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Visions Unknown Started by: Spring on Nov 06, '20 22:37

It was dark, the only light were from the moon and some lights coming from other buildings that dotted the road. Spring was clad in a night gown, visibly shaking in the cooling air. Swaying in the wind, she was gazing at a large building that was clearly abandoned. Long ago forgotten for most people but she was trapped. Not yet awake, she had walked all this way from her small room. Her dreams held her trapped.

The smell of the cold winter air was filling her, but she was miles away. A beautiful summer evening that had been spent in this building. She was dancing with a young man but she did not recognize him. He seemed familiar, the way he moved and the little expressions that crossed his features as they danced. She knew him... right?

The lights of the ballroom began to fade. Now she was in a bar. There were some people around her. It felt intense and she was suddenly overwhelmed with a fear that everything was not going to be alright. A fight response kicked in and she tried to smash her hands down on the table that this meeting was being held at, but her hands fell through the table. Like she wasn't even there.

Stunned, her heart skipped a beat. A flutter of panic was hitting her thoughts as she scrambled to the possibilities. Did she die?

As the thought hit Spring, she was taken to a funeral. Once again, she was hit with emotions that weren't quite hers. A grief. A terrible sadness. An insane need to exact revenge. There was so much pain that she doubled over to the floor. On her knees, she lifted her head and blinked.

Awake. Yes, she had to be. There was a terrible cold that enveloped her body as she shivered. A few more blinks and she recognized where she was. A building that had once held the most beautiful ballroom that she had ever seen in her entire twenty years. It was yesterday that she had walked through it. The memories though they weren't hers but they felt as if they had belonged to her.

A piece of her ancestors perhaps? Maybe this was her coming home moment.

Internally she agreed to look more closely into whom her parents had been. Perhaps in some research she would learn how this city, one she had never been to before, could feel all so familiar suddenly.

Turning swiftly,  Spring wrapped her arms around herself and headed back home.

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Spring could see it looming in the distance. The place during the day seemed lively during the night, but now it was too quiet. Too eerie for her. Taking a deep breath she stepped through the door, just as another wave of visions flitted by.

Her head turned to the right, she could see a woman yelling something. What was it she was yelling?

"Come a little closer!" Spring called out. But the woman merely kept screaming.

Terrified, she stepped back until she was up against the wall. Her pulse was in her throat. Her sense told her to be frightened, something terrible was looming. Then suddenly just as it had come, it was gone.

Her back was pressed against the wall, as she reached for her keys.

"What in the hell?!" she thought as her fingers wrapped around the cool metal.

Was it the house? Did something happen here?

"I'm going crazy," Spring muttered as she headed back out the door.

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"Spring, over here Spring" the wind was calling to her.

Spring's head snapped up. She was shivering and cold. It had been a long night for her in the cold of the city. Her eyes were beginning to blur from lack of sleep. The pounding that had started as a small annoyance became a roar. How had such a wonderful night turned into such a nightmare? What had she done that caused this to be happening to her?

Lately, she had been in such a wonderful place. A new job, new friends and here she was out here alone. By herself. Among the stars with no one that she could see in sight.

"I'm losing it. I need help," she whispered to herself. Turning her head left and then right to see if there was anyone near by. The streets were deserted and so she pulled herself forward. Exhausted and ready to collapse she began her search.

Stumbling her way down, she could see a figure. They were walking towards her. As they drew nearer, she could make out the black fabric covering them from head to toe. Becoming terrified all over again, she began to back away. Making it a few steps before she fell. Not able to scramble up fast enough, she merely tilted her head and raised her chin.

"Who the hell are you?"

It took the person in front of her a few moments to answer. Spring waited with eyes wide open as they reached for her.

"Your worst nightmare."

Everything went dark as Spring passed out.

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The light was making Spring's head spin. Closing her eyes to the sudden blindness, she took a few breaths before examining herself. Could she move her fingers? Check. How about her toes? Yup. Maybe she wasn't in terrible shape after all. At least that was what she thought before she tried to get up. Her entire body seized with pain. She got no higher than lifting her head, before she put it back down.

A sigh of frustration escaped her lips as she tried to figure out what happened to her. Clearly she was in no position to get herself right this second. The pain was subsiding a little as long as she remained still. Opening one eye to test out the light, she then opened the second and took a good look around. She was in a room. It looked similar to a bedroom but with concrete walls. She was on some sort of table. Maybe it was a really hard bed, she wasn't sure right then. The room was bare of anything that would tell her what it was or what it was used for. Having no idea where she was, her eyes closed once more and she fell back into a sleep of some sort.

"Wake up you lazy fool."

Blinking, Spring came too. Her eyes fixed on a face right above hers. Terrified she tried to draw back, only to yelp in pain at the sudden movements.

"Where am I?" Spring asked. Licking her dry lips.

"Nowhere you are going to like. Why did you do it?"

Confused, Spring tried to remember the last thing she did. She was looking for help wasn't she? A bunch of flashbacks to the night before came to mind. An overwhelming mix of emotions came forth. Her eyes closed once more.

The man clearly had other ideas though as he began to shake her. Her body could barely handle it and she passed out once more. Disgusted the man turned to another person in the room.

"Tell me immediately when she wakes up again."

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The man was hovering in the room. He had been notified the young woman was starting to come around and was talking incoherently. Immediately he had rushed to the room to overhear what she had been talking about. At first it was merely syllables that had made no sense whatsoever. At first, he was ready to discard anything she was saying, but then she started talking about the man. The one he was trying to find. He needed a name to it.

"Come back!" Silence. Where was she? This seemed a bit odd to her, she felt light like nothing could hurt her now. What was happening to her? Was the previous pain all in her head? She could make a man. The same man from the ballroom that she had danced with. His arms held her steady as she trembled with fear and an overwhelming terror. Gently he had wrapped her into their own world and pulled her away from the pain she was sure she should be still feeling.

Grasping his hand tightly, she was scared he would flee and the pain would return. "Why are you here? What are you doing to me?" Her feet sent her flying forward once more. She was unsteady but still she managed to dance. The ballroom lights grew in brilliance. It was like something was fading out of her mind.

"Be strong. I will come back for you. Remember me, next time." The man had said to her before he fled away. The light became too much and she squeezed her eyes closed. Once she opened them, there was another man hovering over her. It took a minute for her to remember exactly who this one was. A scream of terror welled up inside her but her mouth was too dry to even do that much. With terror in her eyes she watched him looking at her. Feeling extremely uncomfortable but at least he wasn't causing her pain, yet.

Her thoughts went back to the other man. Who was he? What did he have to do with the situation she found herself in? Suddenly the man above her began to speak.

"Hello, Little One. Let's start this again, who is he?"

Her eyes searched his with confusion until she realized she must have been talking out loud.

"Who?" She managed to croak out.

"Don't play coy or this will go very badly for you." The man began to get a little more aggressive in his tone. Spring cowered away from him as much as she could. Lowering her eyes, as her fingers trailed the rope that bound them together. She needed to buy herself a little more time.

"I don't know. I should know but I just don't." Her eyes welled up with tears as she gazed upwards. She knew men hated tears and tended to back away. Apparently he was no different.

With disgust he began to leave the room. Turning around.

"Very well Little One, I'll be back for you later. Perhaps when you are starving and thirsty beyond anything you have imagined you will be more honest with me."

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Spring spent what felt like hours working at the rope with her nails. Eventually it began to fray and she was careful not to draw any attention her way. Slowly, slowly and soon the ropes were free. They had not tied her legs down but she was careful to act like she was still kept down. Once she felt herself ready, she turned her head slowly.

"Could.." The words felt strange to her dry mouth. Licking her lips a little she tried once more. "Water... please."

Startled at the fact that he had noticed that she had woken up, he shook his head.

"Under orders not to." He stated. He drew closer to her. The guard hadn't understood her presence or what she had meant to the boss, but she sure was pretty. Her hair hung a little limply but when she was brought here it was gorgeous. He remembered wishing that his wife had such beautiful hair. She was petite and looked half dead. What harm could there really be if she got a sip of water.

"Please?" Spring questioned. She was disgusted by the man looking her over, but she managed to keep her face blank.

"Okay, but don't tell the boss." He turned back and headed towards the sink.

Spring wasted no time in quietly getting up. The rope in her hands as she headed towards him. Since they had taken her shoes it was no problem to sneak up and wrap the rope around his neck. He was an incredible large man but she managed to hang on long enough to watch him collapse. Checking the windows, she realized she was in a basement.

"Stupid." She muttered to herself. Sliding through the window, she ran. Running as fast as she could out into the crowded streets. Running for her life she began to look for someone. Anyone that might help her.

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Desperado had a nice evening with his friends and walked back alone to home from a successful party, maybe I drank a bit too much he thinks.
He had just been dropped off and the last part to his porch house was really not very far anymore, a bit tired from a long week of working for the boss. It was already getting a bit dewy and when he looked at the sky you could see it getting a little light, Sunrise he mumbles. 

The birds already started to whistle a bit, it was actually much too late. Times flies when you're having fun.
The hustle and bustle on the street was already picking up and that was not weird for a Saturday because then the market would be set up in his street. Now he would really sleep through the day to get some extra rest and forget to go shopping at the market.  
He was almost at his porch when he saw a petite lady running in the distance. She looked like she was hunted down. She ran like a deer who's predator was on her heels. She dodged several people and made one person fall on the ground while setting up his market stall.

Desperado heard the man yell at her "Can't you look where you walk?"

People where looking at her. There was actually nobody behind her. He had to stop her otherwise she would hurt herself or others. Maybe she had an panic attack? He didn't knew but what he did knew was that he had to help her. He felt that in an instant moment.

While she was almost several feet away from him. she had no one to dodge anymore and was walking straight at him.
When she was close enough he tried to grasp her..

"Hey miss maybe you should relax and cool down a bit, you might get yourself hurt and other as well"

Now he holds her tight until he feels her energy flow away and feels she is not strubbling anymore. She was not giving in at first.
He released his grap a bit and looks at her face into her.. eyes

One person on the street clapped for his action as he knew Desperado, it was his neigbour Ben.

"Good job Despo, the saviour of the neigbhourhood"

Ben says with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

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She had been running for what felt like hours. Her head whipping back to make sure she wasn't followed. All she wanted to do was put as much distance between those men and herself. Feeling the grasp on her wrist, she turned her head to see who had grabbed her. As her eyes met his, all her breath left her. There was something she wasn't sure she could put into words.

"I'm sorry. Very sorry. You don't understand I need to go." Spring tried to keep her voice calm even though her eyes darted around. Always alert.

Trying to relax and go limp so that he would release her and she could get on her way.

"I can't stay Mister. Can you let go?" Spring was hopeful that he wasn't one of the bad guys. She was trying to make herself seem as though she was back under control and could now be left alone.

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While releasing her bit by bit she was looking anxious around her. Something was not in order Desperado thinks. He was looking in the same directions as she was. He didn't see anybody run behind her. The street didn't show any notice of people chasing each other.

He just thought for a split second if she didn't break out from a psychiatric clinic. She gave him a weird impression that was due to her reactions to how she acted and that she now suddenly tried to pretend nothing was going on. Trying to control her emotions. He saw she was trying to control the adrenaline rush inside her body. She was sweating, he could see the drops make themself visible on her forehead.

"Well of course I can let you go but maybe it is better for you to take some rest and sit down at my porch. So you can try and take a deep breath to get yourself under control." 

Desperado smiles at Ben who was sweeping the street with his broom as he always does on the weekend.

"Got this one Ben. Don't worry"

Ben nods and starts sweeping again with his broom only facing the other side of the street to give Desperado and the woman a moment of slack
Desperado shows the way to his porch with his arms and hands. touching her back with his hand palm guiding her towards the stairs.

"Please sit down, My name is Desperado. What is yours?"

He grabs a tissue from his pockets and places it in her hand. 

"You are all sweaty try to sweep it away a bit if you can

Desperado kneels down towards her and looks in her eyes once again to see if she really is giving any nonverbal information.

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Spring took a seat but tried to make sure she couldn't be seen from the road. She knew it would seem weird to someone who had no idea what she had just been through. Taking a few calming breaths, she squeezed the tissue in her hands until her knuckles turned white. Resolving not to cry, she turned her head towards the host.

"I'm Spring. I just came to this city not that long ago, but it seems that there are people after me."

Taking a look around, she looked and sounded crazy. Only she knew what she was running from and she wasn't  daring to tell a soul exactly what that was. How would she explain the visions? They would put her in an asylum or something. Think her mad or downright bat crazy. She couldn't afford that.

Was she supposed to fight her way back home? Would those people know where she lived? They hadn't seemed to know her name, but then she wasn't exactly in a position to be the one asking her questions. She was just thankful that her father had seen fit to train her in some defense in case anything were to happen. The father that she had been missing ever since she got here.

A sigh escaped her lips.

"Look, Desperado right? I think you might genuinely care, but you probably think I am crazy. I should really be on my way. I don't want to be a burden to you."

Her voice cracked as she talked. It was so dry and the need to run was growing.

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Trying to calm her down he was still worried. He heard what she has said and it didn't make any sense yet. For him it was just broad daylight he came home from a good party with friends and just bumped into this woman who was sort of in survival mode. He had been a drop out of the university actually he was going to make it to a doctor's degree but due to family circumstances he was forced to take the life of his family. It was not like he had an option. but by the looks of it, he learned during his study and his gut feeling said she frightened and something was really going on. He didn't know what yet but there was something going on.

"Yes, I am genuinely concerned about what is going on with you at the moment, even though we just have recently met."

Desperado's mind said that was weird what he just said, the words which came from his mouth.

"Look Spring, if I can offer you something to make you feel more comfortable let me know. You can leave now if you want. I can take you to someplace you'd like where you would feel safe. Just let me know what you want."

He looks up towards her as he is still kneeling in front of her. She sits on the stairstep and is slightly a bit above him. Something that would give her an advantage if she decided to get rid of him and run away into the infinite.

"You can keep the napkin if you want. Maybe I can offer you a drink in my home. It is just a few steps to my front door."

Desperado sees she doesn't react to his suggestions. Her eyes are starting to make a rapid movement. She dwells off. Did she actually grasp that napkin so firm that he can see her hands turn white because of the blood that disappeared under her skin

Her eyes were dark blue but looked full of fear. He wanted to know what happened but didn't try to ask it yet.

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Realizing that this man in front of her wasn't a threat, she nodded.

"A drink.. Yes... Please."

It took her a minute to get the words out. Although it was not much, she did need water. Parched and absolutely starving, she would like nothing more than a drink and getting out of sight. Desperado didn't seem to know who she was, so what harm could it be to remain in his presence.

Spring took the time to really look him over. Sturdy. That was what came to mind first, quickly followed by safe. She had never felt safe in the last week. This was what she needed. Her eyes locked onto his as she began to stand up a little unsteadily. Once standing, she offered her hand as if she could help him up the stairs. It was instinctive and she hadn't really thought that he needed help. Especially not hers right at this moment.

"Maybe, I'll explain after." She whispered more to herself then to him.

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He was waiting for her reply or at least a reaction from her side, there was complete silence at that point as in there was no talking. The birds started whistling again and a little breeze made the leaves flow over the ground. Ben was still sweeping with his broomstick. There was a moment of total reset as Desperado would describe it. He felt she had something on her chest but didn't want to bother anyone with that.

"Yes, Please" is what he heard while he was focussed on the leaves he wanders and wanders.
She wanted something to drink, water was it right? He was getting tired.

"Well if you don't mind I can take you upstairs and offer you a drink or whatever you like"
She offers her hand and pulls him up. well, she helps him with the first start of the lifting he is 6.5 feet tall a long skinny one he is.

"Ah, that is very nice of you actually I should be the one doing that, or do I sound ancient now?" He said that with a tiny laugh which sounded a bit insecure 

"Ok follow me when you're ready. You will feel safer once you can block yourself from being overexcited"

Desperado walks upfront and moves towards his door. grabs the key from his pocket which didn't go very quickly since he was getting tired.
He yawns and slides the key into the lock of the wooden oak door. His house number is next to his doorbell. On the sign, there is a number 85.
He turns the key it unlocks and the door opens towards the inside.

"Here you go Spring, ladies first"

He waits for the moment she passed him and entered his home. You could see a small hallway from the porch when the door opened.


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"Thank you." Spring moved towards the door. With one last glance over her shoulder, she disappears through the door way and entered enough that they could both come through the door. She was unsure where to go but looked at the walls. It seemed like a nice quiet place and she smiled to herself.

Carefully she stepped forward and into the hallway. Tentatively she made her way down it to see if the kitchen was straight. Walking slowly, in case she was going the wrong way. Her thoughts were jumbled but she began to visible relax. Her shoulders dropped a little, her stance became a little less rigid and she finally stopped looking behind her all the time.

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As she passes by into his home and entered the small hallway she was certainly looking where to go as she walked into the wrong way. The small Livingroom was in the left side which had an view over the street. You could see people build up their market stalls from the 1st floor. The apartment was not so big. The kitchen was in the back and connected to the living rook which was in the front. He had a dinner table from oak, 2 chairs which had view over the street and a couch. There was a fireplace and some woods logs in a rack next to it which was filled up until the top. The walls were decorated with white paint in the living room. He saw Spring started to calm down a but more.

“You don’t have to thank me, I am just glad to help you out so you can go where you need to go to afterwards. Sit down in the livingroom please“

Desperado points the chairs where she could sit down.

“What would you like coffee or Tea? And you can check the view from the window and don’t have to be afraid anymore I suppose”

Desperado walks towards the back as he puts a kettle on the stove to boil hot water.
He waits for her reply what she wanted to drink

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Chuckling softly, she entered the living room. Spring took a look at the view briefly as she settled herself on one of the chairs. Looking up at Deperado.

"Tea, please." She waited happily for the tea. Coffee she could do without though.

Her eyes traveled along the walls looking to see if there was anything that would show her who this man was. The place was very clean and she was impressed. There didn't seem to be a trace of anyone else living here.

Getting up she walked restlessly around the room. Pacing along the floor as she thought about how to tell her story. Would he think she was crazy? Would he even listen past the first line? So many doubts frayed at her mind until eventually she just sat down and waited. Waited to see the reaction.

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Desperado grabbed two cups from the kitchen cabinet, one for him and one for her.
She wanted tea so he also chooses to pick the tea to make it himself as easy as possible.
The kettle was halfway boiling and there was silence between her last response and now.

"This must be awkward being in the home of a stranger now, I usually don't do this, I am very on my own, to be honest with you"

He doesn't dare to meet her eyes while saying that so he looks back to the kitchen cabinet to find some tea herbs and a filter for the tea.
Now he turns his head and sees she is still looking at the street as she might not have heard what he just said to her. He was so dumb not took look at her when he spoke.. So he is in a doubt now if she heard him. he grabbed a plate to put the cups on. Takes a teapot from the cabinet and fills it with hot water. Fills the filter with tea herbs and places it in the teapot. He closes the teapot and places it on the plate.
He walks into the living room.

"Sorry I have nothing to eat in the house. It's kinda scanty I know."

Desperado takes off a cup from the plate and places it on the table in front of the chair where Spring was sitting before she started walking around in his livingroom. He is still having a weird feeling about this whole scene outside.
He tries to find his courage to ask her what has happened. Maybe start with an easier question? 

"So, are you from around here Spring?"

Desperado places the last cup in front of his chair and sits down to look with her outside to check out what is happening on the street.


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Helping herself to the tea, making sure her mouth and throat were not so dry. She looked up at the question.

"No, I am from a smaller place. It feels like such another time. Lately, I have felt some weird sensations as if I had been to this city before. Except, never in my 21 years have I been here."

Her eyes begin to tear up as she thought of the journey that had brought her here. It had been a split second decision to follow a guy here. The man had seemed so full of ambition, so full of life and it had addicted her. Spring had been so stupid to believe that when she got here it would be a good time. Instead, she found herself thrown out, hungry and cold. It had taken her a long time to get herself back on her feet. Dashing away a stray tear, she gazed thoughtfully at him.

"Why do you seem so sad that you are alone?" Realizing how direct she was, she carried on quickly with another subject. "Do you believe in visions?"

Spring had taken a chance by sounding so crazy but it was the first step in getting the hard parts over with. She pushed herself forward and took another sip of the tea. It was delightful.

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He takes a sip from the teacup he just placed in front of him. He listened to what she said. Ok, she was from a smaller place. Seems she doesn't want to give up very much information about herself. He tries to scan her with his eyes while she enjoys the tea. Can he pick up some signals that he has done the right thing to take her into his home he know thinks. Still in a doubt a bit. he tries to find more information in her eyes.

"That is seriously odd and on the other hand a welcoming feeling to be somewhere you haven't been, but yet feel the feeling you have"

He just tries to descramble what he just said. Sounds a bit philosophic. Desperado can be that sometimes. he recently figured out that side of himself. Alone, am I sad? hmm.Pretty direct question from her side.

"Well, haven't been running into someone serious, not like someone I could really trust and that's most probably the thing"

Desperado steps up from the chair and looks through the windows to see the market almost build up fully.
Vision yeah, I had some nightmares lately, but those were not the vision I hope.

"I am open for such things they sound kinda floaty to most people. Can you explain to me more what you mean by that? Do you have visions?"

She suddenly started to turn like a leaf from insecure and a bit of fear to a very confident speaker which made her pretty interesting.
Desperado sits down looks at the dress. 21 years she looked older than he expected her to be. 

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She took a very long look at him. Wondering if he was playing with her, but soon realized he was serious. Finishing off her tea, she settled back in her chair. Trying to get comfortable with all that she was about to share.

"I hope that you do not find me too weird. Too crazy. But I have been having visions of a man. A man that knows me but I am not sure who he is. I have never seen him before, but the overwhelming feelings I have for him are crazy. They have to be. There is no way I could possibly feel the way I do for someone I have never met. Sadness at their death. So much love. An overwhelming intensity washes over me when he shows up."

Licking her lips. She fidgets with her hands. Her fingers pulling at the hem of her very dirty shirt. Slowly her eyes gaze out the window once more.

"They knew of him." She begins in a whisper. "These people that held me captive for a little while. The people I am running from. They want to know more about him but I don't know anything! I can't even be sure but I swear he came to me in a vision, or maybe a dream to tell me to hold out a little longer. I don't even know what that means or how I am even connected to him. This is insane."

Her words were rushing out frantically. Spring could not stop herself from jumping up and pacing once more. Her feet created a path along the floor.

"How is it even possible?"

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