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Oct 27 - 04:20:54
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Selfridges is now open for business Started by: Asher on Oct 17, '20 19:02

Asher is called into the head office of Louis Vuitton by none other than the man himself.


Louis thanks  Asher for being his Left hand and his efforts in Bella vista, Louis thinks its time to expand his enterprise and instrusts Asher to set up a new criminal front here in Philly.


After a long search for a potential head quarters, Asher stumbles across an abandoned warehouse and thinks this could be the perfect place to set up a department store. 


When deciding on a name, Asher recalls seeing a man earlier that day selling a fridge by the side of a road, in that moment Selfridges was born.


Thank you Louis Vuitton for the opportunity, I look forward in helping Bella Vista grow and to work towards a better future for all.

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Congrats Archer! Looking forward to seeing you help grow Philly!
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I wish you the very best with your enteprise

Selfridges restaurant is world renowned, I hope to get a reservation one day.

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Looks-Ugly cracks a wide smile as he hears the news of Asher setting up his own headquarters in Bella Vista. Knowing the men for some time, he kicks his legs into motion to see where the old and derelict warehouse was in Bella Vista. Seeing the works being done and the scaffolding around the property, he mumbles to himself. 

About time, brother. Good luck with the business. Let's continue to build Bella Vista and let us continue to work together. 

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While Tesco is happy to squash any competition that challenges their dominance I wish you the best of luck in your enterprise.

Obviously if you branch into the sale of food stuffs we will need a conversation in regards to price fixing and the like. 

You know. The dead legal and above board dealings of professional business men.

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A quick update from Selfridges, We have acquired Tesco for $1.

Tesco had recently fallen into disrepair due to the main delivery driver sleeping a lot and having to deliver each item using just his teeth... due to having no hands.




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Congratulations Asher! Hard work and loyalty pays off in this life. You'll do your crew proud! Wish you luck. 

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