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Feb 25 - 19:48:01
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Here are the 2021 *unofficial* scores for Vday. Started by: Squishy on Feb 22, '21 03:30

Here are the 2021 *unofficial* scores for Vday.  A follow up post in the News And Announcement Forum will be posted with final corrected numbers at a later time. 

If you see any discrepancy with any of the numbers in the results, please double check your numbers, then post in this thread detailing everything. These are being posted before the official results so that you may get a ball-park number to satisfy your curiosity only.

Place: The score column compared to others.
Who: The game characters name.
Alias: The VDay name for that particular round.
Score: A combination of Wounds + Kills (Same as Hits)
Shots: The number of times your gun fired, regardless of miss, wound or kill.
Hits: A combination of Wounds + Kills (Same as Score)
Wounds: The number of times you successfully shot someone, but that particular shot did eliminate them at 0 hp.
Kills: A fatal shot that eliminated them by bringing them at or below 0 hp.
Misses:  Number of times you failed to shoot someone, neither hitting or killing them.
Damage: The total number of HP removed by your shots.
Times Shot: The number of times someone else shot at you.
Killer: The name of the V-Day Alias that killed you - or Degradation.
Survival: Your 'Last Man Standing' place.

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Curious as to how the Round/Crew table works. Is the score based on number of members that person has?

I'm also showing as 25 members if that's the case, been 30 for a while

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Crew size is determined by how many active people in your crew were at the time of the shot (in this case, active wasn't the norm 7, but "active within the last 5 days"), this way we can do a slightly better job on an apples to apples comparison when we look at different crews of different sizes with different levels of activity.

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