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The Life Of John DiFronzo Started by: John_DiFronzo on May 12, '21 22:14
John leaned up against his Pontiac Deluxe as he Looked out to the ocean on a beautiful day with a nice breeze as the Wave's crash's against the rock's  the Mist from the crashing wave's mist on John as he turn's around looking at Sal sitting in the Passenger seat slicking his hair back Sal was a heavy set Man a Real Italian From the old Country Hair always slicked a gold Crucifix Like John Always wore 

"Ay Sal Questa vista è incredibile, non sono mai stato sull'oceano prima è sempre stato un mio sogno


Sal wiggle's back and forth to get out of the seat as he stretch's his arm's out "Fugetaboutit Il vecchio paese ha la vista perfetta Johnny


John was bumped into by a stranger as he was talking to Sal Not noticing the Bump motioning his hand's as he Talk's to Sal

"Forse un giorno torneremo nel vecchio paese di Sal, perché ora dobbiamo fondare la nostra Gang e fare affari

reaching into his back Pocket Grabbing his Rolled up cash counting it Noticing i am 3,263 short pocketing the money as he look's up at the Palm Tree's in amaze "Ehi Johnny, conosco un'incredibile baracca di ostriche non lontano da qui, è una spiaggia di Zuma. Hai fame

John Chuckle's looking at his watch "Suona bene Sal, andiamo lì prima di andare a Chicago Ho degli affari non intenzionali da gestire lì getting into the Pontiac Deluxe as Sal Wiggle's his self back into the seat as they made their way down the Pacific ocean highway Parking in the parking lot of the Oyster shack grabbing a table ordering Oyster's and crab legs John look's out the window watching bystander's go about their day as he listens to the ocean Waiting on their food 
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John Wipe's his mouth with the Napkin as he Stand's up seeing a phone Booth "Ay Sal Going to make a call 

Sal nod's as he Slurp's down another oyster as the waiter come's to the table placing the bill on to the table "Thank you Gentlemen John ask's the Operator For Rao's Manhattan leaning against the wall as he wait's for a moment to be connected 

Hearing a young women answering the phone crying softly "Hello 

"Hey This is no nose From Philly Is Carmine there 

The lady hear's Carmines name and Cry's harder into the phone "Carmine was killed 

John jaw Drop's as he lean's off the wall hanging the phone up as he made his way back to his Table as He Pull's out couple bill's to lay onto the Bill for the waiter "Come on Sal we need to go Sal wiggle's from the Table Pressing it out some as he Get's up Waddling behind John as they Made their way to the Car  "You know my Friend from Manhattan  

Sal Close's the Door Behind him as John start's the car up Pulling out of the Parking lot Hitting The Highway Heading to New York 

"Ya The Rao's guy What about him?

Shifting the gear as He Drive's the highway "He's gone Something Happen just talked to him 20 min's before 

Sal look's over at John "Marone Such a good Cugine 

John Roll's his window down for a nice breeze as he Drive's for the Next couple hour's as Sal is slumped against the door snoring 

Seeing the Skylines off in the distance taking the Manhattan Bridge Exit as the Traffic grew Honking People yelling 

Shaking his head as John hit's the Horn "ay Cocksucker Drive that damn thing 

Passing the slow car As he head's to lower Manhattan seeing couple Wise guy's from Manhattan Standing on the Corner Busting ball's and Laughing John pull's up to the Curb leaning midway over the seat "Ay Tony Come here for a minute 

Sal wake's up hearing John Talk as he lean's up from the Seat while Tony approaches The Car Leaning in Shaking John's hand before Sal's "Ay Johnny and Sal You Hear about Carmine 

Shaking his head as he Look's at Tony "Yeah Headed here when i found out Talked to him 20 min's before Everything seemed fine 

What Happen? 

Tony lean's against the window frame of the Door "Some thing's was said out of line You know how Carmine was 

Sal "He was Hot Headed It's the Italian Blood 

John Look's over at Sal and Tony "Sad to see him Go But There's Rule's in this life that you must Follow and Not Let you're Emotions get to you But Rest his Soul 

"Ay Tony Know where the Funeral is 

Tony turn's facing down the Street pointing "Take this Street to Riverside drive hit Claremont Avenue It's on 120th street and 122nd  Street It's the Riverside Church See you around Johnny 

as Tony walk's back to the group of wise guy's as John Merge's into the flow of the Traffic Heading to Riverside drive looking around for the Riverside church turning onto 120th street Seeing a Cadillac Hearse Sitting out from of the Church as people Gather outside greeting and making their way into the Church John Park's Across the street Making their way across the street as John and Sal Make their way into the Church as Crying echo's thru the church with sobbing as Family member's Grief  as the Pew In front of them Stand's up Giving their Condolences to Carmine's Family John Stand's up as Sal get's up walking to Carmines Family As John Kiss's Carmines Mother cheek "I'm Sorry For you're Lost if i can do anything for you please let me know 

Carmine's mother sob's lightly as she kiss's John's cheek Thank you DiFronzo wiping her tear's as John Walk's over grabbing a rose From a vase Lowering his head down Saying a prayer as he Lay's the Rose onto Carmines Hand's "Rest Well my Friend 

Sal and John Leave's Carmine's Funeral closing the Door behind him as John and sal get's into the Car 

taking his suit jacket off unbuttoning his suit shirt as he start's the car up "Sal i'm heading back to the motel for some rest take some time to relax want me drop you off or you going back to?

"i'll head back with you Johnny could rest my eye's for a few that Drive from LA got me wore out 

merging into the Traffic heading down Riverside Drive Taking the Manhattan Bridge to downtown Brooklyn 

turning onto 13th street finding a small motel Brick Building next to a ally Parking in the ally Grabbing his suit jacket as he close's the door behind him making his way into the Motel as Sal follow's approaching the Motel Worker "Two room's please 

The Motel worker turn's around grabbing two key's from the wall of room key's sliding them onto the desk 8 dollar's Sir 

John grab's his room key looking at the number 3B as Sal lay's down a 20 Dollar bill "thank you

grabbing his key's as John walk's to his room that is 4 room's down from Sal's "See you in a little John if you need me come get me 

John wave's to Sal as he stick's his room key into the door unlocking it as he let's it shut behind him tossing his suit jacket onto the bed as he flop's backward's on it slowly drifting off 

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John Wake's up hearing knocking Wiping his eye's as he lean's up getting out of Bed walking over opening the door

seeing Sal standing there holding a fast food bag and Drink's "Got some Burger's and Fries for Us Johnny 

John Motion's for Sal to move as he close's his motel room door behind him locking it as they made their way to a table area outside of the Motel Viewing the road sitting down at the table unbuttoning the top of his Dress shirt "It's a beautiful night out Sal hasn't felt this good for a while 

Sal put's the bag down as he sit's placing John's Drink onto the table "It sure is Johnny Remind's me of the old country sitting out at night looking at the rolling hill's and Mountain's John Grab's the Bag grabbing his hamburger and Fries Unwrapping the Burger taking a bite As Sal get's his Burger "Got these burger's from a new joint I seen two block's over While i was out collecting 

Reaching into his Suit pulling out a Envelope placing it on the table as he take's a bite of his burger "Greg from the Tv shop was short Said The Delaware City Wise guy's Been Busting his ball's saying if he doesn't pay them They Will torch his business

Chewing while he talk's "You Know He is in a pinch that's all he has to provide for his family 

John Take's another bite of his burger before Taking a swig of his coke to wash it down " we will go Vist Greg Find out who the Wise guy's are they ain't going to muscle their way into our Turf They can Keep their ass in Delaware 

placing his Drink onto the table as he look's over at Sal "The Delaware City Mob Is Just Bunch of Farmer's They Got someone from Chicago though they ain't going to Muscle me though 

Grabbing couple fries eating them as he watch's car's go by enjoying his Meal 

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John Finish's his Burger as he look's up seeing a Beautiful a 1932 Lincoln k series Pulling into the Motel Parking Lot 

Smiling as he stand's up Realizing it was his Younger Brother Peter "Ay Sal It's my Brother Peter 

Peter Park's his Lincoln as he Step's out John Giving him a hug and a Kiss on his cheek"Peter Glad you're here Where you get this Beauty at

Smiling as he looks at the Lincoln walking around softly touching the car in amaze "You're one lucky Fella been trying to get my hand's on one for some time Peter Follow's John Around the Car Telling him the in's and out's about the car "Got it From a guy in LA Boy let me tell you Johnny This Lincoln get's it ain't no cop pulling you over in this Laughing as John Wrap's his arm around Peter "Peter Come meet Sal Might Need you to ride along with us Got some wise guy's From Delaware Trying to muscle in

Making their way to the Table's where Sal was as he was finishing his Fries "Sal meet my younger brother Peter DiFronzo 

Peter hold's his hand out Shaking Sal's Hand "Nice to meet you Sal 

as He pull's a chair out sitting down at the table "So John Where these cock sucker's at ? 

John Pull's out a Cigar as he sit's down cutting the end off "Well Greg Tv shop is over on 21st street He was short this week said couple wise guy's making Greg pay them or they will torch his business Told Sal we will go over and Visit Greg 

"I say We take the Lincoln Johnny No body has seen that car Plus everyone know's you're car 

laughing as he look's over at John's Pontiac Deluxe before Checking his watch "Let's Go Visit Greg Before I got some thing's to handle later 

Standing up from the table John and Sal Follow's Peter back to his Lincoln as they get into the Lincoln Sal get's in the Back 

looking up front at Peter "You just carry a Tommy gun everywhere you go?

Moving it over as he get's cozy in the back peter look's back While backing out of the Parking spot "Never know when you Might Need it 

Pulling out of the motel parking lot merging into the Traffic looking over at John "Got to tell me where to go Johnny Haven't Been In New York For some time 

Lighting His Cigar as He motion's to turn right at the next light Puffing couple time's getting his cigar lit "Go up couple block's 21st street will be couple block's up ,Exhaling his cigar smoke as they Drive down the Street hitting 21st street "Turn right here Peter making their way down 21st street a Small road Filled with parked car's and Kid's running down the sidewalk's and across the street's "Pull over here Peter 

Parking behind a car peter look's back at Sal "You big boy Stay here Make sure no Mulignan Take's my car 

John Laugh's as he Step's out of the Lincoln with peter as they Crossed the Road Going into the Tv Shop the Door Bell ring's while they enter John See's a man Walking from the Back of the Shop with Greg Blood running down his face from a cut on his Forehead "Get lost Shop is closed 

John look's over at Peter Before taking his cigar out of his mouth "Who The Fuck you Telling to Get Lost you Punk

The guy stop's for a moment looking at John "You know who the fuck you're Talking to I'm From Delaware This shop is my Business now 

The Man Smack's Greg In the back of the head "Ain't that right Greg 

Greg Mumble's as his face Was Bruised and Bloody "yyyyes ddda shop is you'res 

"Think you're Some Tuff guy huh How about You come over Put you're Fuckin Hand's on me You fuck's From Delaware are Bunch of Farmer's 

The Man Throw's Greg Onto the Floor as He Rush's John Throwing a Right Hook John Block's the Right Hook as He Return's with a Head Butt as the Man Stumble's back John Throw's a left hook connecting to the man chin Peter Run's to Greg handing him a Hankerchief putting it onto his cut watching John Fight the Man Block's John's Right hook as He Punch's John In the Face Before Picking him up Slamming John onto the Ground wrestling onto the Ground John Hit's the Man in the side as the Man Elbow's John in the Face 

Peter Run's Up Kicking The Man in the Back of the Head falling Frontwards off of John as John Get's up Kicking the Man in the Side "You Motherfucker Who's a Fucking tuff guy Now the Man Roll's on the Floor Trying to Block John's Kick's Another man come's out from the Back seeing the Fight as He reach's Into his back of his slack's Pulling out a snub nose Firing aimlessly at John as Shot's ring's out Peter get's behind the Counter sliding out his Colt aiming at the Man who came from the Back Firing couple shot's as He take's cover John Run's behind a Tv Stand pulling out his snub nose as Scream's could be heard from outside as By Stander's and kid's run down the sidewalk 

Sal Get's out of the Lincoln Holding His Snub nose in his hand seeing two Guy's Getting out of a Sedan with Weapon's Sal aim's his Snub nose at the Man getting out of the Passagner side of the Sedan Firing a shot toward the man Causing him to stop as they Take cover Behind the Sedan firing Shot's back toward Sal

The man John Was Fighting with Run's out of the Tv Shop as John Fire's three shot's into the man's back Causing him to Fall face first onto the Sidewalk outside of the Shop the Guy In the Back of the Shop run's out the back Door as Peter Run's from behind the Counter after Him 

John See's the Guy's behind the Sedan Through the Window of the Tv shop Firing through the Window Hitting one of the Guy's in the Neck as the Other Guy Return's shot's at John as John Dive's onto the Floor Sal move's from the Lincoln to couple car's in front of him Firing at the Sedan While John get's off the Floor Running out the Back of the shop

Seeing Peter In the Ally "Peter you good? Where's that Fuck at 

Peter Breathing Heavy "Little Fuck Ran Lost him when i got out the back As John And Peter Run's down the Ally to the sidewalk 

Using the Wall as Cover John Peak's the Corner seeing the Other Guy behind the Sedan Opening the Passenger door as He climb's in Trying to Start The Sedan John Run's out from the Ally Aiming at the windshield firing three shot's into the Windshield peter Follow's John But Cut's out into the Street Aiming at the Driver of The Sedan Firing 5 shot's into the Windshield Riddling The Driver John Reload's his snub nose Seeing the Guy he shot in the Back Crawling John Run's up Putting a Bullet into the Back of his head Before Running to Peter's Lincoln as Sal Run's down the Sidewalk getting into the back of the Car as Peter Pull's off Hauling ass down the Street as police Sirens could be heard Block's down the street Peter turn's into a Ally Smashing Trash can's trash Flying onto the Lincoln as he Come's out of the ally onto 19th street  turning onto 18th street slowing down to Blend into the Traffic Looking over at John Who was bleeding from his Nose From the Elbow he took "You good Johnny Jesus Christ Those Fuck's 

John Wipe's the Blood from his Nose "Those Farmer's like to shoot They cant fight with their hand's 

sliding his snub nose into his Slack's "Sent a message to those Fuck's head back to the Motel Got to get My Car and Head back to Philly To lay low  

Sal is in the back Breathing heavy sweat running down his face "Johnny You know They Will come back since you killed three of them

"Fuck them Sal They Come back they will Be with their Brother's  

John's Face Swell's as they pull into the parking lot of the motel "Peter Thank you I'll get a hold of you When I get out of town

Sal and John Get's out of the Car Walking over to John's Car Peter Leave's John pull's out of the parking lot merging into the Traffic heading for the Interstate "Sal I want you to find the Fuck That Got away I ain't Done with him

"You got it Johnny 

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John Made his way Back to Philly Making some pit stop's around Philly Before going to Court for His Son John Wore a blue Dress shirt slicked his hair back Sitting Nervously in the Hall of The New Jail In Philly as His name was called He walked into the Room and Sat down in the Chair the Lady Told him to as his Ex wife sat at the other table The Judge asked her why what Was she wanting in the divorce she told the Judge She wanted John to have no contact with His son but Pay child support and that he was a drop out Had no Education Pretty much a bum the Judge looked up at her like she was fucking stupid telling her How are you going to want John To have No contact with his son But Still wanted him to pay Child support The Judge had enough of her shit and Started asking John What does he want From the Divorce as John Tell's the judge "You're Honor I haven't seen my son since October of last year My son Has Sensory Disorder Sir it's Autism She was telling him Stuff like Daddy hate's him He's going to Kill mommy Daddy is a bad person When Deep down John Changed his whole life For his son John Grew up in a fucked up family all John's Family knew how to do was still Deal his family Tried to keep them away from it But Family Is always come's first When John and Peter was kid's His Aunt Came to their house where John and Peter was playing outside in the yard as their aunt pulled up smiling holding a bag of spray paint Giving them to John and peter Telling them have fun Paint the car while John and Peter was outside painting a car with Spray paint His Aunt was in the House Freaking out to his parents about How she and John's Cousin Just Stole the Car they was worried the cop's was looking for it so John's parents came out seeing the Car They told His aunt she needed to get the car out of their driveway and Don't Be Dragging them into their shit John Had a family Member who went to court and the Judge asked His family member what does he do for a living and the Family member told the Judge he worked at Spot and steal The Judge never heard that Job before Since they was from a small town as The Family member told The Judge I spot it during the day time I come back at Night time and steal it The judge did not find that funny gave John Family member 20 year's in prison or One time his Family was at a Reservoir At his Grandpa's Wedding When John's Uncle Danny was sitting with them and seen a boat docked at the Dock Telling Them he's going to Take That Motherfucker for a Joy ride as he made his way down to the dock in front of the family and the guests Danny Hot wired it and took off across the Reservoir Later was arrested spending five year's in prison for That little stunt Looking back at His family John Knew his family was fucked up and he did not want to be like them but John Did follow that life as his parents had Favorite's and it was John It was peter and his two other siblings they always got what the wanted when John Had cloth's he had since he was 11 going all the way thru school wearing his same cloth's as his siblings had new clothe's each year back to school outfits as john had his Musky Green hoodie with holes and two pair's of pant's that fitted him as John looked at the Judge Sir He was throwing a fit to go home so i Contacted his mother saying his son wanted to go home and what he was saying She told John to bring him to her and that was the last time John Seen his Son it's been 8 month's she's been keeping John son from him the Judge Looked over at John's Ex and Granted Him Visitation's Starting immediately and the Judge Told them he has been in the Child's services for more then 10 year's he has seen where the parents really Abused their kids and he seen where the mother's Kept their Child away from their Son's Father's out of despite from what Happen Between them as the Judge Looked over at John's Ex Telling her he can see her being the one to Break the Court order as she was piss over there huffing and puffing as the Judge Was talking to John She was Holding her hand up as the Judge paused telling her You had you're moment to talk And all you had to say was He dropped out of school Had No Education That ain't a reason to Keep His son From him If you cant agree to letting him Visit his Son I Want John to file a Court Visitation and I will Grant Him Visitation's More then The Guild line said's Because To Me It seem's like you're Still holding onto the past and using it Against John To make him look like the bad one All you're doing is hurting you're son Think about you're son Next time Not everything is about you Court is Dismissed As they was standing up She yelled can I have Witnesses Next court the Judge looked up at her Dismissing what she said John walked out of the Court room in Tear's Knowing he will beable to see his Son again Court ordered Now she cant Break that Order or it will fall back onto her John Left the court went home contacted his Ex asking for His son on the weekend The Judge ordered John to pay Child Support 27 dollar's a week which is 23% of his check that he get's His Ex told him he can have his son every other weekend that's 23% John did not Care He was happy As fuck Telling her that sound's good John Get's his son this weekend and he cant wait he's taking his son out Christmas shopping and buying him Presents for his birthday he did not get to Celebrate with his son
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John Pulled up to His Row house on 34th Street in Old City District in Philly As He Stepped out of his Pontiac Deluxe Unbuttoning his Dress shirt as he made his way up the stair's into his House To his Upstairs walking into his Bird Room Full Of Dove's, Parrots, Canary's John Feed's the Bird's and water's them Before he walked into his Room to his closet Hanging his Dress shirt onto a hanger Before sitting down onto his bed Picking up the Phone As he Ask's the Operator To Connect him with Sal From South Philly 

waiting on the Phone John Take's off his Gold Rolex laying it onto his Night stand As Sal Pick's up the Phone "Ayy Johnny How are you doing?

"Doing good Sal Any new's about that Wise Guy From Delaware 

John Lean's back against his head board of his Bed Waiting for a Response from Sal "Yeah Johnny He was Seen over in Little Italy Trying to Muscle in on some Shop's Word on the Street is he is staying in a motel over on 54th street 

"Sal Tomorrow I will be in New York See if we can Catch him out I'll Talk to you Then

John Hang's up the Phone as he lean's up taking his Dress shoe's off placing them next to the bed on the floor as he lean's back into his Bed slowly Nodding off 

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John Slowly wake's up Laying in his thinking about his day Before sliding the blanket's off of him as He slid out of the Bed Stumbling sleepy into his bathroom wiping the sleep out of his eye's looking into the Mirror turning the sink on Dabbing some water onto his Face Before Brushing his teeth Turning off the sink as John Look's back into the mirror grabbing his Comb Slicking his hair back While walking out of the bathroom making his way to his bird room John Open's the Door The Parrots Would Start Squawking Whistle Getting the Other bird's to Chirp and Squawk John Walk's over pulling the Blind up Letting the Morning Sun Shine thru the room as he Fed his Bird's walking over to the Parrot Cage Letting the Parrots out to fly around the Room John Pausing as he look's out to window watching people start their morning before John Walk's down stair's to the Kitchen Grabbing some egg's out of the Fridge ,Turning the stove on as he Place's a pan down while cracking the egg's into the pan John Grab's some Bread placing it in the Toaster finishing the Egg's Putting them on the Counter while he grab's the butter Buttering his toast The Phone Rang John Pick's up the Phone "Hello

Pausing for a moment standing there Holding the Toast in his hand's as he talked "Tell Little Man dad's on his way 

smiling while hanging up the Phone John Walk's over to the Counter Grabbing the egg's putting it onto his Toast Making his way Out of his Row house Eating his egg sandwich getting into his Pontiac Holding the Sandwich in his hand as he Drive's to the south side of Philly Pulling into The apartment Duplex Where his Ex wife lived John looked around at all the Mulignans standing around Staring at his Pontiac Deluxe drive by they gather around smoking and Going about their morning's Couple arguing while John Park's outside of a apartment stepping out tossing the Crust of his Sandwich out before Knocking on the apartment door While Keeping a eye on his car as you could heard "Daddy 

John Smile's while opening the door As he hugged his Son Giving him kisses while picking him up "Hey Little man How you been

His son Looked into his eye's smiling big "I knew you would be back Daddy 

as His Son give's him a big warming hugged "love you auntie i'm going to daddy's 

John Walked his son to his Car Putting him in the back seat before they Left The Apartment Duplex While Driving back to Old City District "Hey daddy Remember when we use to go to the park and you would Play ball with you're friend's while I played with my cousin 

"I do son Zayden is at the house waiting for you

"Yayyyy I miss you Daddy 

"I miss you to bub John Pull's up outside his Row house Getting his son out Ryder's Cousin Zayden Come's running Out "Ryder 

Hugging him as they Ran into the House John Following them 

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Waking up to a Phone call reaching up as I lean up from the Bed half Sleepy "Hello?

my eye's widen Hearing Sal's Voice "You sure it's Him give me a minute i'll be heading that way

Hanging up the phone as i slide out of the Bed making my way to the closet Grabbing a Overcoat hearing the Rain Pouring as thunder Rattle's his row House ,Walking out of his room Putting the overcoat on making my way to my Pontiac Pulling off from the Curb Mind's running About The Phone Call He can't Be believe Sal Finally Found The Wise guy from Delaware Who got away from them Finally time to finish the job 

Pulling up in front of Sal's House Honking the Horn once *Honk 

Sal Come's waddling fast down the stair's of his porch on his row house Slamming the Car door shut behind him as he get's in 

"God Damn Rain if it Rain's keep's Raining like this Johnny Better get a Boat

laughing Sal Pat's John's Shoulder "Our Lady Friend From the whore House Said's his name is Kerbo he come's in Nightly For one 

of her Girl's He Called tonight Saying He will be in 2 hour's Her Room Number is 2B on the Second floor 

Sal Lean's Back into the Seat reaching into his Slack's Pulling out a snub nose Holding it out to John

Taking the Snub nose Tucking it into my slack's As I looked over at Sal "Thank's Sal You Can Stay home He Won't Get away This Time 

"Call me if you Need anything Johnny 

Sal Wobble's out of the Car Waddling fast into his House As John Drive's Off Making his Way to the Highway Heading To Bronx New York Watching the Windshield Wiper's Swipe across the Windshield as the Rain Pour's Down thunder Roaring Across the Sky Lighting Strike's Lighting up the Sky John Make's the Hour and a Half Drive Showing up a half hour early  John Park's across the Street of Peewee's whore House 

Leaning up from the Seat turning off his Car John Look's around the dead street's John Relax's After Making Sure of his Surrounding's Lean's Back Grabbing the Snub nose Checking to see it's loaded Looking up Seeing Car Light's Coming down the Street Seeing a black Plymouth 4 door sedan Pulling up in front of Peewee's John See's Kerbo Stepping out of the Sedan Walking into Peewee's Whore house John wait's ten Minute's Wanting to Give Kerbo time to make it to his room John Step's Out Tucking his Snub nose into his Slack's As He hold's His Overcoat Shut While running across the Street into Peewee's 

Making his way up the Stair's a Lady put's her arm around John's Neck as he made it up to the Top of the Stair's "Looking for a good time Handsome 

John Smile's Politely "Not tonight Hun You Know Where 2B is ?

Turning around Putting her ass Against John as she still Held onto his Neck "down the Hall To you're left Honey 

John Laugh's Kissing her Cheek "Head back to you're Room Hun 

making his way around her Heading down the Hall John Reach's into his Overcoat turning the Corner into the Empty Hall Pulling out his snub nose While He walk's up to the Door Seeing 2B Covering the Peephole With his thumb While he knock's Holding the Snub nose Behind his back a voice could Be heard on the other side "About Damn Time Baby

The door Open's Kerbo stand's there smiling in his boxer's Seeing John Lifting his Gun up to Kerbo's Face goes Pale 

John Fire's a shot into Kerbo's Head As Blood Splatter's Onto the Dresser as Kerbo Fall's backward's Onto his room floor blood Run's onto the Carpet Standing over him looking into Kerbo's lifeless eye's Before firing two more shot's into Kerbo's Chest John 

Drop's the Snub nose walking fast out of the Room Holding his head down the Hall turning the Corner Making his way down the stair's Running across the street Hopping into his Pontiac Speeding off From Peewee's whore house 

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John Sat at his Kitchen Table Looking out his Window when he heard a Knock Standing up from the Table making his way down the Hall Stopping at the Night Stand Grabbing his snub nose as He Hold's it behind his back While he open's the Door Seeing a officer Standing there

"Hello John my name is Gregory_Wolgast Captain Georgie Mitchell sent me 

John Motion's for Greg to come in Closing the Door behind him "Nice to meet you Gregory 

As John Walk's back into the Kitchen Grabbing his cigar out of the ashtray Motioning Gregory to sit while lighting his cigar 

"I Need you To Hit the Neighborhood Hard I want you to crack down on Outsider's Take their Drug's

Gregory Sit's at the Table Placing his Cop Hat onto the Table "I can do that John But I want 50 % 

John Ash's his cigar while looking Gregory in the eye's "fudgettaboutit This ain't a fucking Negotiation Either you do it Or I'll Put a bullet in you're Motherfuckin Head capisce? 

Placing the snub nose onto the table in front of Gregory "I'll 70-30 

Gregory Look's at the snub nose Scared "Okay John That's fine I meant no Disrespect Trying to Provide for a family on a cop Salary 

"I understand But you're The One who chose that Line of Work Also if you See any Member's of Rosenthal in Jail I want you to get them out 

looking down at his watch while placing his cigar on the Rim of the ashtray "I got to Get some Gregory 

Gregory Stand's up grabbing his hat "Thank you John I'll better go on my beat now 

making his way down the hall as John Follow's him to the door opening it for Gregory " See you around Gregory 

Closing the door behind Gregory locking it as John Make's his way back into the kitchen Grabbing his snub nose making his way up stair's Getting undress into his boxer's as he Lay's the snub nose onto the Night stand next to his Bed covering up as he Start's to doze off 

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John Was woken up by his Son Jumping up and down on the bed "Daddy I want Gravy I want Gravy

Smiling as he jump's up and down "Gravy gravy gravy 

John Roll's out of bed wiping his eye's as His son Jump's into his arm's "I want you to make it like Maw maw does

little did he know Maw maw was dying from Cancer "She's beautiful Daddy 

"She sure is Ryder after we feed the bird's I will make you some gravy and toast Bub

Carrying his son to the bird room Putting his son down as Ryder grab's the bag of food dragging it across the floor as John Grab's the food bowl's dumping it into the bag filling the bowl's as the bird's Chirp's Ryder stand's next to the parrots cage "Want Gravy 

John chuckle's as he Fill's the water bowl "Bird's can't have Gravy bub 

as he clean's the cage's "let's go make some Breakfast Bub 

Ryder Jump's in excitement Running down the stair's to the kitchen as John Follow's him Turning on the stove as Ryder open's the fridge grabbing the bottle of milk putting it onto the counter "I'm a good helper ain't i dadda 

John Lean's down Smiling giving a kiss onto Ryder's forehead "You sure are bub 

as He cook's the gravy while Ryder grab's the bread climbing up on a chair putting it into the toaster "Going to the water fall today daddy?

John Stir's the gravy "The River son Not a waterfall 

smiling as he Walk's over buttering the toast putting it onto a plate as he pour's some Gravy onto the plate Placing it onto the kitchen table Ryder run's over to the table hopping up into the chair and start's chowing down on his breakfast "Ryder you hear daddy is getting a new house in LA we will be able to go to the beach enjoy the ocean as John and Ryder finish's breakfast They went up stair's packing a bag for the river John pick's up Ryder carrying him out to the car As they head to the river 

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John Wake's up in a motel on the North side of Chicago Having a busy weekend enjoying time with his son rolling over in the bed Looking at his watch Before he slid out of bed Walking to the bathroom Turning the sink on as he brushed his teeth and Washing his face Waking him up fully

Making his way over to shower rod Grabbing his Dress shirt that was hanging on the rod Looking up slightly as he button his Black Dress shirt 

Rolling his cuff's Before sliding on his 2 button poplin Red dress Blazer Slicking his hair back Before turning off the sink making his way over to the night stand next to the bed opening the nightstand Grabbing his snub nose Tucking it the back of his Dress pant hiding it with his Blazer before picking up a black duffle bag next to the stand walking out of his motel room 

Whistling a tune While looking down at his watch before stopping at a room door Knocking loud "Ay Sal get you're ass up 

Walking to his car putting the duffle bag in the back seat as he got into the driver side Sal come's waddling out of his motel room with a blonde Lady "Fuck Johnny Always interrupting a good time 

Smacking her ass as Sal kiss's her cheek 

John chuckle's while leaning out the window "She Wouldn't be able to find it Sal

Sal look's over at John "Fudgeabouutit You Jackoff 

laughing as he motion's for the  blonde to hit the road  Sal waddles over getting in the Car "So Johnny My Brother Sonny Got out last night did a little bid he need's some Work 

John back's out of the parking space While shifting into drive pulling out of the motel lot merging into traffic "I can Have Sonny Work at the Construction company Going to need some New hand's for LA a lot of money to be made in construction in LA 

Sal Lean's back getting cozy leaning his arm on the Door "Thank you so much Johnny Trying to keep him out of the Clank 

"You're Welcome Sal we got some business met a man Name Vincent La Bianca Did couple year's with him in philly clank 

He has good connection's with some people who pay good Price's for Heroin 

Pulling up on 46th street outside of a Ran down Apartment complex couple group's of people hanging outside Talking "Johnny You always find the ran down spot's Probably get Robbed here 

John Step's out looking back at Sal Before opening the back door Grabbing the duffle bag of Heroin "Best kind of people to be on you're Side they give warning's 

laughing as he close's the door Sal Get's out Waddling as he follow's John into the apartment hitting the Elevator button Sal keep's looking around Sketched out nervous John open's the gate to the Elevator closing it behind them "Damn Sal haven't seen you Sweat like this for a long time since you're First hit 

The Elevator stop's on the third floor opening the gate stepping out of the Elevator John and Sal is met by Paul "hey Johnny How you been

kissing John's cheek as he pat's his shoulder "i'm doing good Paul How's the wife 

Paul laugh's While walking John and Sal down the Hall "Still bitches about a ring Wanting to settle down

As paul open's Vincent room door John and Sal Walk's in while paul close's the door behind them locking it "Ayy Paul I got a nice 18k Yellow Gold Petite taper ring Hell I'll Sell it to you for 550 get her off you're back

"You would do that for me John ?

"Of course Paul you ever need anything you let me know 

Paul pat's John's back before walking them into the small front room of the apartment where Vincent was sitting at the table With a stack of cash Counting "Johnny Good to see you 

Smiling as he stand's up Kissing John's cheek "you're a stand up guy John Always about business 

Vincent shake's Sal's hand as John Sit's down at the table putting the duffle bag onto the table "That's what keep's this life alive is business 

"Ayy Paulie Have the girl's come in 

Paul Walk's into the bedroom bringing out couple girl's in dresses Sal eye's light's up as one of the girls walk's over to him grabbing his tie pulling him into the bedroom Paul sit's down at the table as one of the girl's sit's on his lap as the other girl walk's up behind John Rubbing his Shoulder's Softy kissing his neck "How are you John Been a while since you been in Chicago 

Letting her rub his shoulder's as he look's at Vincent "i'm doing good Sadie Been Busy in philly So Vincent I got 7 brick's of heroin 

Leaning up opening the duffle bag pulling out a brick laying it onto the table Vincent Grab's the brick Putting it on a scale before looking at Paul 

"I can do 4,400 for the 7 brick's 176 grand for all 7 John Shake's Vincent hand for the Deal "Sound's good Vincent Business been good 

Vincent Grab's the Duffle bag handing it to paul as He Grab's the stack of cash counting 176 grand out before placing it into the duffle bag Paul place's the bag onto the table "Business has been booming This Heroin is pure A lot of dealer's cut it mix's it with out drug's That's bad for business John pull's out a cigar as Sadie lean's over his back flicking her zippo Lighting John's cigar as he take's couple of puff's 

"The drug game is changing over time People are more worried about Getting more profit instead of good Drug's 

exhaling his cigar smoke into the room as he hold's his cigar in his hand "John This drug life is losing the code letting anyone be part of this life pushing the old head's out Filling it in with fake's Snitch's Vincent Put's his hand up in the motion of What the fuck

"Back in my day John if you was caught selling laced shit You got a Beating if they had to come back again you was dead Now a day's everyone is lacing it Killing people getting people hooked and Raping them

John Grab's the duffle bag counting the stack's as they sat there and talked "Life we know it is changing 

zipping the bag up as he stand's up from the table "I got to run Vincent got a thing to handle Don't mind if i leave Sal here 

Laughing as he Lean's down kiss's Vincent cheek "I don't want to interrupt him a second time Tell him when he's done I went down to South side saloon "Sure thing Johnny be safe 

"ay Paul Next time i'm back thru Chicago I'll bring that ring for you

"Thank's John 

Paul stand's up from the table Walking John out of the apartment to the Elevator "See you around John 

Walking into the elevator carrying the duffle bag to his side "Take care Paul 

the Elevator door close's going down to the lobby making his way out to his Car putting the duffle bag into the back before he drive's to the south side to the saloon

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