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Hit List Vault Raid Started by: Scousepole on Aug 05, '20 18:31

Now before you pass judgement in seeing my name being the author and the title of the suggestion, no this, This is not a "salty" reaction from being hit listed, far from it. That has not effected how i play the game one bit, ive been going about my business regardless. It has however shown me that over that last year the hit list feature has become a major player in the game. Its being used more than i ever remember in the last 11 years . So with thinking, thats why ive been thinking about how we can adjust said feature to reflect its consistent use.

My suggestion is far from a finished product but im hoping to explain the core basis of the idea. Hopefully leaving it opened ended to allow the user-base to feed into and add etc. Im hopeful it will insight ideas from both sides of the coins; those that are enjoying seeing the hit list in all its glory and those that arent so much, subjectively. 


The idea being this; 

When the hit list reaches a certain point

1. Total value of cash placed on people (i.e. the vault) it triggers the feature. So maybe a tipping point on the whole list $

2. And/or when there are a certain amount of people on there, it triggers the feature. The same mechanics as Rebuild mode does. The game will auto be coded for the feature to kick in. 

So the core basis of this is that if the criteria above are met then a feature will kick in; 

To be able to use the feature my thought process is that the person who has been shot at by tyler, will get a personal notification like this;


ndrtueyderl tried to WACK! you. Click here to start the hit list vault raid 


That person then has a time window of say 10 mins to complete the raid. I see this pretty much the same as an OC. But the only people that can take part in the raid is those that sit on the hit list. So it would be up to the person that has just been shot to try to gather those on the list to take part in the raid within the 10 min time frame. The more of those on the list that are in the raid, the more chance of being successful in it. 

In the interest of balance and not knowing the full maths behind how OC's are successful or not, we could say that anyone on the list can be invited to take part in the raid as long as..

  • they are online of course
  • they have an open Felony 
  • arent in an OC
  • dont have oc's turned off


The person that is orchestrating the raid can do it by themselves but will have a much greater chance with others that are on the hit list. Like a normal OC. 

We could have different levels of raid Like an OC does

raid the vault and clear the full debt on your head- (This could br the 1% aspect of the raid. That matches tylers 1% shot chance) fail this and it gives you 12 hours heat on and a few hours jail time and tyler gets an instant shot back at you) open to more input for the balance side of things.


Raid the vaults for the most $$ you can-  this would be to get a % off your specific listing and the easiest and could give a different % depending on the roll/who you have in it with you etc (same as an OC would) open to more input. 


raid the vaults papers and try to find the lister- gives you the chance to reveal a letter out of the person's name that's hitlisted you specifically. This could be an ongoing task. So if you choose this method, then this is the only one you specifically can do. failrue could mean adding 10% on your hitlist bounty etc. Again, open to the risk vs reward side of this. 


I think with the time window being a 10 min slot and tyler shooting randomly there would be a fair amount of emphasis on the person being shot at to act fast enough to try to get the raid done.

  • Having to organise and contact the people on the list to do the raid
  • Do those people then have free timers within the 10 min window to help
  • Are there enough people online, on the list to even be successful 
  • if none of the above, do you make the decison to go it alone and risk the chance of 12 hours cool down/jail time/10% being added to your listing etc etc. 

I really hope people can see that ive tried to be subjective for both sides of the risk vs reward for the people doing the hit listing and the people being hitlisted. 

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I think this would be more of a viable option if the Tyler shots were not ONLY 1% and if you were not already losing 5 million off the hitlist reward every time Tyler shoots at that person.

Now if Tyler's shots were 10% then maybe this option might be more feasible.

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i not so sure, i think id happily drop the %$ every time Tyler shoots at you. 10% i think is a bit too high. baring in mind i envisage these to be harder than oc's. i only used them as an example of how i imagine the raid would go down. 

I think id rather it be 10% more harder to complete these raids over the OC math, than tylers rate be upped to 10%.

after all, these is only a small window for the raid to be completed with a fair few restrictions in places for the person trying to organise the raid and fill the places to do so

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This is a cracking idea. +1
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This is a really interesting idea. It's got a taste of an organised crime but an absolute level above. Any feature that requires this level of opportunism and teamwork would be a great and, most importantly, a really entertaining addition.


I think the amount of caveats as to who could compete/take part is probably just about right and would make it so that the likelihood of everyone being available in the time frame fairly low.


Regardless of whether the benefits get watered down this is a big +1 for me.

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It could also make the hitlist become an obsolete feature again. Good way of keeping yourself off the list. The poster of the hit is not going to want to give you a chance ( if you are on the hitlist) to obtain this. Therefore it would negate the hitlist. 

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I think there are more than enough caveats that Scousepole listed above that would need to be achieved for this feature to be activated (and I would imagine even more would be added) that would keep the vast majority of the major power this current incarnation of the hitlist, and it's Godfather Hitman, has. 

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But the hitlist was changed, and there is a chance your annon hit will he revealed anyway. 

This is designed to "keep myself off the list" the hit list a good feature. The idea is to help balance it out. 

At the moment you could go win 4000 credits on dice. And hitlist everyone for a decent amount.  Where is the worked involved there? Where is the effort? There isn't. 

Those that are on the list have no real defence against being on it.. no way of stopping tyler shooting. No balance. This suggestion is all about balance for me. And like I've said, the raids will be incredibly hard. Low % wins. The person running them has 10 mins to get his team together assuming all criteria is met. 

If not, then the choice is there for that single person to take the shot off Tyler on the chin or go it alone. Risking jail time/cool downs/extra % added to your listing.. another shot off Tyler. 

This certainly isn't a reaction to be hitlisted or keeping myself off it. It's about balance.

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I like it a +1 from me

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Whilst an interesting idea, I would say that breaking an anonymous hit shouldn't happen - even if it's only one or two letters. The rest, I actually think could be quite interesting. There's certainly something there worth discussing, and seeing if a new feature or mod could emerge.

Also, as with Heimdall, I think the 5% reduction should be reviewed (removed actually) if this does happen. I would further suggest that to participate in the raid, every member needs to be within, say, 50% of the person shot at (otherwise I feel this could be open to abuse; i.e. someone on the list gets shot at, so hitlists an online friend for $100 who then takes part in the raid, pushing it from unsuccessful to successful, then removes said hit).

+1 to - at the very least - discussing it.

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This idea definitely has potential. Will bring a new dynamic to the hitlist and has a good risk/reward balance. +1 from me.
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I like this idea. +1 from me.

Especially seeing as Scousepole is right. Someone could just get incredibly lucky and then hitlist everyone they wanted to with no real effort.
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When was the last time you looked at the hitlist Ronnie?

Remove the method of buying credits then this unfair hitlisting will end, eventually.

Cos right now the game is well really shit.

That person then has a time window of say 10 mins to complete the raid. I see this pretty much the same as an OC. But the only people that can take part in the raid is those that sit on the hit list. 

And fuck this idea. -1000000 

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