her lips and took a sip of the cool fresh water as she continued to read. Her father had always had  her recite the codes of Omerta, he would also stop her when she mad a mistake with the wording saying in his baritone voice. Mahi you must remember this exactly as it is written, it is the laws of the old world. Many of these new families only practice the first code, negating the law  of Omerta all together. Honor the code my dear daughter memorize it and , practice it in its entirety.  She wiped a stray tear from her round cheek  as the memory flooded her mind. Pushing her thoughts aside Mahihkan continued  to read the inside cover of the family bible. As she did  an odd sense of  peaceful nostalgia washed over as she realized what was written was exactly what her father had her memorize. 

Omerta (Code of Silence)

1. Total obedience to the Boss of the Family.

2. Assistance to any befriended Family (City Factions), no questions asked.

3. Avenge any and all attacks on Family (City Factions), because an attack on one is an attack on all. 

4. Avoid any and all contact with the authorities.

 As she read the third rule  depression swelled over her once more as her  shoulders slumped and silent tears streamed down her face. Too many times in this thing of ours has a family member fallen and their death  not be avenged or even spoken of. As if not speaking about it will make it go away, instead of fester like an infected splinter deep under the skin. The rest of the conversation  with her father  about the law of Omerta came to her thoughts as  she closed the cover of the family bible wiping the fresh batch of tears from her face.She had asked her father what would happen if these laws were were ignored or forgotten. His baritone voice resonated in her mind calming her somewhat. As she laid on the carpeted floor drifting off to sleep, curled up cuddling the family bible as if it were a doll. Mahihkan if any of these were neglected than a "man of honor" was no true man of honor, and he did not deserve his position within "this thing of ours". No matter what happens Mari you must uphold these four laws. 

Fast asleep her unpacking and dirty windows forgotten Mahihkan had dreams  of the many times her father had her recite verbatim the Law of Omerta.

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It had been several week since she moved into her new place. It was a quaint little   place, she had  finally  finished acquiring a few pieces of furniture nothing spectacular. Her favorite new acquisition was  a table made of mahogany with inlaid abalone in the center, she loved the deep red color of the wood. As she entered her sitting room the calming aroma of lavender and chamomile on the air had soothed her just enough to take a deep relaxing sigh.She took a moment to gather her rambling thoughts before she sat in the over stuffed high back chair behind her desk. 

HustlinHoe had sent out a memo to all the members of the State of Emergency. It seemed the LHM had recently received some notice he was needed back in the old country. With due diligence he responded to this call of action. This left HustlinHoe with a  high ranking and important position to fill within her ranks.  She messaged the family letting everyone know she was opening up an application for the position. 

Mahihkan had no intention of going through  the process at first. Really she knew that talent and drive were not enough for a such position within a family.  They were important factors yes, but who you know carried more weight than these two factors. Then the evening before the application deadline she received a telegram from the LHM who was leaving for the old country. Encouraging her to apply telling she had great potential. Mahi attempted to point out that she had no ties to bring to the table, all she could offer was herself, and knew this was  important to many in this way of life.  She  was told simply sometimes that was the best thing that could be offered.   

So here she  was in her  small office sitting at her favorite piece of newly acquired furniture.  She grabbed some blank paper and a pen, chewing on the end of the pen and staring at the application questions in contemplative thought for what seemed like eternity. Finally she set to work on filling out this application. 

Mahikan wasn't sure this was going to be good enough. Her father would want her to do this, he had taught her from a young age the ways of this "thing of ours". It was the family way of life to work for the "syndicate". They had always worked for the "syndicate" never with them this was going to be large step  for her and her bloodline.

So she sat with her pen tapping the edge of the table top as she thought of what to write. Writing and erasing and writing and erasing again till she felt it was just right. The worst that would happen is she would be able to   put in the family bible  that she tried. She then recopied what she had written onto a clean piece of parchment.

1. How you could benefit the Family as LHM

I have  20 years  experience both in storytelling and general writing.  I enjoy story telling for the sheer enjoyment of the creativity. My bloodline has a track record of being storytellers, one of my ancestors won a storytelling  contest back in the day when the Boss of Bosses (game wide contest)  use to hold these.  It may have even been  one of the last ones that he held.   I have some small  trivia questions t to help gangsters find excellent lock picks to break people out of jail, or stashes of gold coins.  All we have is the now so the now should be productive and fun as well.  I am sure as learn more about the position I will find more ways to benefit the family.


2. Why you

I am a supportive person who is family orientated.  I also understand that  there is much more that I have yet to learn, if I do obtain this position it would be a good opportunity to expand my education and knowledge in this area. I have no ties, all I can offer is myself, but I have been told that sometimes this is the best thing someone can offer. 


Mahi laid the pen down on top of the mahogany wood table and picked up the paper she had just written on. She stood from behind her table and walked out of her small apartment and down the street to the headquarters, Her palms were sweaty and her forehead felt clammy as the wind brushed through her hair.She walked through the headquarters and stood in front of HustlinHoes office door letting the nervousness settle before she knocked don the door. After getting the call in from her Boss she entered the room and handed her the paper. 

Thank for the opportunity to even attempt to apply for such a position. Mahi's multi colored  eyes maintained a respectful but solid  eye contact with her boss as she handed her the parchment. 


HustlinHoe thanked her for the application and told they would contact her for a second interview if she made it  past the of the application process.  Mahihkan was both nervous and excited as she left her bosses office wondering how her father would feel about this. Hopefully proud of her that she even attempted such a huge leap in her criminal career. 


Several days  had passed  and Mahi received another telegram. She opened it  with slow  nervous excitement and within was a message from HustlinHoe. Apparently several of of the family  had placed an application for this position, and it was a close decision. So HustlinHoe set up a scenario question to help her make this decision of who would take this newly opened position within the family.

To: mahihkan
From: HustlinHoe
Subject: Application scenario

i'm sending this to each of you, please explain what you would do in this situation:

You are LHM, both your CL and your RHM are of the Family Wise Guys has pickpocketed a CL of a different city...the CL is now threatening to shoot our member...our Wise Guy reaches out to you for help...Scousepole is online but has gone afk...what do you do?


 Mahihkan went back into her small office and sat her prized desk and began scrawling out the paper her response to this scenario. She wasn't quite sure she was answering this one correctly, so she took a moment and read through the Family Bible to see some entry from one of her ancestors might help her. She discovered several entries on this very topic. She laid the family bible back on the left hand corner of her desk and laid her pen to paper. 

Mahikan contemplated this one for a minute. It was written  in her Family Bible that a wiseguy should not Pickpocket a CL of any city. Not only was it disrespectful to pickpocket such a high standing member in this thing of ours, only the lowest of criminals pick-pocketed and anyone that was aspiring to be a part of the "syndicate'' surely did not stoop so low as to pickpocket a fellow criminal member let alone  someone who had earned a position of power.  Mahi put her  pen to paper and answered the question in the telegram and then had it delivered. 

I would apologize on behalf of the crew to the CL as the wiseguy "possibly" made a mistake or simply did not know. Then go to the wiseguy have them repay the amount taken if anything was and  have them send an apology to the offended  CL. If the wiseguy don't then discipline should be enacted, I would be forced to put a bullet in  the head of the offending wiseguy (can't demote him/her yet as he /she is not officially in the family) or extend the courtesy to the offended Cl.


She nervously set the pen down and  had the  scenario delivered to HustlinHoe.  The next day it was announced  who had acquired the position. 


Mahihkan's hand went to her head as she realized who had she had been competing with, none other than the father of the Gambino family, the founder of the first families of New York. This actually brought a slight smile to her lips, she would be able to write in the Family Bible that it took a great man from great family to beat her a lowly no name in this thing of ours.  

This gave her some hope for her future ascension within  the family. It may just be possible, and boy if she did it would make her father proud. He only made it to being a Made Man if she could surpass her father in this area, she knew he would be proud of her. 

HustlinHoe had even taken the time to send her a short telegram telling her it was  a very close decision, this gave  her  a spark of hope as   a little more light shined on her future opportunities. She quickly scrawled out a short response and had it delivered to her Boss. 

To: HustlinHoe

From: Mahihkan

Subject: Thank you

Well now if I had known I was going up against Mr. Gambino I would have never tried. One can't compete with the father of the first families of New York.

Thank you though for the opportunity.

Mahikan had the telegram delivered, satisfied she had done the best to her ability and in the knowledge that her father was smiling down on her from heaven or maybe it was up at from her hell.  She then pulled her Family Bible to her opened it to  a clean fresh page and began to scrawl out this experience as so many of her ancestors did before her. 

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