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Addicted to the rush Started by: The_Prince on Apr 07, '21 17:24

'You won $4,200 cash.'  


Today was already off to a good start in the gambling den that The Prince had recently found in LA. He looked around himself at the dimly lit room and was not sure if it was healthy for him to feel so at home here but there it was anyway.  Smoke from his joint drifted lazily around his head as he hunched over for another throw of the dice.


"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain." The Prince whispers under his breath as he gives the dice one more shake before sending them careening across the table to ricochet off the wall and come to rest in the center of the table.


'You won $6,366 cash.The Prince would take it.  It wasn't the huge win but it was the bread and butter of the gambler he was coming to realize.  'I guess they don't call him Fast Fingers for nothin' The Prince thinks to himself.  It had been a whirlwind of a few days since he had a chance encounter with his Family's LHM when relaxing at HQ a few nights back.  During their chat The Prince was given some great advice on the life of a professional gambler.  It intrigued him...


Since that day, The Prince had won and lost fortunes.  Ok he mostly lost fortunes.  But the lessons he had learned in the process were starting to pay off.  He takes a long drag off of his joint and offers it, with a smile, to the Gentleman sitting to his right.  As his neighbor takes a hit off of the premium that The Prince had scored before coming in here, The Prince notices something. This fellow looks slightly familiar.  Chancing looking like a fool but too baked to care The Prince asks the stranger "You didn't happen to have any ancestors in Las Vegas did you friend?"


The Stranger takes the largest pull The Prince has ever seen and blows the smoke at him.  "KingKlit is the name and if you come at me with any maple syrup I might shoot you."  He says as he passes the joint back to The Prince.  


"Okay...."  Hesitantly taking his joint back, The Prince gives the man a funny look but generally lets the odd comment slide.  "Well its nice to meet you KingKlit.  I know you must be from Vegas with a statement like thatThe Prince says with a laugh, making another throw of the dice.


As the day fades on and the numbers whirl, The Princes stash slowly grows.  He wasn't taking massive leaps and bounds that's for sure but from his perspective, this is how you made a nice little living for yourself.  Satisfied that all was well with the world The Prince decides its time to call it a day and head back to base.  He shoots the serving girl a wink and slides her a tip for taking care of him the day and heads out into the fading daylight.


The Prince lights his last joint before heading to the airport to make his way home.  "Its been real Los Angeles" he says, throwing up a peace sign to no one in particular.


"Sene sovya caba'donde ain dovienya."

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KingKlit was a very intelligent man. Genius some may say. Ferociously brilliant, even. The level which KingKlit has attained surpasses any other person that has come before him. Is there life on other planets? It doesn't matter because it's trivial to someone like KingKlit. How do we manage to fold space-time to hop through a wyrm hole created by this bend in the fabric? Trivial, to someone like KingKlit. However, even someone like KingKlit with a mountain of knowledge and infinite intellect has to indulge in the games of the common folk. This is the reason why he made his way to a gambling den. Well, it was the main reason. He chose this gambling den over a casino because it had less people in it. It had a more friendly vibe to it too.

Once in, he sat down at the blackjack table. He started counting cards, but he made sure to lose some hands to offset his winnings and to look less suspicious. Before he went for his big bet, when he was sure to win, a familiar-looking fellow came to him. He asked the king if he had any ancestors originating from LV. After taking a long, dragged out puff on The_Prince's roach, KingKlit said to the new recruit:

"I don't know where my ancestry derives from, but I can definitively tell you that I'm not related to Honesty. KingKlit is the name and if you come at me with any maple syrup, I might shoot you. Maple syrup is strictly forbidden by the laws that be around these parts and any other part. Or at least, it should be."

When the young one stood up and left, KingKlit was left alone at the table. Normally, the dealer would press a player to keep playing when they're taking too long to play, but because of KingKlit's stature, the dealer let him be. Now, with KingKlit's attention back to the table, the two can continue in their game. KingKlit placed a bet of 500'000 dollars and then lost it all. "FUCK ME RIGHT UP MY BUTT!", the king yelled in his head. In reality, KingKlit was not very smart, but his mommy always told him he was special, which is why he always thought of himself highly. In a fit of controlled anger, Honesty rose rapidly slow from his seat and walked in a fast-paced walk out the den. There, he met up again with The_Prince.

"Shit, I lost most of my allowance. Have you gotten lucky yet? I always lose at gambling, I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyways, you got any plans before you leave LA or are you looking for another venture in another city?"

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BlackBlack paces backward and forward in the HQ. He is visibly distressed. Something was clearly on his mind. He looks at the huge wad of cash in front of him and realises he has made a massive mistake. He racks up a line of cocaine on the table in front of him and immediately hits it. He wasn't usually a huge fan of hard drugs but today was something different. He had just pulled off the biggest deal of his life.

He walks out of the HQ and lights up a fat cigar. He looks at the crew truck. It is a mess. The back is covered in a thick, sticky syrup which had clearly oozed out of his cargo. He stares at it for a few seconds before muttering to himself.

"Fucking maple syrup. kINGkLIT will kill me. No no, don't worry BlackBlack, this was a deal too lucrative to turn down. You better fucking get this cleaned up though."

BlackBlack pulls out a hose and a broom and gets to work cleaning up the back of the truck.

1 hour later 

BlackBlack sits on a create by the side of the truck. The truck is now glistening it is so clean. He picks up his half finished cigar and begins smoking it again.

"Now what the fuck do I do with this $100k I've made from this deal? I can't take it back to the HQ, kINGkLIT will murder me for dealing in such a product"

BlackBlack ponders for a while before jolting up in excitement.

"My father, BlackJack, was an avid gambler. One of the best ever seen in fact. I can wash this cash through the casino!

BlackBlack jumps in the crew truck and heads for the casino. When he arrives, he sees kINGkLIT and The_Prince sitting down at a black jack table. He goes over to join them...

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Foot poised to step off the curb and head to the airport, The Prince hears rustling behind him followed by a slight grunt.  He turns to see @KingKlit behind him also leaving the gambling den.  "Shit, I lost most of my allowance. Have you gotten lucky yet? I always lose at gambling, I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyways, you got any plans before you leave LA or are you looking for another venture in another city?"


"Meh, The Prince was just going with the wind to be honest.  Was debating heading back to HQ to relax but who knows where the night will take The Prince."  Shrugging, The Prince looks off wistfully into the fading sunlight and smiles.  As his gaze wanders up the mostly empty street he noticed a familiar truck that says 'Definitely doesn't belong to The Island of Misfit Toys' on the side.  Sure enough, out of the driver seat steps @BlackBlack, one of The Princes brothers in arms!


"Ho there fellas! Fancy meeting you here" BlackBlack says, sounding mildly nervous as he closes the car door with a push.  As he pushes on the door his hand sticks ever so slightly before giving and the metal and skin disconnect, as if there were some sort of sticky substance on his hands.  


The Princes smile grows as he waves to BlackBlack "Welcome to the party mate! It seems you arrived just in time."


"Party?" BlackBlack asks as he walks over to them.


"Ah yes, a party indeed friends.  The Prince was about to head back to Vegas but seeing you to here seems fateful to me!  The Prince feels its time all three of us newer Family members have our 'coming of age experience'."  While saying this The Prince pulls out a little paper bag he had in his pocket.  He opens the bag to reveal the contents inside.  


"A very reputable individual The Prince met in that gambling den there gave me these in lieu of a bad bet he made.  He said they were God mushrooms.  Said if The Prince wanted to have a transformative experience he should eat these."  Without anymore hesitation The Prince takes a big handful and shoves them in his mouth.  "Well, The Prince wants to transform." He says with a wink, chews slowly, and offers the bag to the other two gathered with him.  "For The Island of Misfit Toys" The Prince says around a mouth full of the odd tasting mushrooms.


KingKlit is the first to act, reaching one hand toward the bag and shrugging.  "As long as it's not the syrup" He says as he takes a hand full and puts them in his mouth.  


Oddly, BlackBlack laughs waaay too loud at the joke but soon follows suit and grabs a hand full as well.  "Did your 'reputable' friend say what these would do to us? I've heard some weird stories around town."


"The Prince did not ask. He called them GOD mushrooms. How bad can they be?" The Prince answered as he continued to eat, albeit slower then before.   "Alright. If we want to pass this little test we should wait for these to kick in and then rob a liquor store maybe"


"Rob a liquor store?" KingKlit asks with eyebrow raised.


Shrugging once more, The Prince turns to walk down the street and find a liquor store. "Got any better ideas?"

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BlackBlack shoves his handful of mushrooms into his mouth and begins to chew. The taste is horrible. Hi whips out his hip flask and takes a large swig of whiskey before offering it to the others.

"I've had these before... We are in for a real treat. I don't know about getting involved in too much crime tonight though, we will be well off our tits..."

BlackBlack turns to the truck and gives the front door a good wipe down.

"Sorry about the state of the truck... I got into a bit of a sticky situation today. I have a bit of cash on me too from the deal I did."

BlackBlack hands up $100k in cash to kINGkLIT and smiles.

"Not bad for a days work hey boss?"

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Considering KingKlit rarely takes drugs; he prefers to sell than use, the effects of the mushrooms offered by The_Prince quickly took effect. Hearing BlackBlack's voice, he sees the 100k$ in his hands and the 1000$ bills bearing the face of Alexander Hamilton start to float in the air. Ever so slowly, the bills start rising, rotating and flipping. Sometimes, KingKlit could see Hamilton wink to him.

"... then rob a liquor store". KingKlit only heard the last bit of The_Prince's sentence, but it was enough to make him feel an elevated form of intrigue and confusion due to the shrooms.

"Rob a liquor store?", KingKlit asked, eyebrow raised and drooling just a bit. "Why would we want to..." KingKlit looked in the distance, still drooling with dilated pupils. Well, he wasn't looking in the distance, he was actually staring at the truck parked directly next to him, but it felt like it was miles away to the Klit.  "Is that... maple?" The Klit started staring at the door, almost waiting for something to pop out. Of course, BlackBlack had cleaned the truck, but the mushrooms somehow heightened KingKlit's sense of smell. Almost... like the maple was still there... He turns his head to The_Prince, completely forgetting what he was just looking at. "Why rob a liquor store when money is literally floating all around us? Let's just jump and grab some of the bills and go to a strip club." KingKlit started jumping, flailing his arms upwards, catching nothing but air.

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