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The King of Detroit Started by: Karizma on Feb 19, '21 02:08

Castle Hall, located in the Grand Army of the Republic building in the city center, was the chosen venue for the celebration party for Godfather-Chairman Takkar. Exclusive invitations had been mailed out beforehand, in anticipation of the grand event. Now the streets of Bricktown were a flurry of activity as everyone who was anyone made their way through the massive doors of the beautiful, old building which actually did look like a castle, right down to the two tall towers that flanked the main entrance.

Waiting inside, Karizma was a bundle of nerves as she tried to be everywhere at once, overlooking every last detail. As she looked around the large room, she was very pleased. The tables were all covered in the finest cloths, dishes and silverware perfectly placed. Hundreds of candles flickered in iron sconces and warmly lit the hall. She had spoken with the head chef a few moments before and was reassured that they would have enough food to feed the entire country if need be. The tantalizing smell of chicken was in the air and made her smile, thinking of Takkar and how much he loved chicken. Chicken and chocolate. There was to be his favourite double chocolate cake served for dessert. 

She laughed out loud as she reminisced about their humble beginnings, way back in Philly when they were with the Coven. Back then, Takkar was famous for his growls and stomps, running around in the woods hunting with his bow, bashing people over the head with his club, even sleeping in caves. A veritable cave man! His table manners, specifically the lack thereof, had been atrocious. He would grab what he pleased without remorse. With time, and a lot of patience on her part, Karizma had managed to tame his beastly manners. She couldn't be more proud of the man he had become! On their journey that began in Bella Vista, Philadelphia and now had taken them to Bricktown, Detroit, she had been blessed to be at his side. 

Karizma startled as suddenly gunshots could be heard in the distance.

Everyone in the hall paused what they were doing and held their breaths. There was one more shot, then silence. It was so quiet that Karizma could hear her heart beating through her chest. All of a sudden, Takkar stood tall and proud in the doorway. Immediately loud cheers and thunderous clapping filled the room as he entered the hall with a massive smile on his face. She hurried to meet him and drew him into a tight hug, then took his hand to lead him to the front of the room where their friend and hand Avocato was waiting.

"Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, friends and family. It is my utmost honour and privilege to present to you, Godfather-Chairman Takkar, the new king of Detroit!! There is no one more deserving and yes, I am very biased as he is my best friend and partner. Most of you know him to be a compassionate and fair man, generous and diplomatic, with a great sense of humour and a great love of fun and games. He is fiercely loyal and will go out of his way to help anyone who asks. He is a terrific leader and I just know that with the help of Godfather Gunther, Don Smash and Consigliere McAfee, Detroit will flourish!"

Karizma then nods to the waitstaff and they start wandering throughout the room balancing trays of chilled champagne in tall crystal flute glasses.

"Everyone, please pick up your glasses and cheers with me! To the king of Detroit! To TAKKAR!"

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In her old age, Kaya barely left the confines of Bella Vista — much less Philadelphia — but today was a day she couldn’t miss so she had her private jet fueled up after what seemed like forever, eagerly boarded it, and was soon on the fastest route to Detroit. The city always held fond memories for her, Corktown was where she grew into this life of crime and now, it was where one of her most trusted friends was assuming the highest and most prestigious role in the land.

No one quite deserved the title of Godfather more than Takkar, who had painstakingly organized countless events to improve morale and internal relations within the city. Although he was a literal caveman who smelled bad, Kaya knew he was something special the moment she met him, someone who held great promise, and someone who will lead a great crew (and eventually city) one day. She wasn’t wrong. As she stepped foot into the beautiful Castle Hall, she felt herself brimming with pride as she arrived just in time to hear the gunshots go off — there was no doubt in her mind that he had succeeded.

As expected, he came back with a triumphant smile on his face and Kaya felt tears of joy poking at the edges of her eyes as she quickly dabbed them away, not wanting anyone to see. But really, she was so so so proud of him and was happy he can be with friends, loved ones, and chicken on this beautiful day. As Karizma held her glass up to give a toast, Kaya raised her fourteenth flute of champagne and seized the moment after to say a few words. She made sure not to overdo it, else Takkar’s head was gonna inflate like a balloon again.

“There are very few people, if any, that deserve this distinction more than you, Takkar.  You are one of the most determined people I know, and Detroit is very lucky to have you at its helm just as I was lucky to have been able to call you my captain for a brief period of time. We are all immensely proud of you and are excited to see the beautiful things you have planned for the Motor City. As a gift, I brought you this amulet. May it protect you from the living and nightmare creatures alike.”

“Cheers to Godfather-Chairman Takkar!”

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In his even MORE ADVANCED old age, Uncle Joey walks just far enough into the hall to grab a drink and catch the eye of GFC Takkar. With a tilt of the head and a turn of the glass a quiet Salute is offered. Old Joe wanders back into the streets with rackets to run.

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The party was already in full swing when Ivy had arrived to the lavishly decorated venue. She made her way through the guests until she found Takkar standing alongside the lovely Karizma. She stopped a waitress as she passed by and handed them both a glass of champagne before taking one for herself. Ivy raised her glass “congratulations my friend. I’m so happy to see all that you’ve already accomplished as well as what you will accomplish in the future!”

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The invitation had came by wire. I wasn’t named on the list but I was part of Tony’s crew, so I was able to attend through him. Tony had purchased us all round trip tickets, so it didn’t cost me anything. A meal, a trip to Detroit, and a party? What more could a young guy in this life ask for? I wasn’t even Made yet. When a moment to get close to Godfather Takkar came I took the opportunity. I bowed my head and said “Congratulations Godfather Takkar, if you ever need me to do any tailoring for you I’m only a wire away. ” He nodded, I went back over to the Speakeasy table where Tony was looking at me like a proud uncle.
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Stands up of unsteady legs swaying quite heavily...


"Godfather takkar" hiccups "ish beeeeeen an absholoot honour to work unda yoooo and I looksh forward" hiccups  before belching "to mahny more yearsh"


raises his glass and attempts to take a drink without spilling it all over himself... yet again


"To our godfather, bosh and friend"

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 Don Velvet grew wide eyed at the beautiful castle, mildly a gape as she walked up the stairs, a warm smile of absolute pride washed over her as she made her way to the entrance, her long silk dress skipping behind her.

The doors opened where she was met with a sea of her friends celebrating a massive milestone, an aroma of chicken flooded her nose, a wine glass planted in to her hand without her realizing taking a small sip whilst she glanced around, she saw Probot swaying to the music, a drink in hand, yep, he was drunk the man never danced.

Continuing down through the crowd and maneuvering around busy waitresses, she spotted the stunning Karizma with Takkar ‘s arm draped around her, such pride and happiness danced in their eyes, clearing her throat as she approached the pair.

Karizma you have out done yourself, this is absolutely amazing… Takkar Congratulations on achieving such a milestone! I am so proud of you I know you couldn't have done it without your Beauty” Velvet leaned in and gave them both a hug, raising her wine glass as she pulled away.

“Congratulations Takkar I can’t wait to see what you achieve in the future, I am so proud of you” her smile warm as she took a sip of her wine.

Though… tell me did you use the gun or the club this time?”  a mischievous look on her face and she jabbed fun at the former caveman

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After a busy day of mafia routine, Original21 rests in his personal shelter. 

He lights a cigar and enjoys his favorite brandy.

Immersed in his thoughts, he remembers his first steps in this world and how many more are about to happen. A message on his cell phone, however, pleasantly upsets him.

An outstanding mobster, Takkar, took over as a godfather in Detroit. A party is organized in his honor. Date, location and time are written in the message. All good society will be there. 

After two days, Original21 arrives in Detroit on a private flight. The car is waiting for him and leads him straight to the party. The reception is excellent, as Original21 pays its respects.
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Tammy smiled from ear to ear when she received Karizma's invitation to the crowning of Takkar.

She remembered the stories of her great-grandmother, also named Tammy, who apparently was rather similar to Tammy herself, both talking and dicing more than was needed. The stories had passed on for some generations now, and one of them was that of a young archer, second generation immigrants, yet quiet fresh to the streets.

Apparently, like Tammy passed on stories to next generation, this youngster took it to a different level. He was eager to learn and was much better in passing on quality to his kin. That's how, generation after generation, the kid's kin grew bigger, faster and wiser, without losing their personal touch. Tammy was happy to know Takkar and somehow felt proud that her bloodline, even if it was the tiniest bit, had taught Takkar's some things, although the student's kin had far, far by-passed the former leader of Today's Special's.

Upon arrival at Castle Hall, she was quick to look for the newly appointed Godfather Chairman himself. She stepped towards him and totally forgot the speech she had prepared. She didn't speak, but gave him a massive hug.

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 As a young'un Kanan grew up hearing stories of a caveman who shocked the streets, so it made him joyous when he realised a promotion was given to a man who didnt deserve more.

As the gunshots went off, Kanan lifted his shot of Cutty Stark with the biggest grin ever.

''A great moment for all'' he thought.

As he found Godfather Takkar he handed him the finest cuban cigars and shook his hand.'

'To manny years full of laughter and joy''

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The party was already started when Athena walked into the building. She heard someone shouting out a toast and quickly grabbed a glass from a party official that was passing out glasses of different drinks. Luckily enough, she had grabbed a champagne flute.

“Thanks, man.”

She muttered to the man walking around to pass more drinks around to the guests. As everyone raised their glasses, Athena followed in suit as she smiled.


She had hollered with the rest. After taking a sip of her glass, she stowed it on a bar. After paying her respects, Athena ducked out the back to get back to work.

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Tony had arrived to Detroit wearing his best tuxedo for the mass event going on across the country. Godfather were being sworn in left and right. Even though Takkar was now in Detroit, Tony and the newly appointed godfather-chairman of Detroit had both been from the same parts of town growing up and have each worked their ways up the ranks in this thing of ours.

Dear Takkar, I would like to wish you my most satisfying congratulations. I am so proud of you. Growing up together in the streets of Philly to being where we are today. Giving you my best wishes my brother!

Tony raised a cup of scotch as he concluded his well wishes.

Salute a tutti!

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Belle hurried to Detroit in hopes to catch GFC Takkar and thr rest still celebrating. When she arrived to the party she was happy to see the party had continued through the night and was still going strong. 


She made her way to Karizma to thank her for the invite to such a great bash. Then she approached the new Godfather-Chairman, Takkar.


Congratulations,  Godfather. What an achievement you've definitely earned. Detroit is lucky to have such a strong leader amongst them. I look forward to many visits in the great city of Detroit, and to see what you do with it all. Congratulations again, King of Detroit.


Belle raised her glass to GFC Takkar, before taking a drink and mingling with others enjoying the celebration. 

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Being sure to let Belle and the Boss make their way into the Hall first, Howie removed his hat and stared upwards in awe at the grand pillars at the face of the entrance. Why, just a week ago he was corner-hustling watches and dirty pistols and now he was extended an invitation to commemorate the Crowning of a GF in a building whose doorknob cost more than his attire. 

Humbling. The feeling of camaraderie within his new family really sinking in as he takes the steps inside, trying his best to not let Belle and Tony get too far ahead. Catching up quickly enough, he makes his way to Belle’s side as she is finishing her well wishes and congratulations to GFC Takkar. As he approaches the table, he slowly pulls the left side of his coat open to reveal a closed flask perched in the interior pocket. Removes it. 

While he did not openly speak directly, Howie popped the top of his flask while bouncing eye contact with those at the head table, landing finally on GFC Takkar. In silent respect, he nods his head, lifts his flask in a salute of congratulations and takes a hefty gulp. 

Howie allows for others entering the Hall to make their approaches and give their regards as he joins his crew and other folks from Philly. He noticed he wasn’t the only young gun from back home in here after all. He glanced over at Wip and gave a sly nod of acknowledgement.

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As Takkar stepped foot inside Castle Hall he was greeted by cheers from his friends, family, well wishers and many others. He was overcome by joy on seeing the numerous people who had made the trip from all across the country to celebrate this momentous occasion with him. Whatever doubt he had of being worthy to hold this position vanished the moment he saw the amazing turnout.

With a wide grin on his face he hugged Karizma before being led to the front of the room. Hearing her shower him with praises in her speech made him swell with pride. Thankfully she stopped before his head became too inflated. The crowd was silent and he could sense that they expected a speech from him.

"Thank you one and all for showing up to this wonderful party," he started. "I know how busy most of you are and to take the time to fly half way across the country to wish me well... it means the world to me. They say that behind every successful man is a woman. Well in my case there are two. The gorgeous Karizma our hostess," he smiled at her adding, "who has been by my side through this entire journey and the lovely Godmother Kaya who believed in me to give me my own crew. I can say with absolute surety that without either one of you, I wouldn't be standing here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"Avocato," he then turned to his friend. "You always believed in me even when I didn't. Without your help, I know I would have fallen short of this milestone. Thank you my friend." Takkar scanned the crowd for the other cool cat Hosico who was also very dear to him. She was probably chasing fireflies or playing with pinecones in the woods. He hoped that she knew how important she was to him and how vital she was to his success. 

"Godmother @PosionIvy. You look radiant as ever. I'm honored that you stopped by to wish me well," he gave her a warm smile.

"Old man Joe_Campisi. Is that you?" Takkar chuckled. "I'm surprised you are still awake at this hour. Thank you for being here," he winked at him.

There were many others in the large hall. Friends and close family from Philly. The crazy duo of Velvet and Probot who always made him laugh. Tony_Alacchi and Belle- from Old City, both wonderful people who he respected deeply. And then he saw Tammy. He owed Tammy a lot. Their ancestors have worked together many times before. How he wished she was in Detroit with him but he was ecstatic that she had her own crew now in South Philly.

"If I missed anyone, I'm sorry. It was not intentional," he stated as his stomach began to grumble. "Alright, it's chow time. Let's try out some of that chicken!" the wild neanderthal in him surfaced and he beelined towards the table to grab a few drumsticks. With a plateful of chicken he made his way towards the balcony to gobble it up without being stared at. He was halfway through the meal when Karizma joined him out on the parapet. He placed the chicken aside and turned to her. Yes, he ignored his chicken for she always came first.

"Hiya hun. That's one hell of a party back there. Color me impressed," he grinned at her. "What would I do without you," he put his arm around her as they watched the night sky together. "From the beginning of my journey you have supported me, never leaving my side even when I behaved like a wild beast. You changed me for the better and always made me push myself at whatever I did. Thank you really isn't enough to convey how grateful I am for you but I will say it anyway. Thank you my dear," he hugged her tight for a minute before finally letting go. "Shall we get back to the celebrations before the send out a search party for us?"

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Jimmy quickly tipped the driver of the cab he had taken to the Castle Hall and rushed in the doors. His flight had been delayed and he was now well beyond fashionably late to the party. 

Entering the hall he found the party in full swing and smiled - a good part did always put him in a great mood. 

Scanning the hall his eyes fell on the man that was clearly at the center of all of it all and new this must be Takkar. 

Approaching the man Jimmy bowed his head slightly in respect and spoke, 

"I have not had the pleasure of working with you, however, your name carries a great deal of respect and I know you to be an honorable man. Congratulations on your rise to Godfather Chairman of this beautiful city. Possano le tue tasche traboccare e i tuoi nemici tremare davanti a te."

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The bad weather once again delayed Harper flight out of New York.  She arrived late but just in time to hear Takkar address the people who came out to support and congratulate him.  She will always remember him when she listened to the sweet singing of Sunshine, the yellow canary and Chili the red canary that he had given to them. She had a special gift for him.

A beautiful mother of pearl and diamond dress set by the famed Pierre set in 14k yellow gold and platinum.

Pierre once again out did himself when Harper asked him to design something very nice for Takkar’s great achievement. 

 Comprising of a pair of cufflinks, three waistcoat or shirt studs and two collar studs, all the components are square panels of mother of pearl, bordered with engine turned platinum and centrally set with a brilliant cut diamond in a square platinum panel, backed in 14k yellow gold.

Pierre told Harper that the Mother-of-pearl shell is commonly believed to attract prosperity and is often used in mystical work and lore to heighten intuition, psychic sensitivity and imagination.         

Harper was finally able to approach Takkar, extend her congratulation and present him with her gift.                

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It had been a few nights of some debauchery in Detroit for Thomas. He had flown in for Gunther coronation. And then ended up at McAfee party. Its like Motown was Party town for a week. Not that Thomas had anything against that. He had been staying with a friend of his. And he certainly didn't mind staying a little longer for the festivities in Detroit. Needless to say, his liver felt very different about this whole Detroit trip. If the debauchry at the first some parties wasn't enough. The wine he was sipping at night, definitely was not helping. As much as Thomas was ready for what Detroit had to offer, his body was ready to get back to New York. However, as his week came to an end on his Detroit vacation. He got a invite from Karizma to a dinner party she was hosting for Takkar coronation. Now as much his body wasn't ready for this. he couldn't leave. Definitely not now. In his head, he was going to fly in for Gunthers party and fly out a few days later and then fly back in for Takkars. Well, things just didnt work out that way. So here he was still in Detroit and with no gift for the Chairman to be. As it was sitting in his closet in New York. Needless to say, he was here in his infamous underwear. Ran down to the phone and made a phone call to New York. One of his associates picked up. It was LilPeep on the other line. 

Hey, its me Thomas. I am still in New York. 

He laughed.

Yea the vacation was a little extended. Can you please send a package I have sitting in my closet upstairs. It should be a fine pine wood case. And there will be another bag to the side of it. Red leather in color. And should have some other stuff in there including a few bottles. Just get that to Harper. She will take care of the flight arrangement for it. Thanks. 

Thomas then ran back upstairs to have his breakfast. Gets dressed for this event tonight and hopped into his car and went to the airport first to pickup the gift that was flown in. And then proceeded to the venue, which Karizma had booked. As Thomas walked from his car and entered the venue. He was impressed by the sheer magnificence of this place. From the detail in carvings in the room, to the floors. The ball room and the terraces that over looked the rest of the city. To the tables that were setup with cloth, cutlery and fine wines from around the world. No expense was spared for this dinner tonight. This place was truly set for a Kings coronation. 

Hey! How are you. Hows it going buddy? 

Thomas ran into a old friend from Detroit. They started chatting, catching up and such. As they were talking Karizma had started the festivities. Excuse me for a second. I don't want to miss this. 

Thomas walked to the where all the crowd was. As Karizma introduced the new King of Detroit. All the dignitaries from the Cosa Nostra were here. God Father's from Philly, Dons from NY, this was a proper party. Thomas waited as the bosses awaited their turn to meet the new Chairman. As Thomas waited, he went and stood by Karizma. 

Hey, fantastic job on the setup sweetheart. You have really outdone yourself. 

He gave Karizma a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

Your King will be proud. What a party you've thrown today. And well since we are waiting for the King to be done. I brought something for you. The lady of Detroit. 

Thomas pulled a small case out of his leather bag and presented it to Karizma. It was a jewelry set with a necklace, matching earrings and a ring. All studded with fine diamonds. All etched with her name on it. Thomas smiled as he watched her smile grow.

You certainly deserve it. 

Then Thomas pulls out a few bottles of wine he had picked up on his Europe trip. 

I know you like these kind of spirits. Heres something for you to enjoy this promotion. 

He handed those bottles over to Karizma and gave her another hug. 

Long live the Queen!!! 

He smiled. As soon as they were done chatting. Thomas noticed that the Takkar now had a spare moment. With not a moment to loose. He walked over to Takkar with a huge smile on his face. 

You my friend. The King of Detroit. I am so proud of you God Father Chairman. 

He gave the new chairman a kiss on his ring and then a big hug. 

Congratulations on this honor my friend. None has worked harder to get this far. None deserves it more. Detroit is lucky to have you as its new Chairman and King. 

Thomas smiled as he pulled a fine wooden case out of his bag. He opened it up and presented it to Takkar. 

This is a set of a old half barrel shot guns, I acquired on my visit to Europe. Word is they belonged to a old king. I figured, what better gift, fit for a King. 

Thomas smiled and laughed. As Takkar and him shared a few joked. 

Not exactly done here though buddy.

Thomas then pulls out a few bottles of Champagne. 

These bottles actually from France. From the city of Champagne. This is probably their best stuff. I hope you get to enjoy it sir. 

Thomas handed the bottles over to Takkar. And gave him another hug, as he stepped to the side. There were plenty of other mobsters in line to greet and meet the new Chairman. With all that done. Thomas walked over to a table and got ready to have his meal. He was happy, that his liver wasn't going to have to under go a debauchery tonight. This was just the kind of night Thomas needed, to wrap up his Detroit vacation. 

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