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The Barrett Hearings Started by: DomStrollo on Oct 13, '20 20:49

I'm watching the confirmation hearings for Judge Barrett right now. I can't get over how polarized this is. The Democrats are sitting there grilling her, and the Republicans are leaning back in their chairs talking about the heroic quarantines they've been through. I find all this disgusting. Judge Barrett was confirmed by over 30 votes just a few years ago, yet because she's nominated for the Supreme Court she'll be confirmed 53-47. 

Justice Scalia was confirmed 97-3. Ginsburg 96-4. Those are two totally different people, of different sides, voted for by nearly every member of the Senate. Imagine those days. Senators judged the nominees on their worthiness for SCOTUS, not their political opinions.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I think she is doing a great job answering questions. As a judge its her job to adhere to the laws not to make them and she's separating personal belief from whats the law and that's something both sides should be able to get on board with
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Yeah I have thoughts but will keep them to myself other than, if she wants to position she deserves to be grilled! 

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I've watched some of the hearing and am not amused in any way. It really just seems like the committee is grilling her in a fashion to set her up for failure. Of course, Barrett is evasive and offering very vague and really no sound response in her positioning in proposed questions. It really shows at how much of a divide The United States has become in the sense of politics; congress and senate. 

The committee is of a republican majority which favors the current administration. Though, with a couple swinging republican seats; swayed by the current election, it appears the democrats have the majority.

I don't see Barrett making it out of the gauntlet. Also, I don't think it was right for her to be nominated being soo close to the presidential election. 

All in all, it's a sad state of affairs for The United States.. and the future looks grim.

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Oh, she'll be confirmed. The Dems have no hope. The only GOPs that might have swung have already announced that they won't.

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I want to begin my reply here with the caveat that prior to Trump, I was an indepedent. Being married to an immigrant and pro-science, I don't think I'll vote for a republician for federal office for time, if ever.

Regarding the current SCOTUS nominee hearings, the whole process is clouded with the GOP hypocrtical handling Obama's Garland nomination in 2016. The GOP stonewalled Obama and the rationale was that nomination was too close to the 2016 presidential election and that the next president should make the nomination. Well, here we are very close to yet another presidential election...

Besides this, I haven't closely followed the hearings, however today - caught wind of some of Barrett's views regarding reproductive health, - where she considering in vitro fertilization (IVF) manslaughter. I guess the thinking here is that in the process, unused fertilized embryos are disposed or storaged indefinitely. As an American, I think it's an antiquated position to have. As a couple that experiencing fertility issues and may need to use IVF, I am very concerned.

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honestly I think the hearings were forced and really, any new nominations should have waited until after the election. Its like they wanted to make it be more important.

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From what I heard, Barrett is ultra religious and has some very, very traditional (old-minded) ideologies. Now, I do have to state that I think the USA has the most fucked democratic system/legal system of all other democratic countries. 

With that said, I do have to point out that being a judge means that, no matter what your beliefs are or what your opinions are on a certain subject, you have to always act as impartial as you can by taking in all the evidence, prior cases, etc., to then make your decisions. Problem with this judge, again, from what I've heard and read, is that she makes many decisions based on her beliefs and doesn't take into consideration things outside her beliefs. This directly contradicts with what a judge's job is. 

Now, as to my opinion on the subject, I think she is fucking terrible and just seeing her as a judge should make people question the American legal system more than just a little. That's my 2 cents, though.

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The hearings have sadly been reduced to political theatre, I'm not sure what you can really do to make them a productive exercise. Her refusal to answer pretty straightforward questions, like if a president can delay an election, is a crazy sidestep that should be disqualifying. I have a hard time thinking that her mentor, Scalia, would respond in the same way.

But the hypocrisy over what happened with Merrick Garland and what is happening now is disgusting, and if the GOP is successful in ramming through this nomination while sitting on their hands when it comes to virus relief I won't really fault the democrats for adding more seats as a result.  Unfortunately, her nomination and fast track (which might very well be voted on AFTER the election) after so many of their caucus said otherwise is a nuclear option that needs to be responded to in kind.

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29 times a vacancy has occurred in an election year. 29 times a President has gone ahead and made a nomination. When the presidency and the Senate are of the same political party than they statically fill it and when they are of different parties they statistically don’t fill the spot. This is nothing new. Harris tried to say that the same thing happened to
Old Abe Lincoln and the beloved President did not fill the spot until after the election. This is true, but only because the Senate was not in session in a October.

I have been an observer of American politics for decades and I can assure you if the tables were flipped the Democrats would nominate and confirm a justice before the election. Anyone that says otherwise is lying to you.

One thing that I think has been highlighted through this is the fact that America has a problem on its hands. Racism is not the only form of hate and bigotry that certain segments of our population is facing. There is a whole lot of hate all around and it is not going to matter who is the president or who controls cngress unless we address that hate on a person level.
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Vote excellent point. The Democrats have just as much hate as they claim Conservatives have. And when you think about all the BLM stuff, they are really being racists themselves, racist against Whites.

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Politics is to me a waste of time and energy. It is money that buys and sets the rules. If you have enough you can buy your way through most things in life. And if you dont break the law you are pretty well untouchable.
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The people appointed as Justices of the Supreme Court should be from the brightest legal minds, following a legal career that has demonstrated their ability.  Over time, things change and the Supreme Court makes and updates laws through its interpretations, so you need the best people involved in that.  

Does the current proposed appointment achieve that?  Or is it a reflection of a broken political system in the US?

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I was able to watch some of the confirmation hearings on lunch breaks at work. She seems like a sharp lady. Obviously well accomplished in her career. And of course they are using this as some partisan divisive tool. American politics has become nothing more than pro wrestling. We'll see what comes of it all.
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It is because the thats what they think the issue is. Also want to know who will she rule with if congress tries another impeachment if Trump wins again. Belief's should have nothing to do with being a judge, your qualifications should be the reason you get chosen. Just an opinion.

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