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A Lucky Day in Manhattan Started by: EithneRyan on Jul 20, '21 16:46

"Here kitty, kitty..." Eithne whispered as she crept through the hallways, with a rolled up newspaper in her hand. She still wasn't sure what Lucky was thinking letting that cat into the headquarters. A cat of all things.... Why not a dog? A fish? Anything besides a damn cat.

"Here kitty.... kitty..." She whispered once more, darting her head from side to side, trying to catch glimpse of that furball.

"Here kitty... kitty..." She muttered once again as she turned the corner. Gazing downwards she did not see a cat, what she saw was a bit different. Two shoes, shinned up leather ones, rather fancy. Took a moment for her to register it but those shoes looked awfully familiar.

"Lucky!" The name burst through her head, causing her to shoot up. Sure enough, that's exactly who it was. Though he didn't seem his joyful self standing there with his arms folded across each other and a rather smug look upon his face. Scenario after scenario played through her head. Each of which coming back to her destine for that cat, that had to be why he was angry... right?

Quickly she tucked the rolled newspaper behind her back and gave him a bit of a smile before trying to come up with some sort of excuse. "Bee's... yeah... we've got bee's. I'm just trying to..." before she was able to finish, Lucky cut her off.

"What? Quit messing around Eithne. Leave that damn cat alone, we have more pressing issues at hand."

The serious tone in his voice immediately set her straight. If he wasn't annoyed at her attempt to swat at the cat then what was it?

"What issues?"

"The old man." Eithne looked Lucky up and down. "Not me..."

"Oh... Ohhhhhh..." Took her a second to grasp what he was saying but she got it. He was talking about the man whom thought he was in control of Manhattan. The one who tried to strong arm the district. The one who self titled himself the Godfather of Manhattan. One who really had no claim to things, he was more of a hindrance than anything else. Apparently something had changed but what?

"Time to go pay him a visit." He motioned for her to follow him with a simple head nod, was an order she wasn't going refute. The walk down the hallway and out to the awaiting car was a rather quiet one. The only thing heard was a random hiss that echoed throughout the place. Was a hiss that caused Eithne to squint her eyes and narrow her brow. "Stupid cat..." She muttered softly under her breath, soft enough that Lucky wasn't able to hear her.

The short ride was also a bit quiet, she could tell something was bothering him. Something was up... wasn't like him to be this quiet on a topic, especially to her. The car stopped in front of the old run down building that the self titled godfather resided in. One of his guards opened just his door, which was sort of odd. Usually one of them would open hers as well. She turned to open hers but stopped as Lucky began to speak.

"I just need to run inside really quick, you stay here."

Was a strange request... He asked her to come with but is now telling her to stay put. Something wasn't right, her anxiety level started to rise.

"Huh? Stay here?"


She let out a sigh but didn't say anything. Just watched as Lucky got out of the car and was escorted into the building, with his slew of guards in front and behind him. She didn't even have the time to get herself situated in the backseat before she heard it. Was a single gunshot then silence, which caused her to spring up in her seat. She fumbled for her gun but by the time she could even grasp it came the sounds of an all out firing squad.

Stumbling to get herself up and out of the car was quite the spectacle and by the time she stepped foot out of the car, the firing had stopped. With gun in hand, ready to fire, Eithne ran around the car and towards the door. Though by the time she had reached it, the door had opened. Out came Lucky, with a smile on his face.... A little blood too but a big ole smile.

"I told you to stay in the car, didn't I?"

"Well yeah but..."

"Come on let's get out of here, this place will be swarming with cops shortly and we for sure don't want to be here when that happens." He gave her a wink and proceeded past her to his awaiting opened door. "Eithne, let's go!"

She was rather flustered but obeyed to his command, making her way around the car once more and getting in. The car sped off... She watched as Lucky took out a handkerchief from his inner jacket pocket. Opening it up he wiped the bit of blood from his face then folded it back up, placing it back in his pocket. With a bit of a laugh, he turned to Eithne. 

"Looks like I'm now the Godfather of Manhattan, you should have seen his face Eithne. It was priceless."

"Well... congrats?" There was a bit of hesitation in her tone. Not that she wasn't happy about, cause honestly it should have happened sooner but just how it all went about. Was something she wasn't prepared for at the start of the day. "So now what?"

The car stopped as it pulled up to the front of the Lucky Strike HQ. This time both of the doors opened, Lucky got out and made his way up the stairs. Eithne was a little bit behind as she had to walk around the car. He stopped at the top of the stairs as two of his guards opened the front door. Not to much of her surprise, waiting once the door opened was that damn cat.

She watched as Lucky walked in, Fluffier rubbed up against him before walking past him. Eithne on the other hand did not get such a welcoming, as Fluffier arched his back and hissed in her direction. She looked down, the want to boot him was rather high but she refrained in the presence of Lucky.

"Stupid cat!" She spoke down at him before directing her gaze back upwards. Lucky had stopped, she could see him glancing down at the cat before looking back up at her. With a simple head nod, she knew what he had just told her. Was something that she had been waiting for him to give the ok for a while now.

A smile beamed from her face and in one motion she turned about, drew back her leg and kicked the cat out the door. That furry thing went flying into the air but somehow managed to land on his feet a couple steps out the door. Before he was able to gather his bearings, Eithne closed the door on him. She turned back about to Lucky with that big smile on her face.

"So, all it took was for you to kill that old man and take Godfather? What took you so long?" She walked over to him, gave him a look over and spoke once more. "Godfather Lucky... that sounds rather nice, if I must say. Congrats new old man, extremely well deserved!"

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Fluffier had been sleeping in his little kitty hammock behind the big desk and chair in which Lucky, his owner, had been sitting deep in thought for almost the entire night. The big mountains of ashes in the 2 big ashtrays he kept at the top corners of his desk showed his restlessness. Not for the actual amount of smoking, often people wouldn’t notice the cat due to all that smoke (luckily for him EithneRyan was one of them) covering him up just the way he liked it, but for the fact his boss hadn’t moved for hours. Even Fluffier had rolled over sometimes, readjusting his position with or without paws sticking out, you know the usual…

As he was woken up by some annoying sound, some bird tweeting or whatever, he saw his boss had risen and was walking out of the door. Fluffier looked over the piece of paper his boss had been pondering over and knew an important day had been started just now. He quickly sprung up and follow his boss close on his heels. Out of the office, down the stairs to the center hallway where thick red carpet was making his paws even more silent and deadly than they were otherwise. He purred knowing his boss had finally made the decision to take power for himself and he couldn’t wait to congratulate him upon his return. Yet he saw that mean women come closer, so he darted off meowing a goodbye to his boss.

Not long later he heard the door slam shut, he checked out of the window and saw Lucky and Eithneryan get in the car. He settled down on his haunches and commenced a 20 minutes grooming session that he considered would be sufficient to keep him occupied until the boss would return. He meticulously lapped his paws, front and back, chewed something away from in between his claws, over and over again. Not long seemed to have passed by the time he looked up and saw the car pull up at the main entrance. He quickly got up and darted for the door to welcome his owner. As they came in he saw from their faces the journey had been a success, but… wait what? The mean lady seemed to just be allowed to kick his fluffy majestic butt with the owner not stopping her this time. He hisses at the woman, for she had been on his ass all the time, yet the boss had told him in long overnight conversations that she was essential to the business and the fear among associates to perform.

So, after weeks of cat abuse and profound secondhand smoking the day had arrived where Fluffier_Tummy plopped down on the street in front of the Lucky Strike HQ. With a single toss Eithne threw out a few cans of kitty food and a box with some litter and shouted at the kitty to figure out some place to stay on my own. He stared her down, but the boss nodded and trusted the kitty to make his own way in the evil, human controlled world.

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It had taken a bit of time but eventually, Leo had heard the good news and made his way around to the headquarters in Manhattan, it had looked a little different now that their was some cat living infront of the place in his cardboard box and cat food, he meowed as Leo walked past but before he could get a word in, his sister opened the door and muttered what sounded like 'Shoo cat!' before she smiled at him and let him inside. There was the boss in the center of the room, already receiving his congratulations from a few other people, but Leo made sure to barge and in make sure his presence was known, catching Lucky's attention..

"I heard the good news, congratulations Lucky .. I am honored to be here working for you and whatever you need of me you haven't hesitate to ask."

Leo bowed his head a bit before raising it back with a smile.

"Oh and it seems your favorite cat has taken up shelter in a box outside the door, glad to see he was finally thrown out that pest! He always ate all my treats."


Leo chuckled before fading into the room a bit with the rest of the entourage that was gathered..

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