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Lets kick the tires and light the fires Started by: PilotPhil on Jun 10, '21 14:28

As Don FishTheKitty had been smelling and touching her gun over and over again to check if it was cooled down enough to fulfill her plan of bringing down Corktown's Godfather, PilotPhil had some different issues on his mind.
He was supposed to take off soon after FishTheKitty had taken over and was yet to prepare a public speech. His Phil Airlines plane was just filled up and Airhostess_Avril was already standing on top of the stairs. The stairs were quite steep, which made Phil's on Avril perspective rather interesting.

PilotPhil inspected the plane. It was shiny today, the sun reflected right in the point on top of the second i of Phil Airlines.

Suddenly, Phil heard gunfire.

Knowing what that meant, PilotPhil yelled at Avril to get the in-flight crate out again and place it on the side of the landing strip.

Improvise, Phil, PilotPhil thought, just like they do at the Academy Award Ceremonies, let the words flow naturally..

Ladies and gentlemen,

Standing here I first want to congratulate the new Godfather of Corktown, FishTheKitty. Fish, I know you must be busy, but if you hear this, I want to tell you that you really earned your spot. And I also want to thank you for all you have done for me. It's been massive. I will try to pay you back in a number of ways: Like.. by not shooting any other crewleaders without anyone knowing.. Or by having my flight services available to you anytime you want.. But most of all, I pledge my loyalty to you, as I am honoured to serve under you.

PilotPhil bended as if he was an air hostess himself, holding his legs straight whilst picking up something he had prepared

I'd like to symbolically at you this honorary membership card of my new special aviation sextion


Phil Airlines VIP sextion: Mile High Club


I know our services at Phil Airlines haven't always been to the point, accurate or satisfying for clients, but they have been for air hostesses.

Phil assumed Velvet never heard what he said as he rephrased

I mean..


Thank you for this oppurtunity!

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Fish had been waiting anxiously for this to happen all day. Finally, she was able to bring down the current godfather of Corktown to attain his position. Had it not been for PilotPhil, she wouldn't be standing over a dead body of such a high rank on this day. It was the first time someone of her bloodline achieved the rank of Godmother, and she wore it with pride.

She knew that PilotPhil would be busy after this, so she rushed over to the landing strip near his current office. Here, she saw him standing kind of awkwardly on a wooden crate with AirHostess_Avril and Ratatoskr next to him. 

His speech was so touching she had to let out a few tears, but she quickly wiped them away. Now was not the time to show weakness. 

"It's been an honor to have you in my family, PilotPhil. I never thought we would make it this far, but I am happy to see you finally spread your wings so you can fly above and beyond. Please send me post cards regularly, I need to know that you're doing well out there!"

Fish moved a little closer to PilotPhil as she wanted to talk to him personally. "Congrats again on your family, Phil. I know you will do well here in Detroit and I can't wait to see what great things will come out of it. Fly safe out there, please!"

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I appreciate you allowing me and my squirrely godliness to move into Phil's enterprise.  Apparently he has something planned for me which is a 'trolley dolly' which I have no idea what that means.

He also says i'd look good in a cravat so who the fuck knows anymore?

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PilotPhil smiled at FishTheKitty and comforted her by sharing some statistics with the new Godmother..

As you may know, out of all non-crashing flights, we have a 100% passenger survival rate at Phil Airlines!

After seeing the comforted look in FishTheKitty's eyes, PilotPhil looked at Ratatoskr and chuckled picturing the squirrel wearing a turquoise-blue cravat.

You know, Ratatoskr, how I came up with the colours of Phil Airlines?

One day I was flying over the Caribbean, you know, that triangle Yaxmeen loves so much as people disappear there..

PilotPhil looked at Ratatoskr's face and added
Yeah, you are right, I don't know.. Yeah, sure, it could be some sort of fetish, I never investigated.. But that's off the point really.

So that was well before over half the Phil Airlines planes were reliable, and I had 1 of the engines failing. Unfortunately, this was a one-engined plane, so I had to land on water. But the colour was so intensely turquoise, I never forgot. So when Tyki_Mikk asked me about the colouring scheme of the company, I instantly knew..

And the cravat will look great on your fur!

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When Yaxmeen listened to PilotPhil mention that triangle, her adventurous spirit blossomed and she finally found the courage to visit the places she always dreamed of.

Now she's contemplating if she should take a plane to the Bermuda triangle where lots of people disappeared; To Russia, where a group of hikers died in a strange incident at the Dyatlov pass; To France, where the scary Catacombs of Paris remains misteryous and not fully explored; To the United States, where there's hundreds of abandoned and haunted asylums across the country or to Germany, where the intriguing and unexplained Hinterkaifeck murders happened.

She looks at PilotPhil and asks:

If i had to chose any airline in the whole wide world, i would always chose Phil Airlines. But i have to ask this: May i have the honour of your planes to be the ones that makes my dreams come true?

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