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Old City District Speakeasy Started by: Tony_Alacchi on Jan 09, '21 15:38

Tony walked up in Pens Landing Park with the Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the background. He grabbed the typical milk crate so often found in the streets for some odd reason people would use them to grab people's attention pre-speech. He steps on the milk crate and clears his throat.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I come to you today to introduce Old City District newest front... Tony Coughs... Business... introduce Old City Districts new business. It is with great please that Godfather Asher has asked me to open the new operation in the great city of Philadelphia. I am truly honored to have received this privilege, there are so many great people at the head of this city that words can't even express how honored I am to have my name there with them.

I would first and foremost like to congratulate Asher for his promotion to Godfather. You have been nothing but the greatest leader I have seen and have heard of from tales my ancestors recited to me as a child. I am truly privileged to establish an HQ by your side. That being said, with so many great name within one city, I couldn't have done it without everyone support and friendship. Along with hard work and loyalty, we often forget the social aspect of this thing of ours and I look forward to keep our conversations going in the Philly social club.

Please allow me to introduce The Speakeasy. A high end establishment working hand in hand with the Selfridges Group. Along my side will be the wonderful Pandora, both our families have worked together before and I couldn't be any happier to start this journey with her. We will start recruitment of new employees as soon as possible. We seek to give many people a faire chance to succeed in this thing of ours; no matter your education or background if you wish to join and show us what you have to offer you will be accepted. We are all very social in the city and we are all extremely excited to meet you.

On this note, I wish to thank you all for your time and wish you all a great day.

Tony got off his milk crate and headed towards his friends and family. A night of celebration was forthcoming.

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Asher stumbles forward looking rather scruffy and still wearing his tuxedo from the night before.

“I would like to congratulate my good friend Tony_Alacchi for setting up his own operation, you have been nothing but loyal and supportive since I first set up Selfridges. I am over the moon to have you by my side in the old city district.”

Asher pauses as he attempts to light his cigar. Still intoxicated from last nights celebration he throws his cigar on the floor.

“I encourage all of you to wish Tony his best on this journey”, Asher turns to Tony. “You have the full support of Philadelphia and I look forward to you building an amazing crew.”

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Harison listens to the announcement and congratulations offered by his boss.   Harison doesn't normally wander the streets this time of day but he was tasked with ensuring Asher gets home ok after last night's celebration which spilled into this morning, and may still be going technically.


Harison sees a smattering of milk crates and stacks four on top one another and utilizes his unusually high vertical leap to get onto the top crate.


"Congrats Tony_Alacchi!  May I wish your pockets be deep, life is long, and operation successful in your new endeavor!"


With that, Harison jumps off the stack of milk crates, sticks the landing and chases after Asher who is stumbling down the street.

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Velvet slightly feeling the effects of last night's celebrations still lingering in her veins, attempting to head back to her Burlesque Lounge she see's a group of people grouped together listening to a speech, watching the crowd shift to make room for what sounded like Asher... although a little more slurry than what she recalled hearing "I encourage all of you to wish Tony his best on this journey"


Piecing it all together she ohhh'd in realisation what was happening Tony formally announcing the auth set up beside Asher, watching Harison climb the stacked milk crates she invertedly  cringed imaging the young lad fumble and fall.

A roar of applause sounded from the crowd after the speeches, Velvet waited for a opening to sneak in and congratulate Tony herself..

"congratulations  Tony! How very exciting, can't wait to see what this journey holds for you!"

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Mr. Alacchi, amidst the other successes of the city your achievement should by no means be overshadowed. From what I've seen, you've been an an outstanding example of a man of honour. You've been friendly, helpful, engaging, shown the capacity to learn and now that you're ready for more responsibility.

I'm thrilled to be working alongside you in the days, weeks and months to come. Salut!

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A blur...the whole weekend had been a blur. Tony had gifted Godfather Asher a most prestigious bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label. The Godfather was kind enough to share with the members of Selfridges at his celebration. When Belle finally awoke, she hurried get ready and head over to congratulate her friend on his newly set up operations.


Tony,  it has been great working beside you at Selfridges. The way you treat others with respect is sometimes hard to find in our line of work. I cannot wait to see what you and Pandora do with The Speakeasy. You deserve this opportunity and it is going to be great to watch you shine.


Congratulations to you, the place is extraordinary.

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After the flurry of celebrations over the past few weeks, Kaya couldn't even imagine touching another glass of alcohol. So when her secretary mentioned the opening of a speakeasy in Philadelphia, she groaned and turned over in her bed, clutching yet another hangover from the party the night before. "I don't think you understand, Ms. Kaya..." her secretary said cautiously, "... it's the opening of The Speakeasy. A crew that your friend Tony_Alacchi will be leading." As soon as Kaya processed these words, she shot straight out of bed and into the shower hoping to catch the tail-end of the occasion.

Kaya arrived just in time to see Tony getting down from the milk crate and smiled as he spotted her in the crowd. Approaching him, she shook his hand and handed him a bottle of the finest red wine she could find in her personal cellar. "Congratulations, Tony! I'm glad you decided to take on this responsibility and know you'll do great things for the old city. It's been a pleasure personally getting to work with you for the first time during the THUMP Cup, and it's been a treat getting to know you even more during the months after. I see only great things in your future and I'm excited to see you build an amazing family. Here's a little something to stock the speakeasy's bar with." As he took the bottle of red wine, she offered him another kind smile before putting her sunglasses back on with the full intent of coming home and going back to nursing her hangover.

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Tony was in the final touches of the opening of his new HQ, his friend Pandora had unfortunately fallen ill and to Tony her health should be a priority. That being said a required position had to be filled and he was super excited to introduce his new RH to the street.

Belle-, thank you so much for joining us in this journey, you are a person that I respect and admire so much, your loyalty and hard work has always been noticed and I am so glad to have you by my side.

On a second note, I wish to thank everyone for their well wishes and I look forward to working with all of you.

Tony headed back to his HQ and placed the bottle of red wine gifted by kaya in a beautiful display.

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Indifference was always drunk.  There wasn't a time to be hungover.  He'd gotten to know Tony_alacchi a little better, and he couldn't have been happier that he'd earned the right to set up his own business in Philly.  He was back in the city looking around and remembering the good times he'd had there in the past.


"Congratulations Tony, it's always nice to see friendly and driven mafiosos here in the criminal underworld.  I'm gonna leave you with these cases of beers - on the condition that we share them together one day when you're ready.  Cheers, my friend."

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Streets of Philadelphia welcome "The Speakeasy". A new, ambitious and disciplined crew.

A team with these characteristics couldn't be guided by an ordinary person.

Tony_Alacchi has proved his ability to organize his own family in this world.

"Congrats Tony, you deserve the place you stand".


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