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Protection Order Started by: Lilith on Oct 21, '20 21:54

Struggling to get the attention of everyone, Lilith watched as people fought over job boards, trying to set their drug fronts up at the right location, even just trying to find housing appeared to be a problem after the latest endemic. Lilith pulled out her pistol and fired into the air watching as a few people ran, but most just looked her way a bit confused.

I'm sorry to take such drastic measures, but I'd like to say a few words. Anyone roaming the streets with tags from any of the crews listed below are to be given a week to relocate as they please. There are plenty of retired bodyguards and slots at the training range if you find yourself in need. Thank you for your time.

Bounty Law

Da Bears

Fuckerish Mob Inc: Teabag Division

~Gli Angeli Della Notte~

Paradise Petrolheads Inc.

La Casa Del Gorda

That Summerlin Gang

The Crazy Train

The Swingers

Blue Pandas



Art de Vivre

Untitled Project

The Cobblers

The White Rose

AEY Inc.

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After hearing the loud bang of the gun and also hearing Consig Lilith had to say Consig BellBrusca steps forward 

I hereby announce that The Panic Room will be adhering to this protection order.

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Really nailed the timing on this one to keep lots of people safe.

Glad you're looking out for the little guy
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Thanks for looking out for those who are looking for a new family in this trying time. 

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Refreshing to see unsponsored find housing before being senselessly shot. Thank you Lilith for the protection order.

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Great report to protecy all those poor ones that hopefully finds new homes after this large war that made them homeless.

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Perhaps more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than usual, I ramble on to random people on the streets. A mixture of old and new blood, intermingling, something that has not been seen in a long time. The chorus of rabbles being interrupted with a singular bullet, I jump into the nearest bush in a cowardly fashion, waiting for the violence to end. After what felt like a lifetime, I move the leaves that covered my eyes, and notice one of the most respected people in our community, Lilith, giving a speech.

I jump out of the bush before anyone notices my act of cowardice, remove the leaves from my hair and pat down my now crinkled and wrinkled suit. Listening to Lilith speak on behalf of the other leaders about their merciful and generous act, makes me forget about my slightly cowardly nature and I let out a almighty humongous cheer.

"Hip hip hoor........."

Scared that people may look at me weird for my boisterous outburst,  I quickly scurry off down the road, tipping my hat to every one I pass.

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Golem makes his way to the streets after the gunfire had finally subsided... noticing there were quite a few mobsters he had recognized throughout the streets that were a part of factions that have fallen, Golem was intrigued and glad to see them still alive. 

Clapping his hands on fellow mobsters shoulders with a grin on his face, he thanked them for their loyalties to their own cities and families during this trying time. The hard work was not yet over.. 

I too, am sincerely gratified by the decision to allow members to find homes instead of burning cities to the ground, which has been a common case for so long. I applaud you on your efforts to make upstanding decisions for the betterment of this community. Thank you.

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