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MG-PPR - Is Talk Cheap Or Too Expensive To Waste? Started by: MG-PPR on Sep 15, '20 08:07

So we started this piece as a review of the citywide tyranny indices until we started looking to see if a perceived lack of tyranny was maybe linked to presence within streets and businesses which then led us to a tangent.  So once again, we drag out this old chestnut - why don't our leaders talk more?

So while the citizenry is revolting in the background and prayers to the gods are rewarded by novel ways to counter tyranny, remove inertia or relieve boredom, there have been discussions elsewhere about whether interacting with people in whatever form is a way forward.

This particular bloodline has generally found themselves gravitating towards environments where words matter; where whether I agree with everything they say or not…at least the people in charge say something.  It may be that the speech writers have touched the words up, possibly even written the bulk of the words because of a second language issue, but those leaders stand there and at least posit their ideas, thoughts and imagination.  They stand, as one of many custodians of these six cities and try to sell their side of the story.  We do feel it is important that the leadership is held accountable somewhere other than ultimately at the end of a gun.

So the MG-PPR Research Division got to work looking at the current leaders, only crew leaders not upper structures as they are quite fluid, and just look at the volume of interaction.  We couldn’t care less about activity, there will be an element of godfather fatigue/crew leader busy-ness but should your leaders get involved or is leadership a reward for some shots well made, a friendship long fostered or potentially just sheer desperation to fill a district.

Here are the figures for your cities:




Noted Inputs









Las Vegas




New York













While there is a flippant nature to calling oneself the leader of the streets, having a city with one crew leader whose input to discussions is comparable to the total to most of the other cities is quite telling.  We at MG-PPR reluctantly applaud Cromwell, however flouncy he was during contract negotiations in Chicago.

We can leave it to you what is important but to us, when you have a leader who has been here for half of the time it takes to get to godfather and their input to discussions is literally nothing…at all…anywhere, not even in Outside Park then does that speak to a paucity of options?  Does a paucity of options speak more to a lack of trust in members?

Ultimately, the leaders of the cities make their own choices about who is given the honour of being put in bold so it’s not for us to comment on who they choose.  However if people are truly looking at change as a whole, surely the leadership has to be the embodiment of that change and communication must surely be part of that.

One argument is, if we expect interaction as a minimum then literally any old shite will clutter up the streets BUT where we have leaders who can’t even lower themselves to tell us what the weather is where they are is that truly the state of a nation we need just now?

Or is it better to leave the streets etc to those looking to make a name for themselves, a way of standing out amongst the expectation that opportunities will be given to a current cool gang of friends?

*We reserve the right to quite correctly abuse any vampires or aliens that take to the streets.*

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We all know that talk is cheap, it's why I left Tetley to bankroll SammyNoShoes' organisation, I was too afraid I was going to show him up, given just how prolific I am at talking... did I mention that I like the sound of my own voice? Any way, then what does Tetley do once he is out of my shadow? Yep, he finds his way to the streets and makes a speech, like it was the god damned 4th of July or some such, but then he slunk back into his mancave. Apparently he didn't like the high pitched nasal sound he heard whilst he was out here. That may have been a dig at me, but what do I care, I'm rich. Have you any idea how much I'm making selling packets of tissue? I don't even run drugs any more. 

Seattle may have given a poor showing in you league tables, but there are a number of reasons for this. Death, a lack of footwear and Vikings, and that's all I'm saying for now. I will how ever give the others in the city a kick up their behinds when they have finished allegedly lapping the blood of the innocent from the streets like common dogs.

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