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Oct 27 - 03:17:20
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Standing up for something or dying for nothing. Started by: Parkerr on Oct 16, '20 02:00

I just wanted to take a minute to let the streets now why 12th street chose to defend Mist_and_Shadows.


It was the same old story, a DET family getting wiped for no reason, while GFC Tetley just stood and watched.   Well there was a reason, guns were getting too strong apparently.


12th street wasn't involved because I had yet to share our shot reports with GFC Tetley.  I could have just kept quiet and stayed safe for now, biding time until our time came.   I'm sure the shot reports would be demanded soon by Tetley and shared around the world so that we would get brought down in our sleep one day soon.


Yes, it was a suicide mission but it felt better than just trying to live another day.   It's a shame that our own GFC doesn't protect his own districts and it had to come to this.   

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What a shocker more CL's gunned down under Tetley's watch. I can't believe KW gave you another chance to prove what a spineless piece of trash you are. I guess you're called Flash Kitten cause you're such a fucking pussy. 

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"Now you seem very misinformed there Parkerr, I didn't share the shot reports from Mists family until after he's right hand man shot poor RasAlGhul."


Tetley holds up a piece of paper.


"I've also had your crew list sitting in my inbox for 13 days which you had happily supplied so I could create shot reports for your district and I just hadn't gotten around to it."

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Oh you cared when Ras died? Wow look at Tetley actually giving a shit about one of his CL's for once fucking pathetic excuse

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RasAlGhul got shot after several members of Mist's family got killed and it was more than an hour after Mist was being attacked....with no support from you once again.    Are you saying you were going to defend Mist?  No of course not.  Just like you wouldn't have defended me when it came time for me to be wiped which I'm sure would have been soon.

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Lets be honest. I shot Ras.

Dt was not going to help, I know this. Detroit knew this.

So why not kill off your lackies. He was useless anyways. I did you a favor

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Imagine watching your own people burn...again. DT is not a city, it does not have a leader. It might as well be a district to the real powers.

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Let's make no illusions to the situation at hand. Tetley, you are a pathetic excuse for a city head that both entirely disrespects and diminishes the name of Fuckerish and the people who are unfortunate enough to have the displeasure of working in your city.

On the other hand, I feel that the Teabag Division is an apt name for an outfit run by someone who repeatedly allowed routine executions of the people you are served with protecting. You have disgraced the title of Godfather Chairman, and following this incredibly productive reign, your bloodline will forever be known as the impotent, feckless husk of the lineage that used to be synonymous with representing a vestige of how things used to run around here. I wish you the best of luck in your attempts to extricate the stain of dishonor and disservice that you've done to your name and to the people who have had the misfortunate of working in your abattoir city, but I suspect that it will end in complete failure, like everything else that has typified your run in Detroit. Teabagged Division may be a more accurate description of the services you've rendered to your city for the past several months.

Because he has yet to acknowledge a single life lost outside of the occasional half-baked funeral appearance to the people who represent Detroit, I send my regards and sympathy to each and every member who considered you a boss, city head, Godfather and friend that worked for you, your captains, your city and their fellow family members that you've allowed to die as you look the other way.

May God help the people that are still working under you, because you sure as shit have proven time and time again that you won't lift a single paw for them when your masters come knocking.

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tetley you can't defend your actions here you are a weak man. I've never seen it this bad before and now look you have no crews left in Detroit. Can't say I'm surprised.


Grow a pair show some loyalty and defend your city, you let other cities kill your CLs and friends and do nothing weak weak man hold your head in shame.


Your bloodline has been tarnished forever

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This has come to be expected from Tetley it's a shame none of the people in his crew or his rhm Jeden who would go on about loyalty and respect and the "Oldschool ways" just sits there too. It seems the whole crew is inept so many of their friends that Jeden and Tetley have just let die or be purged the bloodlines of, KW, Visas, Ralph, and JTG and they both just watch and let them burn absolutely pathetic. 

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This speech and my participation in it will serve as a reminder for generations to come - Tetley is not a leader. I'm proud my father's district threw themselves into this fight, a ballsy move you would never make, Tetley. A clear indicator that your GFC and their upper structure don't have your backs, when communication goes cold then they announce they're helping remove their own crew because someone they actually fucking care about gets shot by the crew they abandoned.

The Detroit city coffee shop was about the most shameful thing I've ever seen, as Mist realised he was being hung out to dry. 

Good job, Bricktown. Good job.

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Misinformation, lies, propaganda and spineless bunch of snakes.


"POOR Ras died on Oct 15, '20 22:41 while Mist and bunch of his family died to Ras and others"


At least have some dignity and tell people the truth, to show that you have bearing of a Godfather, not some street thug that took IQ test and it came back negative.


No one should be angry, no one should be mad, it is just a game... But bruh, at least make your lies work in your advantage.

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I hope that people now know that it is not a safe place to take Auth, DO NOT set up a crew in DT you have no protection and will likely be killed while your GFC stands by as you are taken out.

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Truly a hard way that we all saw in detroit lately, many decisions taken that got many killed all over the world.


But this is what its all about so no one is surprised and just get going without way to much in mind.


Salutes all that has been killed and hope they can rest in peace.

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Banjo listens to everyone on what they have to say. He turns his directions towards the Godfather Tetley.

Sure, you took a picture of the information of Mist's family and reported to the information after Ras was shot. Ok, you statement holds some weight. I could careless about that. I'm curious about a few things that maybe you can provide a bit of knowledge about. What was the reasoning for Mist removal? I'm sure you and Gash had a conversation about removing him. Did you ever bother to bring this with Gimpanzee since I know he would've had your back 100% even if he disagreed with you? I'm willing to bet you are going to say that you did. Since you were so willing to show of a set of papers about Mist and his members stats. Could you provide this conversation? I'm sure Gimpanzee knowing his bloodline would have backed you 100%. He might have disagreed with you and even stated it but he's man of loyalty.

Currently, the state of this world of our ran by a council consist of a city head rep. They have their secret conversation which is all fine and dandy. Now, I'm sure the blind are going, "Well at least they aren't Curtis or Grin." Ok,sure they aren't them. I suggest stop living in the past for those that are about to chime in with that comment. 

Now, I know most of you are too busy deep throating Gash since he's the one in charge of things. I already stated but I don't mind repeating for those that are having a hard time hearing of the noise from the activities that go on in Gash's office doors. The council part is for the most part a joke. Gash gets to basically dictate who is allowed to be authed even if they were given the blessing by their own city head. I will wait for the masses of the Gash followers or whomever they follow (Obviously its still Gash that is calling the shots) to spew out bullshit. 

Lastly, Rest In Peace for the those that fallen regardless of which side you decided to chose. 


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It was the same old story, a DET family getting wiped for no reason, while GFC Tetley just stood and watched.   Well there was a reason, guns were getting too strong apparently.

 Here is my understanding please correct me if I am wrong.

Tetley killed his own city members because they were getting too strong.

His city was getting too strong so he killed it.

His people were getting strong and he killed them.


On another  note I think this is the rhetoric every city that killed their own has given.


Yeah no matter how I say it just seems wrong in every way to kill you own people and weaken yourself in the process.


Maybe those who choose to be in leadership  should hang up that paranoia straight jacket they hand out at the psych ward.  

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You are nearly there HQuinn.  You are just missing a few fine details that make the tale even more embarrassing. 

To my knowledge Jeden and Tetley have never raised their own hand in violence against their own city.  That would be too much of an alpha move for such extreme beta personalities.  It would also destroy the illusion they attempt to produce in that they are not to blame, and that they are powerless to do anything to defend the people they supposedly called friends.  

These "leaders" let other city leaders make the decisions on who lives and dies in Detroit.  Jeden and Tetley claim they never have any idea these purges or take downs are coming and fain how upset they are and how sorry they are.  Then, they go back to their lives collecting the tax dollars from their secure HQ while these people that worked for them die around them.  Many thought that the line would be drawn at Godfathers Nipples, the bloodline of the famous FlyingPig.  Alas we were wrong and Tetley and Jeden were truly only in it for themselves.  Not even one of their oldest friends was under their protection.  To be honest, I doubt they even lost any sleep over it.

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Taking stock of the way the world was taking place, Indifference began the arduous task of sorting his rolodex.  He came to Detroit, and thought he had his hands full.  Turns out, after removing the dead - it wasn't that much work after all.


Indifference shrugged indifferently and went about his business.

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Let's start pointing  out the breaches of this thing of ours.

Tetley holds up a piece of paper.

This Document presented by Mr. Tetley is a blatant disregard to the law of Omerta. 

He has disgraced the role of Godfather with this action. 

If you can't uphold one of the most sacred laws of this thing of ours why then are you allowed to hold a position is this thing of ours? 

Don't answer that it was  a rhetorical question. 

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"I wonder, does the H in HQuinn stand for hypocritical? Don't answer that, it was rhetorical. Stop shouting about business on street corners, Hypocritical Quinn."
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