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Rosenthal Song Started by: Masha on May 04, '21 05:02

Masha decided to distract herself by writing a song for her crew. After 3 hours scribbling she decided to sing it to see how it sounds.



Alright, let's see

(Rhythm: Teddy Picker by Arctic Monkeys)

Rosenthal Song

The barrel of the gun is full of smoke

The gunfire is what they’re afraid of though

We hear their desperation as we sing

Scary, yeah and Velvet leads the team

The letters red, the money comes in boats

You can tell by how we move that when the moon’s up we’re like wolves

You start to doubt if there’s an exit

You gotta know we’re not concerned with this


And it’s so loud, that’s why we like when we get closer

And you can fight but it’s even worse ‘cause

We’ll hurt ya

(I mean, we tried to warn ‘em...)

Saw us in the alley and it was a bloody scene!

There is no need to say this is

A Philadelphia thing


They watch us and they’re hating what they’re seein’

Sometimes we’re on the television and on magazines

They’ll never catch us too, ‘cause we are ghosts

They better let us do just what we want...

Yeah baby, the cops

Defend us

Attending court, the judge should know that all

our friends are around…

Man, we are rich!

We may have millions more there in Switz’

We aim, we see

You’re cornered…

You couldn’t stop us,

I don’t want your prayer…

Save it for the ones we’re after


Masha laughed at how long it took.

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Olivia clapped her little hands together at the end of the tune, her face full of delight. "Ma'am, that was truly wonderful." she said once she had gotten to her feet and joined the lady. "Do you sing for a job?" she asked, curious. She knew that Miss. Velvet ran a business in Philly that had live music, but every time she suggested they visit Mr. Lucas and Mr. Dean would stammer and turn red and come up with a litany of excuses as to why they could not take her. 

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"Thank you! I'm happy to see you here" Masha said as she smiled.

"I never did but I think it would be fun. Do you like singing?" Masha answered.

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Velvet bopped along as she listened to Masha sing like a canary loosing herself in the tempo of the music

"That was bloody amazing!"  she stood their gaping with a large grin forming

"You're up on stage Miss! next show!

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