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Apr 12 - 15:46:30
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Return of the bloodline Started by: BlackBlack on Apr 06, '21 01:40

BlackBlack steps forward onto the street and takes in a deep breath. He looks around and sees the streets which his bloodline has so often walked, albeit not for a number of years now. He murmurs to himself:

"Time to pick up where my father left off. Surely there are some old friends of my bloodline around here to help me get on my feet."

BlackBlack leaves the streets to go visit the grave sites of BlackBlack, BlackJack, Jas31may and Send_Nudes. 

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Having noticed a new face around Family HQ, The Prince decided it was time to make an appearance.  The Prince approaches him as the new guy wanders about the lobby looking slightly lost but determined none the less.  


"Welcome to the Family!" The Prince intones enthusiastically, clapping the newbie on the shoulder and passing over his freshly lit joint.  


"We are a bunch of wacko's but we definitely have a good time! Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything" The Prince continues with a smile and a nod.  "We could all use more friends around here.


"Make sure you have a thick skin if you are going to go upstairs into the Family chat rooms" The Prince winks and wrinkles his nose "Things can get a bit...odd in there.  See ya around, Brotha."  


With that The Prince pulls out a new joint and lights it as he swaggers out the front door.

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BlackBlack chases The_Prince out the door. They get half way down the street before BlackBlack catches him.

"Don't think you're getting away without giving me a hit of that joint."

BlackBlack takes the joint from The_Prince and takes a huge draw. He lets out an audible "ahhh" before giving The_Prince a grin. He pulls out a bag of cocaine and flicks it to The_Prince.

"That ought to balance the ledger eh mate." 

BlackBlack turns to head back to his HQ. 

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