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A Smashing Day for Detroit Started by: PeterMcNeil on Apr 30, '21 21:19

Detroit certainly had seen its fair share of ups and downs of late with a lot of blood lining its busy streets, the local papers had certainly seen a boom in sales as when business was bad for one area; it was always good for another.  It just goes to show that no matter what happens that someone, somewhere, is making bank. 

Don Smash had been through a lot of this cities rollercoaster, dealing with each situation head-on, but it was time to bring some stability to this place.  The current, unseen, Godfather chairman of Detroit who took over as a supposedly temporary measure after the untimely death of Takkar hadn’t stepped aside.  He’d grown accustom to the opulence of rank, the power and the wealth but wasn’t investing anything back into the city.  It was time for a change.

An invigorated Smash left his Bricktown HQ ordering Kronos and PeterMcNeil to get packing.  He’d had enough and it was time for the crew to move.  He rushed off to his car and drove off to the huge mansion of the idle GFC, making his way to the door he kicked it in.  The force of the bang echoed through the all but empty building.  What a waste.   Charging through the building Smash knew just where he needed to be, the main office, that prick never left it once since he took over. 

Opening the door Smash noticed that the room was dark, no lights except for the flickering fire.  The GFC stood up from his large leather seat holding a brandy.  “Ah Smash my dear boy.  I hear you’ve been unhappy with some of my apparent lack of action.  Well let me explain to you how…”


There was no time to listen to pitiful excuses of an old man with no ideas.   And with that the deed was done.   Wrapping the body up in a rug Smash dragged it to his car, throwing it in the boot; it was time to go back to the family.   The drive back seemed longer, perhaps the rush of what was to happen helped speed it up, or maybe the traffic was just worse.  Who knew?  Who cared?  That was not important.  Arriving back at HQ Smash called out to everyone to come outside whilst he was pulling the blood stained rug and limp body out of the boot, slumping it to the ground.  The entire family had gathered outside to see the body of the department GFC on the streets, Smash breathing heavily through the adrenaline, blood staining his shirt. 

“Right boys and girls.”  Smash said “As you’ll no doubt have heard we’ll be moving, not like before between districts, but to our new home right here in the heart of Bricktown.  It’s time to get this business booming and to make the people of Detroit proud”

And with that a cheer went up among the crew.

“Congratulations Godfather Chairman Smash!  It is the deepest wish of every member of Detroit, and no doubt beyond, that you help continue to grow this fine city and make it everything it can be.


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Asher only ever flies into the motor city for one thing... cocaine! But today he had another reason, to see he’s good friend smash

Holding a box of fresh cigars he meets smash and kronos in their HQ in Bricktown.

“Congratulations my friend, it’s been an amazing journey and after what happened with your father, I couldn’t be more proud! This appointment is fully deserved and I applaud what you have had to go through to get here”

Seeing that the party was in full swing Asher tips his hat and back to Philly he went.
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It was almost like a party celebration already as his truck pulled up, He had heard what was going down, and had no loyalty to the usurper who had stepped in as Godfather Chairman, and knew what was best for Detroit was the leaders he knew working together to keep it growing, keep it beating and move forward.

Watching as he guessed was a body being wrapped in a rug, he chuckled, as he ran his fingers through his hair to reposition everything, pushing the door of the Mezzo Entertainment labeled truck, he walked around the back before calling out some of the boys from the back.   Before walking towards Smash.

"Well it seems our mutual friend Asher has brought the cigars, so I guess is my duty to bring the alcohol"

as he placed a crate of champagne, a crate of mixed spirits, and some crates of beer near Smash. 

"Congratulations my friend, has been a pleasure working with you and i look forward to our future endeavours in Detroit"

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Much time ago, my father watched the death of Don Eazy to Tyler Durden and it very much affected him personally and mentally. Ever since then, my family has had a strong distaste for the Durden gang that took the life of someone so wonderful and strong in our world.

When I was but a child, my father would tell me of Smash, the son of old man Eazy, and how he kept his reigns in the family business after his fathers death and kept troopering on, never forgetting what his family stood for and was all about.

It is with a great honor that I see Smash now ascending to his rightful position of Chairman of Detroit. I wish you very much luck as city head and Chairman in Detroit Smash. My father didn't have such luck, but I believe you are much luckier and quite stronger than my old man.

Very proud of what Detroit is becoming. Also, congratulations to Peter on his promotion to Don and his captaincy.

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"Come to Bricktown quickly Yanny, you need to see this"


The voice on the other end hung up. Laurel shook her head, another person to get her name wrong. When will they learn, it's Laurel! Aside from the constant name confusion, Laurel gathered her overnight bag and met her driver on the curb.


Good afternoon, Norman. Take me to the airport, I've got an important flight to catch.


Arriving in Bricktown she was taken to Smash's headquarters. Exiting the vehicle she double checked her purse to make sure the finest bottle of champagne was still there. As she entered to headquarters she heard the celebration booming. As she approached the crowd, Laurel smiled as she saw the new Godfather-Chairman of Detroit.


Congratulations, GFC Smash. I'm happy to make the trip to Detroit to witness your acension to GFC. You have helped so many along your journey, that it's only fitting for you to have the title you do now. See all of this? It's for you, because of everything you did to get here. I cannot wait to see what you do in your new role. I have no doubt that Detroit will continue to prosper under your leadership.


Laurel pulled the bottle out of her purse and presented it to her friend. 


I hope you enjoy this bottle, it's the very best I could find and today is the perfect occasion for it. Congratulations!

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Although he felt rather annoyed that Laurel preferred booking a flight through Norman instead of with PilotPhil's Phil Airlines, PilotPhil flew off to Detroit on a scouting mission. Having safely landed* in Bricktown, he heard some noises, then some cheering. Phil, quick to notice anyone anywhere, quickly noticed Godfather Chairman Asher offloading cocaine before he went to congratulate what was now his colleague Godfather Chairman Smash.

Being just a wiseguy, despite being quite handsome, PilotPhil knew his place and therefore waited a while before he stepped up. He expected his leader FishTheKitty to go first anyway, so PilotPhil waited a bit.. And a bit more. He waited some more and paused doing some other stuff. After holding things he did for another while, turning down a couple of whoring assignments just to see FishTheKitty congratulate Smash and witnessing Smash do a speech about his beloved father, the Durden family, his route to get here and the troubles getting there. Phil waited just a tiny bit more, until he realized he wasn't very patient. Stepping forward, he cleared his throat and spoke

Dear Godfather Smash. I would like to congratulate you on this remarkable position. You have well earned this position through hard work, ever since your father was brutally killed through a stray bullet. Some of my..

PilotPhil counted and rephrased

Actually, most of my family line have been in either your or in your fathers crew. They always told me they felt safe and valued there, despite their lack of cooking skills, use of colours or slightly imperfect English.

I hope your reign of Detroit may be long and full of prosperty!

Furthermore I don't want to blame the messenger here, but want to congratulate him instead. Mister PeterMcNeil, my sincerest congratulations on you taking the opportunity given to set up under the new Godfather Chairman. I am happy to see Null Reference emerge.


*All Phil Airlines always arrive safely. This note has been added for grammatical purposes, not to state it is an uncommon event one of PilotPhil's airplanes landed smoothly. They all do. PilotPhil is a highly trained pilot. Next to his training, his flying skills are adequate, too.

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