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The Vacation Started by: Trevor on Jul 21, '21 09:48

Vacation, that was what Trevor needed a break away from the life of crime, a break away from all of the shootings and muggings, a break away to just breathe for a moment without your gun and looking over your shoulder.
He had heard that Cornwall was beautiful at this time of the year so that is what he decided on Terry was from Cornwall so he told him where to go and who to contact so ringing up a cottage company and booking the cottage and the transport from the port into the bottom of England a great deal easier.
Packing up his suitcase and gathering all of the shorts he owned because the weather was going to be nice and warm, or so he hoped, whilst he was booking his boat over there he decided he wanted a good room on the ship maybe first Class Tricky trevors bar had made him rather flush with cash.
After booking his first class room on the ship he was extremely exited he got all of his businesses affairs in order ready for him to leave he said goodbye to everyone who deserved a goodbye because belive me, not everyone did he was on his way having his good friend Terry drive him down to the docks where he would be departing from. Alot of people would think, what a holiday in England the weather will be terrible but no down in Cornwall the beaches were amazing the sand was as white as the clouds and the sea was a beautiful turquoise colour he had heard of a place called Kynance Cove and the   waters were tropical and looked Caribbean so he booked out a cottage that overlooked the cove so he could get the best spot on the beach to go swimming meet some women and take in the sun and the views.

Arriving at the port.
Trevor arrived at the port and said his goodbyes to Terry while he put his gun into his pants being as though they weren't allowed in England so he had to conceal it walking aboard the boat he showed them his ticket so they escorted him over to the 1st class lounge and then showed him where his bedroom was it was amazing a king size bed with a view of the ocean he was made up he loved it he said to the hostess "this is really worth the extra money for first class it's amazing thank you for showing me around." Putting down his case he got into the shower and got suited and booted and headed for the first class lounge he wondered if he could find a classy England woman on the way down there. With no luck in the first class lounge he headed over to his room to hit the lay and this was pretty much all he did on his boat journey.
When the boat arrived in the Cornwall port he had to get into his shorts and an open shirt because the weather was amazing and the sun was gleaming, and so were the women they were Fit Toned Tanned and ready, getting into a cab he told the driver the address of the cottage he was staying in and off he went he just hoped that the cottage had fans throughout because the heat was well very hot. Paying for his cab he got out and was greeted by the cottage owners who passed him the keys and they were off on there way, Trevor headed straight to the fridge he was partched but when booking he had asked the fridge be filled with local Cider and Soda so he could keep refreshed he didn't mind a beer but in the sun a cider was more refreshing, the cottage had fans to trevors relief but he lathered himself in sun cream and got his beach towel and headed down the steps from the cottage down to the beach the tide was out but in doing so there was a pool of water that it left behind and inside there the water was so very warm it was amazing and it was full with people having a drink and a great time so Trevor went over to join them "can I take a seat in here?" They laughed at his accent as it was so different to theirs "yeah of course you can take a seat" sitting down Trevor cracked open a cold local cider and took a sip and it tasted like heaven never did he think he would be sat on the beach In England drinking a cloudy apple cider back when he was working for Tommy. After he had a few bottles of cider he decided to call it a night and he headed up to his cottage but as he was heading up he turned to the beach and called out "Anyone want to come up here and join me for a drink? Everyone is welcome." With a few people getting up Trevor went inside to the kitchen got a bucket of ice and filled it with bottles of cider for him to share with his guests he put on some music and sat down and drank with his guests after a few hours the sun begun to rise so he got up and said "alright thats me off to bed you guys be able to get home alright?" He asked his guests and they all replied "yeah we will be fine" off to bed Trevor was pleased with how the first day of his vacation had gone. Planning on going down to the local town tomorrow to try an authentic cornish pasty and some clotted vanilla ice cream, the touristy things if you'd like to call them that but he was going to make a day out of it and if he had time he also wanted to visit the local cider brewery. So with a taxi booked he got up and got himself dressed for a nice day out so he put on a pair of nice shorts and a nice shirt but only fastened a few buttons oh and he couldn't forget his sunglasses so he could look like a real tourist, getting into the taxi and heading for the town when he arrived it was nearly lunch time with the busy traffic so he went to a quaint bakery and got a cornish pasty and a pint of local larger to wash it down with because, well because he was on holiday the pasty tasted amazing one of the best things he had ever eaten and after sitting in the beer garden for a few hours and a few drinks he set about going for an clotted vanilla ice cream and it wasn't hard to find ice cream shops were everywhere Trevor just had to choose which one to go to, walking in to the one that had a moderate price and the best looking decor he got himself a single scoop on a waffle cone and that satisfied his sweet tooth. Jumping back in a cab he went back to his cottage for a lay down and to relax for the rest of his week on his vacation.


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