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Oct 27 - 02:42:21
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What happened to 7 day protection orders? Started by: Vasili on Oct 17, '20 08:16
Last I recall, unmade guys who survived wars got 7 days to join new crews if they had the crew affiliation for the one wiped.

I can understand eliminating those viewed as a threat. I don't agree with it, but I can understand it.

What I do not understand is wiping out people who have stayed in their cities are less than a week old and less than level 10.

Just wanted to know if this was the new norm?
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Dr_faucci walk in and squirts some disinfectant on his hands. He smiles at the young man.


Greetings young man, I am still trying to bring myself to figuring out what you are talking about. What is this level 10 you speak of? Is this some branch of government agency? Is it some new level of infectious disease?


As for protection orders, there have been many given out recently. Have some slipped through the cracks? It is possible, nothing is perfect in this thing of ours, well except maybe Optimus cause he is prime.... But on another note please remember to wash your hands. You can never be too safe when it comes to personal hygiene.


Dr_faucci squirts some disinfectant on the young mans hands before making his way back to his office

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Geek was roaming the streets looking for new friends. He always had his pen protector in because the amount of shirts he lost wen he didn't have them was crazy. As he walked down the road clutching his books, he noticed someone talking about protection orders. So he stopped and listened.

"Hello sir, May I speak?" he asked. "I recieved a note yesterday stating there were protection orders for multiple families who had met their maker. So I am a little confused as to which orders your referring to? Could you clarify?"

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Depending which family you were with i guess can be a relatgion to why you died sadly.   Part of Detroit who rebelled at the thought of eventual death or actually attacks would of been scorched earth usually.

Outside that people look for the untagged, inactive sadly and take advantage of it.    As for cases in between in finding the witnesses that is always a challenge, as many are not fed up, or maybe fed up and no action taken.

Sadly is no perfect system.

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New and old returning players could benefit from a whisper at least. I thought my CL had been too anxious and killed me for 3 days of inactivity. If I wasn't so bored right now, I would have moved on and if I had been a new player I would have thought this was bullshit and move on from the game. I guess many ppl would do anything, including hurting the game as a whole, for a +1.

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Many seems to love purging and dont  gives a damn about protection orders this days, really sad to see not people can obey and be good to poor ones and letting them find a new home instead of killing so the game must get into re-build mode thanks to those.

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Protection orders have been issued for all of the recently departed families. I sent out the below (and I know that other CLs sent out other ones). If there is a specific incident where a protection order has not been followed please get in touch with me or another leader - although it’s always easier to investigate if you let us know within 10 minutes of the incident occurring.

From: KingLouis
Sent: Oct 16, '20 07:10
Subject: Protection order

***Mass Mail to all Upper Structures***
***Mass Mail to all Crewed Bronx Residents***
Please allow surviving members of the following crews 7 days protection in order to find new homes. This does not include inactives.

Council of Immortals.

The 1/2lb'ers

Aloha Conservation Inc.

The Hooligan Horde

†hê ħ¥lµm
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New accounts have never been given 7 days to find a sponsor by the governing body (not administration).

You get 48 hours of increased protection from the game and people are discouraged from shooting those under that age with a -1 to their wackstat if they do. If you have less than 4 hours of activity you get an increased level of protection by the game until you reach 4 hours of activity and then your extra protection goes away. The one loophole to this is if the game is in "Rebuild Mode". 

The "7 days protection" is generally reserved for tagged, active survivors of a crew as KingLouis has posted an example of.

Where did you get the idea ALL new accounts were afforded this protection? In the almost 18 years I've been around there's never been such a protection system.

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Ignore what I said, I misread your statement. Apologies. I'm going to go make a coffee now.

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I think many people take proers as threats also.
I will admit during a war they are but now after the war is a different thing altogether.

If I was a CL I would invite the proers of the losing family into mine....more pro people for me is the way I would think of it.

I believe any person WG and lower (less than 20 days old) should never be shot after the war is over.
A pro order should not even be needed. This is why you put your family name in your profile.
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