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Godmother of the Bronx Started by: LuBu on Feb 19, '21 04:24

The day had started just like any other, Lubu had woken up... thought about all of the productive things he could do as he made his morning coffee, and then headed to the HQ's lounge area for his post-coffee nap. That was when he was rudely awoken by the sound of gunshots, sitting up quickly and looking around he saw three bullet holes in the wall above his head, and Quint standing over him, looking rather amused with his method of waking Lubu up. 

"Come on, we gotta talk." He said as he turned and left the room. 

Lubu rubbed the sleep from his eyes before getting up and following Quint, who led him straight to Magnolia's office, he closed the door and took a seat beside Quint. 

"I am gonna kill him!" Magnolia pretty much yelled.

Lubu gave her a puzzled look, and when she didn't continue he turned to Quint; thinking maybe he would explain but Quint looked just as lost as he was. 

"ThomasCrown!" Magnolia suddenly yelled.

Within seconds the door opened and Thomas entered. He was in just his underwear, covered in bruises, two black eyes, and had blood trickling out from under that mask he was always wearing. Written on his chest with what looked like paint were the words 'taxes are doubled bitch'.

After a few minutes of awkward silence and staring Thomas said something about going to wash up and get dressed before leaving the room. Magnolia explained that Thomas had been jumped by the Godfather of the Bronx's whole crew of thugs and sent back here to send her a message. She asked them to come with her but insisted she would handle it herself when they got there. 

"I have spoken to both Godfather Giyu and Godfather Whirl and this clown is dying tonight. Raising my taxes... jumping an old man... let's go." She said as she finished off her angry rant and stood up from her chair. 

Lubu and Quint headed straight outside and got the car, pulling it up to the front door where Magnolia and a now fully dressed Thomas jumped into the back seat. She didn't speak, she sat there zoned out, seemingly lost in thought and cleaning her already clean gun over and over again with a rag from her bag. When they pulled up to the Godfather's mansion she finally spoke.

"Stay here. Seriously, don't worry I'll be fine."

Before they could protest she was gone, Lubu, Quint, and Thomas had gotten out to follow her anyways but before they even made it halfway down the driveway they heard several loud bangs, and what felt like only five seconds later Magnolia re-appeared in the doorway headed calmly towards them.  

"Pretty sure I said to stay in the car and not worry. Look's like I am the Godmother of the Bronx now huh?" She said with a smile as she headed right past them and got back into the car. 

It was crazy how fast word had spread, it was only a five-minute drive back to The Crow's Nest Headquarters but sure enough by the time they arrived a crowd had already gathered. Lubu carefully weaved the car through the crowded street as people parted in front of them, pulling through the gate and back into the driveway of The Crow's Nest.

"Look's like you're going to have to give some kind of speech..." He said as he parked the car and turned towards Magnolia. 

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Nola gave him a bit of a smirk before peering out of her window. There was clearly a small gathering that had formed in front of the Crows Nest.

“Seriously? How do all these people already know?” She asked as her eyes darted around the car, hoping someone had an answer. Though there was nothing but an eerie silence.

“Well... no sense in trying to figure it out. Not like it’s important.” Nola said breaking the silence before opening the car door. Making her over to the crowd, with a slight bit of blood splatter on her right cheek, Nola gave a quick glance over the crowd.

”Yes, it is true! The old man is no more, his throne is now mine. I could tell you all the countless issues I’ve... we’ve... had with him but no sense in dwelling in the past. Time to look ahead to a bright future.”

With that, Nola said not another word. She simply turned about and headed inside with her guys. This was their time to celebrate.

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Tony felt like he was a musician at this point going on a tour from one city to another. Godfathers, and mothers, were being sworn in basically all at the same time. Tony was stopped in New York, his neighboring city. Tony felt he must stop by the city that never sleeps and offer his best wishes.

Dear Godmother Magnolia, I come to you today to offer you my congratulations on this great achievement. I wish you and your family my best wishes on this new role. I look forward to doing business you with in the future, until then how about some scotch?

Tony requested two of the finest scotch possible from the event caterer.


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There was some crazy shit that went down with ThomasCrown and I went to check on Magnolia.  I walked into Magnolia ‘s office and found her at her desk sipping on a Brandy.

Hey Bosslady how’s it going.  I could see it on her face that she was in deep concentration about something.  I asked if I would join her with a drink and she told me to help myself.  I walked over to the bar and poured a shot of Cognac and sat down in front of her at her desk.  So what’s up, I asked her.

Harper, I am going to kill that son of a bitch.  I knew exactly what son of a bitch she was talking about.  Alright sounds like a plan to me. When are we going to do this?

I am going to do this on my own Harper.  I’ve been going over a few options in my head and he is going down.   Well what kind of plans do you have in mind?   Magnolia took a sip of her Brandy.  Well I also heard he likes to abuse woman.  So I plan on shooting him in the balls and when he bends down to grab them I am going to shoot him right between the eyes.   We both laughed a little but I felt she was serious.  I knew there wasn’t much more I could say about it, once Magnolia makes up her mind to do something especially taking someone out there’s not much anyone could  say.

You see everyone thinks that Nola is some kind of a mild mannered creature.  It takes a long time to grow an old friend and I know better.  There was a tab on the door and both LuBu and Quint walked in.  From the looks on their faces I knew the shit was about to hit the fan.  I finished my Cognac and excused myself because I knew they had business to discuss.

A few hours later I received a call  from LuBu that it was done.  Magnolia was now the new Godfather of the Bronx and to meet them out in the courtyard.   When I arrived in the court yard Nola was just finishing up her little speech.  I didn’t want to show her how relieved I was that she was alright.   I just walked up to her and whispered in her ear “Congratulations, you fabulous bitch.

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Thomas Crown always the hustler. Was in the middle of big transaction. As it so happens the product was actually being provided by the local police chief. It was something that the Police chief had accumulated over a few months from petty thieves and such. He knew better than to touch the New York Cosa Nostras operations, he was heavily compensated for it. One day though, on one of his sit downs with Crown. As they were settling the payment for the chief, he told Thomas that he had all this product, he would like to get rid of. Crown knew exactly what it was worth, and he knew what he could do with this product. They made a deal and this compensation would have given the Police Chief, enough to retire on. So its a deal that made sense for the both parties involved. There was a bit of problem with this, the current God Father of Bronx wasn't really happy with the Police Chief. Due to the aforementioned product being confiscated. Anything the cops did, whether it was taken from thugs or button men. Took away from the God Father of Bronxs plate. Hence why Crown was there to settle the weekly allowance for the chief. The GF of Bronx, shunned this man. He couldn't wait for him to retire. So here Thomas was in a predicament. He thought it through. And figured, the weight wasn't enough to upset the God Father. And if the GF in the Bronx found out. He would just give the GF his due share of the profits. Well or so he thought. 

Alright. So ill have my guys setup the truck schedules to get the product picked up from a undisclosed location. Make sure your boys drop it off there. My truck will be ready to take the product from there. 

Thomas put on his hat and started to walk out the restaurant they were meeting at. 

For obvious reasons, a bit of discretion is required here Chief. Just make sure the product gets to the right address. Well take care of the financials, when we sit down next week. 

Thomas looked back the chief one more time and smiled. 

This should really set you up for that retirement you've been talking about. I bet you can already see that mansion cant you? 

Thomas turned around, got in his car and went home for the night. 

The next day Thomas setup the schedules and was ready to pickup his shipment from he address he had setup everything at. The transfer of product was seamless. Everything was going just as planned. Till a door from behind the warehouse opened and walked in the entourage of the God Father of Bronx. As Thomas recognized his face under the light of the bulb. His facial expressions went from a smile to that of concern. 

Hello God Father. What brings you here tonight? Should have asked for me, I would have come to the mansion. 

Thomas quickly walked up to the GF and kissed his ring. Showing him his due respect. 

God Father of the Bronx looked at Thomas with disgust. "I had told you all that I despised this chief. Why are you facilitating a big score for him? You know he's been knocking off local thugs for this product. Not that its a big thing for me economically. It just shows disrespect for my authority." Thomas worried, on his knees looked up at the God Father. 

Sir! Due to your disgust for that man. Is the reason, I have been dealing with him for his weekly compensations. He had all this product. I did the math. its a bit sir. I mean no disrespect. 

And Boom! He back hands Thomas across the face. Now Thomas, doesnt take that kind of behavior from anyone. However, this was the GF of the Bronx. He knew better than to fight back. 

Sir, again my apologies. I meant no disrespect God Father. The score would have allowed him to retire. And would have made us a bit of profit too. I was going to come straight to your mansion with the profits. 

His voice grows a bit weaker. 

Lets be honest, this profit really does belong to you. I was just merely returning to you what was initially yours sir. 

And before Thomas could even finish, the God Father kicked him down. At this point on his back. Thomas just was not having it. He got back up and punched the God Father in the face. At that point the God Father unleashed his entourage on Thomas. As he walked out the facility with the product. And his men, all 150 of them came down on Thomas with the wrath of a thousand sons. Thomas wasn't ready for this kind of fight. A few hours had gone by, before he regained his consciousness. He woke up with blood pouring from his face. His clothes ripped to shreds, with just his boxers on. His men were dead. He was lucky to be alive. Probably because he was a Don. He found the strength to get on his feet and looked into a mirror. His face was bruised. And there was paint on his chest "Taxes are double Bitch". 

Oh Fuck! Were going to have some trouble now. 

Thomas found a car near by. And drove home. As he walked into the HQ to alert what had happened to Magnolia. Needless to say, she wasn't happy. "Go clean yourself up. I will take care of it." She then proceeded to make some phone calls. As this was all going on. Thomas walks to his shower. Only to run into Quint and Lubu. Thomas knew. This wasn't going to end well. By the time Thomas had showered, found his clothes and got back in some what decent shape. Magnolia was now at the height of her anger. He had never seen her like this. She demanded they hop in the car. Thomas obliged, somewhat embarrassed, somewhat dejected and above all just disrespected. He couldn't even say a word on the ride to the God Fathers Mansion. The cleaning of Magnolias gun in the car is all you could hear in the car. There was this tension in the car, you could literally cut it with a knife. Not a word said. Next thing you know Magnolia ran out the car and told them to stay behind. By the time they got in the Mansion. Shots were already fired. The God Father was dead. A smile started to come forth on Thomas face now. Justice had been served. Thomas walks up to Magnolia and gives her a big hug. 

God Father Magnolia. It has been the pleasure of my life to have served you in every and all capacity. Its been a fun ride, every single day. I can't think of a better leader to work for. You have earned everything so far. Every inch of turf, business and respect. 

He grabs her hand hand and kisses her ring. 

Long live the God Mother of the Bronx. There will be celebrations across New York tonight. 

As they walked out of the old God Fathers mansion. Thomas huddled together with some folks from the HQ. And gave them addresses, names and locations for places where there would be parties to commemorate the new God Mothers <font color="#B4B4B4">accession</font>. He had @Harper, LudariusCane, LilPeep, @WatherLilly, Alcee huddled around him. 

You guys know what to do. Ill see you all tonight. Get ready for a proper celebration.

Thomas gets back in Magnolias car and takes off to the HQ. There was much to be discussed. 

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