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Silencing the Canary Started by: BonestheGambler on Feb 16, '21 20:02

Bones was standing outside his white convertible smoking his cigar in his hand. He goes to his trunk, grabbing his pistol that is hidden under a secret compartment. Bones securely put it into his coat, looking around and making his way down the alley. Looking around cautiously he approaches the alley seeing a group of hoodlums who approach him. Bones begin’s to speak…….

“Who here is Ralph?” All the hoodlums look away and Bones walks over to the one who was starring at him. “It’s good to finally meet you, Ralph you know why I am here now please pay you the money you owe us.” Not known to Bones someone was approaching him from behind with a metal pipe which is smashed across his back. Bones falls to the ground as Ralph runs. Bones turns around kicking out the man’s shins sending him to the ground. Bones moves quicker getting up grabbing the pipe and smashing in the man’s nose. Bones gets up throwing the pipe across the alley before chasing Ralph down the alley. Ralph uses the outside stairs to climb an apartment building and puts himself into a corner. Now inches away Bones holds his jacket. “Oh Ralph, all you had to do was pay up and now you got my jacket dirty”. Without another word Bones throws Ralph off the edge and watches as his body falls to the pavement below. 

Bones now down the street is at a phone booth calling Tony_Alacchi about the successful job. “Yeah, the package has been delivered on time. What do you mean? Who? Yeah alright boss, I will get on it.” Bones hangs up the phone looking around and walks back over to his car. Bones put’s away his pistol in the secret department and drives off. Bones got word that there has been a problem with the mayor, he has threatened to expose the family and put a lot of people behind bars. So Bones has been tasked to meet with Jimmy_The_Hand and come up with a way to make the mayor pay for his betrayal. See the mayor of Philadelphia has been on the payroll of the family for years now, and this sudden change of heart is very bad for business. 

Bones pulls into a remote cafe near the docks and pulls into one of the open parking spots. He gets out looking around seeing he has no tail and walking inside going to the corner booth. A waitress walks over as he orders a coffee with some pancakes. Bones looks over to the man across from him. “Nice to meet you Jimmy, the name is Bones if you did not know already.” Bones knew Jimmy from the HQ but this was the first time they ever worked together.

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Jimmy had just arrived back to his modest apartment when his phone rang. Picking up Jimmy heard a deep voice on the other end speak, "The Boss has need of your services. Go wait at the Broken Anchor diner near the docks and BonestheGambler will meet you there and explain everything you need to know. Follow his lead and do as he says." with that the line went dead. 

Walking over to his armoire Jimmy changed into a non-descript grey suit - the kind designed to allow him to blend into a crowd quickly if he needed to. Strapping his .38 to his ankle and several knives to the inside of his jacket Jimmy left the apartment. A quick drive later he found a booth in the back corner of the diner. 

When the waitress appeared he gave his most charming smile, "I'll have a coffee dear." Jimmy handed the waitress a crisp fifty dollar bill,  "You go ahead and keep the change - I'm going to be meeting a business associate and I would appreciate if you were to forget either of us were ever here the moment we leave - understood?"

Jimmy kept his voice light and a smile on his face but the look in his eyes made clear that his words were not a request and that the small bribe was a courtesy not the reason the waitress should keep her mouth shut if anyone were to come knocking. Jimmy wasn't sure what this was all about, but if Tony were sending him here to meet another member of the family the work that needed to be done was definitely the kind best discussed without witnesses that would go blabbing to the first person to ask about it.

Shortly after his coffee arrived Jimmy saw a well dressed man walk in and begin to approach the booth. Based on his dress and confident walk Jimmy was fairly confident this was Bones, but he had never met the guy so he wasn't taking any chances. As the man approached Jimmy surreptitiously removed one of the knives from the inside of his jacket and prepared to throw it if the man turned out to be a threat rather than the friend he was expecting. Jimmy knew he hadn't been followed so he doubted this was some rival with a feud, but caution had saved his life enough times to make it a worthwhile initial stance. 

As the man sat down Jimmy relaxed somewhat and then did entirely - returning the throwing knife to it's sheath -  as he introduced himself. 

"A pleasure to meet you, sir. I've been told to follow your lead and do as you say. So what business is at hand for the night?"

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"I am offended Jimmy I saw you reach for something hidden in your pockets, I thought we were friends. I see you picked the farthest corner booth to talk, good to see you are competent, I would not suspect less from someone in the Speakeasy. Not sure if Tony told you anything but the mayor of Philly has decided to become an informant to the police and is looking to air all his dirty laundry. With all he knows he could put a lot of the family behind bars. So we need to make sure this does not happen with either silencing him or giving him a reason to change his mind on the situation."

Bones looks around before continuing to speak.

"There are official documents in his home which he holds in his safe and those documents can be used to blackmail him. See even if we make him vanish, he would just be replaced better to have someone in charge in which we have some leverage on. We will sneak into his mansion disguised as electricians. We are going to rent a car and destroy it afterwards, this is just in case he has some nosy neighbors." 

Bones gets up puts a small tip on the table, before readjusting his tie and ushering Jimmy to follow him. Now outside, he leads him down a block where there is a parked car. "Can never be too careful. Now hop in and we can get started." As soon as Jimmy gets in, Bones turns the keys slowly just in case someone rigged the car to explode. Bones hits the gas and leaves down the street. 

"A car is waiting for us in a garage owned by a old Italian man, he is good people. Don't talk to anyone or anybody these guys run a hijacking crew so they are not known for enjoying any any funny business. Best to keep your eyes on them while we are there." Around thirty minutes later the car pulls outside the garage and Bones gets out waiting for Jimmy to exit the car as well. Walking through the back door, he can smell the cigars in the air. Walking into one of the backrooms a man walks over and tells Bones to follow. They are shown to a room and are told that there clothes are in the closet. Bones thanks the man and goes to change in private leaving and seeing a mirror. 

Bones looks at himself in a mirror and smiles. "Guess these old bones can pull off anything. Time to hit the road Jimmy." Bones leads Jimmy over to the parked car and they leave the garage together. "Since we got a bit of a long ride I wondered how long you have been in Philidelphia for?" 

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Jimmy adjusted himself in the soft seat of the sedan as he prepared for a long ride. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes Jimmy lit, took a long drag and considered the question. 

"I grew up around the docks here in Philly. I'm not actually sure if I was born here or if this is just were I was dumped after my ma died, but it's the first place I remember being so I guess it's home. After my ma died one of the local hoodlum groups took me in and started showing me how to earn enough coin on the street to not starve. By the time I was 12 I was already an adept pickpocket and by the time I was 16 it was accepted that I was the best sleight of hand man in the group - it's how I got my name. Learned a good bit about all forms of larceny from those boys - but reality was they were small time - to them swiping a few hundred bucks worth of valuables from a house was considered a huge job -  and I had bigger dreams so I decided to go out on my own. That's how I ended up doing some work for the Boss and joining the family. I'll tell ya, if some of the boys new the kind of scores I land now they would pass out."

Jimmy thought over everything he had been told about the mission at hand and continued

"There isn't a safe I can't crack so whatever is in there that is needed we can count it as good as ours. My question is, what's the plan if he walks in on us while we are doing what needs to be done? Do we make it look like a simple home invasion gone wrong and take him out?" 

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Bones listened to Jimmy speak as the car rolled up to the mansion and Bones drove up to the large fence. The place was obviously guarded from personal security, who seemed to be strapped. 

"We are here because our company was informed about a possible electrical problem happening in the mansion, so we were called to check it out. Just a check up, we should be out of your hair in thirty minutes flat." Bones used his best Sicilian accent he knew from the old country, making him sound like he just came in from Ellis Island. The man signaled over to another guard and the gate opened. Driving through Bones parked near a large fountain, getting out and locking it as Jimmy exited as well. Carrying a large toolbox, he made his way to the side of the mansion and away from any eyes. 

"His office is on the third floor, watch out for any staff and guards inside. I will knock out the lights, and fix them buying you some time along with a way to get inside the office. Be careful up there and make sure nobody sees you." Bones points over towards a pole which Jimmy can use to climb to get into the second floor. 

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Jimmy nodded and looked around quickly to ensure that no one was around before beginning to scale the pipe Bones had indicated. As he climbed he continued to scan the horizon making sure that none of the guards saw him climbing up. Reaching the third floor took almost no time at all and Jimmy examined the window for any potential alarms before giving it a slight upward push. The window opened with ease - people never thought to lock third story window because they never thought anyone could reach them, much to Jimmy's delight. 

Jimmy silently made his way through the window and closed it softly behind him so no extra alert guard might look up and be alarmed seeing a window open that should be closed. 

As he began to scan the room for any sign of were the safe may be hidden the lights suddenly went off and Jimmy heard a few muffled exclamations from below him in the mansion followed by a firm voice informing everyone that there was a small electrical issue but electricians were already on site and addressing it so no one should worry. Jimmy smiled at how well Bone's ploy was working. 

Pulling a small flashlight out of his pocket Jimmy continued searching and found a large painting of city hall on the far right wall of the room - Jimmy's instinct told him that was the spot. Walking quietly over to the painting Jimmy pulled very gently on one corner and felt the painting begin to swing - he only allowed it to move about a half and inch however, and then used his flashlight to carefully look behind the painting, seeking out any booby traps that might be waiting. Politicians, it appeared, were more trusting than smugglers and Jimmy saw no signs of any trip wires or other booby traps. Swinging the picture the remainder of the way open on it's hinge Jimmy examined the safe in front of him. 

It was a Chubb Brick wall safe that appeared just large enough to store some documents, a bit of cash, and maybe a keepsake or two. Jimmy smiled as he looked it over - he had learned how to crack safes with this exact model. Pulling the necessary tools out of the small work bag he carried with him Jimmy went to work. 

About five minutes later Jimmy heard a satisfying click and carefully opened the door - just because the painting didn't have  trap didn't mean the safe wouldn't. It turned out his caution was, once again, unwarranted and opening the safe he examined the contents. 

Jimmy quickly found the folder of documents he was looking for and slid it into his bag. He was sorely tempted to also take the gold Rolex that was stored neatly near the back. However, given that they were planning on using these documents for blackmail the Mayor would obviously know who had done the theft and Jimmy didn't want to take the chance it was some precious personal memento that might lead the mayor to do something stupid like sending a hitman after it's thief. 

Jimmy quickly made his way back to the window and as expertly slid out and onto the pipe he had used to climb up. Closing the window he started to make his way down just as the lights in the room turned back on. Moving as fast as he safely could Jimmy made it to the ground floor and gave Bones a cocky smirk and a quick nod, "Told you it was as good as ours."

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Bones watched until Jimmy made his way through the window and began to leave to do his side of this job. He looked around seeing a patrol round the corner of the mansion, so he gave a tip with his hat as he continued over to the electricity box. He opened the box seeing many different wires with different colors. He had another job before he was made where he was disguised as an electrician and he was able to find the correct wire. He cut it and looked through a nearby window seeing the mansion turn completely black. Good that worked, this is going way too smoothly Bones thought to himself. He turned around running into a man and falling to the ground. Looking up he saw an over 6'5 feet tall muscular man who cracks his knuckles. The man picked up Bones and slamming him into the wall, as Bones crashed to the grass below. The man landed multiple blows to his side using his foot, picking Bones up by the throat. Bones using dirty tactics as his only chance to escape, headbutted him in the eye, giving him a small window of opportunity. 

Bones was able to crawl away for a moment and got up ready for a fight. The man threw an overhand hook, Bones using all his momentum against him hip tossed him to the ground, and put him into an armbar. Now having the big man on the ground he had full control of this fight, throwing kicks into the man's face. One more kick and he could hear the crunch as his boot made contact with the man's nose. Pulling fast he outstretched the man's arm and Bones got up. Cleaning himself up as best as he could, he took the behemoth's body and rolled into a nearby bush. 

Bones walked back to the box and saw Jimmy come down holding the documents in his hand. Bones easily turned on the lights, grabbed the toolbox, and lead Jimmy back to the car. "Nice work Jimmy. This was a lot easier than I thought, we should work more often I could use a man like yourself." Bones tried to play it cool while in his head he knew he got lucky with that Russian. Why was he there? Was it just a coincidence or something more? Now at the car they put the tools away, got in, and began to drive away. They drove up to the gates waving over at the guard who let them out. In a safe enough distance, Bones told Jimmy the situation with the Russian. "Hopefully he was just a hired guard but he seemed like something more. It would be best to keep a lookout, just in case." As they drove back the garage seemed different as they pulled in. They got out, but Bones was ready to grab onto his revolver at any moment. They changed quickly and left the garage in Bone's convertible. When they were at a safe distance, Bones calmed down and told Jimmy. "Let's head back to HQ, gotta give those documents over to Tony. He should be pleased." The car continued down the road and we pulled over in front of the HQ. 

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