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Bricktown expands, meh. Started by: Indifference on Jan 09, '21 21:28

Things were rapidly changing in Bricktown.  NathanExplosion had taken over the godfather mantle and he returned back to the crew HQ.  Of course - the first thing he did was pick up his guitar and blast a riff.  Everyone had gathered to celebrate the newfound Godfather of Bricktown.  Cinnamon and @Azatoth  had both come around to see the day.  It was so nice to see the whole crew together again.  Things had come a long way since the old South Side days.  A lot of blood, a lot of sweat, and holy fuck was there ever a lot of metal. 


Indifference had been along for nearly the whole ride.  He'd started out with NathanExplosion as a little goomba and worked his ass off.  He'd even grown to adore heavy metal.  He sat there and banged his head around a little as Nathan blasted on his guitar.  As usual, he drank ungodly amounts of beer as the party raged on.  He got wildly intoxicated as time went on, which only decreased the already low level of fucks given.  Eventually, NathanExplosion made his way over to his left hand man.  


"Diffy, you've been here a long time.  As I expand here in Bricktown, I'm going to need someone solid to go open up a shop here in Bricktown alongside me.  You've been here a long time, and our ancestries have crossed a few times before - you've come to be known as someone who's equal parts reliable and annoying.  That said - I want you to open up there across the street and continue to work alongside me as my underboss."


Indifference continued to stare forward, drinking his beer, no response.  NathanExplosion nudged him with his guitar.  Indifference was equal parts drunk from overconsumption, and deaf from Nathan continually playing his guitar.    He knew he was capable, but this was getting messy...


"You there?" Nathan asked.


"Yeah.  All good boss." Indifference responded.  


"Soooo...." Nathan continued


"Absolutely.  I'd be honored.  I'm going to ask that you allow me to take Foamy and Winston_P_Bear with me.  I like having hard working people with me, and I think that they've worked hard enough for you that they deserve a promotion." Indifference replied.


He was there.  NathanExplosion was concerned for a second - but in typical Indifference fashion he kind of sort of came through at the end with a blank stare and while completely intoxicated.  Across the street they went in Bricktown.  The HQ looked more like a basement apartment - but it would do.  Indifference didn't need the fancy stuff - as long as he had his beer.  He rubbed his forehead for a second as he thought of what he might need to make the place a little homier.  A Beer fridge, another beer fridge, and (you guessed it) another beer fridge.  Also, A couch that didn't cause bedsores - for he planned on sitting there a lot.  And, of course - the required sign for the HQ.




He sat down on his couch, opened a couple of beers and thought for a second...


This place was still missing something.  He picked up his phone and called someone as everyone watched him carefully.  Indifference had a habit of being a little odd and unpredictable - and this was no different.


Soon, 2 gentlemen came in carrying a large wooden crate that was growling and shaking.  They opened up the front and running out came a large honey badger.  Indifference needed a mascot to help set the tone in the HQ - and he thought that a pet honey badger was just perfect.


"Perfect!!" Indifference exclaimed. "I thought that we needed something to represent the DILLIGAFF spirit here - and what better than the animal that truly gives no fucks?  He don't just doesn't care."


Indifference handed one of his beers to NathanExplosion and then addressed the members that had slowly made their way over to the HQ.


"Folks, As we can see - NathanExplosion has assumed Godfather here in Bricktown - which means that his crew will soon be limited.  I want to say that I couldn't be happier to support his promotion here in Bricktown.  Here at Club Dilligaff - we're all about working hard, having fun and limiting the drama.  I promise to help continue to build this great city and provide a engaging and entertaining home for all of you.  It's my view that one person doesn't make a crew awesome - we all do.  This place won't succeed without all of your effort and support.  My door remains open to you and I promise to be approachable and work hard for you.  CHEERS!!"

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foamy storms to the podium, drumsticks hanging out of his nutsack and plectrums in unspeakable places.

Guys, I mean, you could have fucking warned me?  I was having a soak in my nutty bubble bath in the Dethklok HQ and then...........WOOF........i'd set fire to a dog, sorry

I'm gonna miss the mettle but i'm gonna love the Meh, and I promise I'll keep Indy pristine and groomed.......I have no idea why.

Let's get this shit starte!

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Jimi entered Club Dilligaff's headquarteds, accompanied by one of Indifference's bodyguards. The man took him to Diffy's office, and Jimi almost stumbled on a honey badger on the way. Upon seeing Indifference, Jimi smiled broadly.

"My man! You made it. Congratulations, brother. I'm very excited to see what you can do in that fancy bold suit of yours. Look, I even brought you a gift - I know it's your gift, but I warn you, I won't leave without a sip!"

He handed Indifference a fancy bottle of whiskey. Good stuff. Indifference naturally opened it right away and poured each of them a glass. A few glasses later, Jimi was feeling comfortably dizzy, sprawled on an armchair. He lit a cigarette.

"Seriously Diffy, very happy for you, buddy. And the Dethfather made a good choice, I know you are going to be a great asset for the city. Anything you need, just let me know, aye?"

After some more talk about life and business in general, Jimi left, leaving an empty bottle behind, obviously.

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I'll keep this short and sweet as I know you'll be indifferent to whatever mushy goo I can come up with.

It has been an honor having you at my side, and it is an honor to grant you your own operation here in Dethtroit. I am fully confident that you will make us all proud. Congratulations, little diffle.

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Gordon walks in a little worse for wear after an afternoon in the casino "Congwats my fwiend" stumbling into a pillar Gordon looks around for more booze and maybe a sandwich or two deciding its probably better to sit on the floor and send one of his bodyguards instead 

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