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The Fountain of Youth Started by: BonestheGambler on Feb 23, '21 12:04

The Fountain of Youth was one of the many tales which was told to me at a young age, which I only believed since my mother insisted in it being real. But when I ran into a young Spaniard coming from Spain named Esteban Julip Richardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez. I thought it was a oddly long name but I did not question his culture. He said he sailed in from Spain in search of the Fountain of Youth and needed a American to help him on his path to finding it. I stepped up to the plate and offered my services. He easily took me up on the offer and we left the hotel lobby. As we walked outside I hailed one of the limos outside my Hotel and we continued to talk. 

"Now listen here friend the first step to finding this Fountain of Youth is to find the Land of Darkness, which we have to travel through before we find the restorative spring. Do you know anything like that around here?" 

I thought to myself for a moment before answering Esteban. "There is a large cemetery in the middle of Philadelphia which has been standing since before the first World War, could be a good place to set off to first." Esteban grew excited as I told the limo driver to drop us off at the entrance to the cemetery. As we got out I looked around seeing nobody on the street and hearing the sounds of the wind. I grabbed a flashlight hidden in one of my coat pockets and I used some wire cutters to open the back gate. I kicked the fence open, letting Esteban in who was also carrying a flashlight. Now further inside, my butt clinched a little seeing the old cemetery knowing all the souls that have died and have been buried here. All the men, women and children all there bodies now being eaten by worms in the ground. 

While walking through the cemetery, I saw a large angelic statue which had some crows perched on both of her shoulders. As I was passing, I swore I saw it move her eyes, but I must be seeing things right. Esteban took the lead for the moment as he rounded up a hill and towards the tallest peak of the cemetery. The biggest tombstone read here lies George G. Meade, apparently the man was a famous general who fought at Gettysburg, among other historic battles. But horror struck as the ground began to move and we both fell to the ground. Cracks in the ground around the tombstone began to form as we looked at each other with concerned glances wondering what we have truly gotten into. 

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With the Earth being literally ripped apart beneath out feet, we see a entrance beginning to form underneath the tombstone. I looked over Esteban concerned before he gets up and runs down towards it. I get up rubbing the dirt off my pants before making my way over as well. Heading closer to the door, you can see the door is wrapped around in chains and it takes multiple attempts with the cutters to open it. The door swings open like it is inviting us inside. We go farther down a old set of chairs, going into a large room realizing this is some sort of crypt. 

The crypt looks ancient, with large statues in each corner of the room. In the middle of a room is a fountain which we move past continuing farther into the room. Now at the end of the room, there is a locked door which I pull out my revolver making easy work of the lock. We open the door to a long tunnel which curves to the left. The tunnel was made to be small or in a time where people were smaller, meaning we would have to go on our hands and knees to go through. We curve to the left, going down farther and taking a right falling down a shoot and ending up in a final room. I open my eyes to see the room is full of skeletons who seem to be fighting. 

"I wonder if these skeletons were fighting over the fountain." I look over at Esteban as we go closer to one of the tombs. We feel the room shake violently as the tombs open realizing mummified corpses who begin to run at us. The closest corpse runs at me and I am barely able to hold it back as it's jaws clamp down trying to get a taste of my neck. I throw the corpse to the ground and back up as Esteban is dealing with another corpse. I see a door in the back of the room has opened and point over at it so Esteban can see as well. Together, we spring towards the door and close it holding it as we hear multiple bangs on the other side. We grab a large part of collapsed wood using it to hold the door, as we rush out the room. We look around the room seeing a bunch of papers, along with gold coins and other trinkets. But something stands out as I grab onto a glass putting it into my jacket. We leave the room, going up a spiraling set of stairs ending up in the front of the gate leading into the graveyard. We see the limo waiting for us rushing in and closing the door. 

Esteban looks over at me "So where now?" I try to calm down realizing the crazy situation we just survived as I think of the next terrible location we have to check out. But where exactly? 

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I think to myself for a moment, pondering on which location would be ideal and an idea pops into my head. "How about the Gardens? It's a historical site here in Philidelphia, it's known for its beauty and could be a possible location." Esteban looks over to me before ordering the limo to drive over to the gardens. We arrived thirty minutes later seeing a group of people entering. As I open the door, I admire the beauty for a good amount of time before closing the door completely. I follow Esteban into the gardens, going farther into it.

We go over a large wooden bridge hearing no birds which is very weird, making both of us worried as we continue down the path. We then see a greenhouse entering seeing a woman which is watering the plants. I walk over asking her if there is anything useful in the gardens for our quest. She turns around with a wicked smile as she drops her supplies and she begins to scream. Her body contorts as her neck twists as she sprints at me. With a hook landing on her chin, she falls to the ground, before leaping to the roof climbing around like a spider. I look over at Esteban "Time to go." 

Leaving the greenhouse as fast as we can we are chased by the lady through the gardens as we somehow become separated. I can see her about 100 feet away while she searches for us. Another glance I see Esteban who is hiding behind a bush shaking which is very understandable at this point. What is going on? I try to shake off the feat as I grab my .357 Magnum revolver from my jacket pocket aiming for the thing's head. 


The spider lady shrieks in pain as she retreats for a moment into the garden as I run over to Esteban to check him out. He's fine but in a state of pure shock. I tell him to head to the limo and I will handle it from here. Without another thought, he takes my advice and runs towards the limo. I continue into the gardens rounding a corner seeing a hidden door. I go over slowly opening it and heading inside. I close the door slowly behind me before continuing. I walk into a large room which is full of vines and there is a bright light coming in from the sunroof. I walk farther in aiming my revolver in front of me ready for that thing to come back. As I walk farther into the room I see what I was looking for seeing a small drinking trinket which I bet is used at the fountain. I pocket it turning around seeing the woman who attacked us before. She now looks more normal as she sprints at me I fire multiple shots, one hitting her in the head and the other hitting her in the torso. This slows her down as she collapses to the ground giving me time to run around. As I run out a group of large spiders moving down the walls running after me and I am able to escape slamming the door behind me. 

I make my way back to the limousine thinking this much be some sort of weird drug trip none of this is making any sense. I'm not even getting paid for this shit. I walk in not saying a word as the limo leaves the gardens. I fall into a deep sleep from the share exhaustion of what just happened. 

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