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Siempre Started by: Luna on Sep 05, '21 10:21

The building was hidden from people passing by the LA streets daily. The only way you could know about it was through word of mouth as you'd get given a specific set of instructions to get there. It was literally underground. It had started out as an empty town hall, but after a money hungry mob boss set foot in town few weeks ago, many renovations were made and he turned it into a luxury strip club. 

Anyways, Luna's reason for her visit to the establishment was not to get entertained by the dancers, but to drop off a shipment of cocaine. She was promised $500,000 in cash. Luna hated the sight of the owner, but she continued on with the deal because, well... business was business. She made her bread and that was that. 

The music that was blasting in her ears made it hard to hear what he was trying to say her. It sounded like something sinister. "I can't hear you," yelled Luna, making sure to keep her distance from him. But even so, she could still smell his hot breath that smelled like alcohol.

"I said we aren't done here. I want some of that as-"

That's all Luna needed to hear before she cut him off. Completely ignoring the man, she walked away with a blank face. She got her money and was satisfied. However, she couldn't help but feel her stomach and legs churn from what just happened. She quickly tried to walk out in her heels, trying her best to not trip from nervousness.

His office was on the second floor of the club so she had to walk down a long, dark hallway to get back to the elevator. She passed many rooms along the way, wishing she had some earplugs in. She also walked past a few man along the way, but she kept her eye at the elevator doors. One look at them and she feared that they would come approaching her like a predator. Shit, I need to get paid more for putting myself in these dangerous situations, she thought to herself.

She continued to keep her gaze concentrated on the red carpet. The sound of their voices saying "..hi miss" sent chills of fright down her spine.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

She finally reached the elevator doors and almost stumbled while pressing the buttons. From the corner of her eye, she could see some guy in the corner dressed in a dark suit eyeing her up and down. DING! The doors finally opened to let her through and she scrambled to close them before anyone could get in and potentially harass her. Luna breathed slowly and tried to get herself back together. She wasn't usually like this... but it was overwhelming being in this kind of environment.

The secret behind how these mob bosses recruited their dancers was... pure evil. If Luna hadn't been able to escape the man that had kidnapped her so long ago as a child, she would be like those dancers up on stage. Their eyes, so full of fear. But the music loud enough to drown their thoughts.

Masses of men stood around a mini round stage. The sight of men throwing their bills on her so casually, words so terrible that kept on being repeated to her face. Luna was going to leave the club... she was only a few steps away, but after sharing a glance with the girl, she felt like she couldn't even move now. It looked like she was begging for help. One of the man suddenly forced her off the stage by grabbing her arm aggressively.

Luna gasped, her heart racing as her eyes quickly searched for one of the bar workers to stop what was happening. But they didn't care. They just kept on walking around and offering drinks to the gentleman. She stared furiously at the man as she witnessed the scene that was causing so much anger inside of her.

The girl looked back at Luna with pleading eyes. Luna looked away, hurt. As much as she wanted to help, she was all alone and all she had was her gun against a group of men all carrying weapons of their own. She was gonna come back, but not now. Not yet.

Luna turned around. She knew just who to go to for some help.

She wondered if Falista still had all those torture weapons in her garage?

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It had been a busy few days for Falista, she had just moved into her new place in Chicago. Getting all the finishing touching complete Falista had just one final thing to do before it was finished. Reaching for the phone cable she plugged it took and sign of relief and stood up, before she could just take a moment to admire her new place the phone started to ring.


Jumping out her skin she wondered who could possibly be phoning her already. Picking up the receiver she answered it nervously. "Hello?" Not sure what she was expecting to come back, to her surprised a soft voice replied 'Hello, Falista? Is that you?" The voice sounded very familiar and it took Falista a moment to realise but it came to her "LUNA!" She screamed, Luna and her went way back and it was great to hear her familiar voice but the familiar voice always come with some trouble. 


After a brief catch-up Luna got straight to business explaining what she had witnessed in the club in LA and how she needed her help to show the men a lesson. Falista had come from a background of ancestors well equipped in the art of torture and she knew that somewhere in one of the unpacked boxes she had a few weapons and devices that may well come in handy. Putting down the phone she scrambled around the unopen boxes filling up a duffle bag of goodies. Before she even had a chance to sit down in her new place she was chucking the bag into her car and jumping in speeding away to as always get in some trouble with Luna.

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"Your favourite troublemaker," Luna smiled cheekily before bringing Falista in for a hug. Her arms around her was a little too tight but it was okay, because Luna let go as she was distracted from the duffle bag, which she had casually put down in the back seat. Just an everyday thing, really. A civilian passing by probably thought it might just be a huge bag of gym clothes.

Anyways, it had been forever since they had caught up.

"This isn't what I meant when I said let's catch up, but hey... it's good to see you again. Also when did you get curls?" She admired her new hairstyle. Different, but cute.

She welcomed Falista inside her apartment, giving her the rest of the details of what she had witnessed back at the strip club.

"It was horrible, Fal. It just triggered so much from my past..." Luna shook her head, trying to clear it of the negative thoughts. She just wanted to come back to the building and show those men what real pain would be like for them.

However, as much as she appreciated her friend for coming over to help her, Luna wasn't going to force her into something she didn't want to do. And Luna was scaring herself a bit. She was gonna go ALL OUT.

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Falista grabbed  Luna with open arms, it had been what seemed like forever since they had last met up. "It is so good to see you," Falista smiled, she noticed Luna eyeing up the duffle bag and and grabbed it out of the front seat and placed it on the floor infront of her "Everything in this bag is what you require." Falista laughed picking up the bag and following Luna inside.

Inside Falista took a seat "Tell me what happened," she said softly, Luna opened up about everything she had witnessed in the club and what the men were doing to those poor girls. As Luna was speaking tears started to fill Falista eyes, se remembered what Luna had been through, it was terrible for her but she had managed to free herself and together they will do the same for these girls.

Once Luna had stopped talking, Falista wiped away the tears and opened the duffle bag. "You know ill always have your back girl." she said reassuringly "Tell me your plan, and together we will show these fuckers a lesson."

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After Falista's sweet gesture of drying her tears, Luna took a deep breath in then out to pull herself back to reality. She had been wanting to tell Falista of her plans since last night as she kept on re-imagining what she would do to those men that were pushing around that poor girl at the club. She spoke quietly, almost paranoid that someone could be listening closely even though they were the only two in the house.

"The thing is, none of the men saw me, which I think is an advantage because we could both enter the club acting as CLIENTS wanting to pick out some girls. Then once we get closer to them, you quickly take them out of the club and into our van for safety while I blast the motherfuckers inside." 

She watched Falista's reaction closely, hoping that the plan was good enough and achievable. It wasn't like there was a whole crew of men, and Luna knew she could take them on as long as she timed her attack right. Luna pictured herself, holding two guns in each hand and furiously firing bullets into the men's chests. A bullet for every girl they had ever harmed.

Luna may be known as the LA brat to the cops, but she wanted people around the neighbourhood to know that she was also a protector for the working girls. They don't deserve the words and actions thrown their way by lowlifes.

She continued to speak, hoping that Falista was taking it all in.

"One more thing... I have to wear a disguise because the owner kinda-maybe-really knows me?"

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Falista listened closely to Luna's plan every detail was planned to perfection. Falista could not help but notice one thing missing and wondered when she would get the chance to kill one of them. She pulled a sharp knife out from underneath her dress "I was hoping to get the chance to try this out." Falista gave out an almost sinister laugh, she was brought up in the mean streets using a knife was second nature to her. 

Once Luna had finished Falista took a moment to fully digest the plan and she could not help but notice one part of the plan that really stood out to her, the need for a disguise. That only meant one thing "SHOPPING." Falista clapped with joy, this was her second best pastime when she was not stabbing men who offended her. Her over joyous reaction soon settle back down as here was something else playing on her mind an that was how Luna 'really' knew the owner and if there was another reason for this attack. 

Falista thought it was best not to ask, she always had Luna's back and the same was reversed she knew she could trust her. 

"We better get going, its getting dark the club will start filling up with customers."

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Luna widened her eyes slightly as she witnessed Falista pull out her newest weapon. She smirked, slightly amused that her friend could be such a bad ass when it came to these things. This is why Luna was able to bond with her so easily when they had met. They had that same fire. She nodded in agreement at Falista urging them to get going.

Luckily, Luna had a few spare wigs in an old shoe box upstairs in the closet so they didn't need to go shopping.

"One sec," Luna announced before quickly running up to grab the short, black bob that framed her face nicely.

She came back down and posed, smiling cheekily.

"You can call me Liliana..." Luna threw her head back and laughed, before fixing herself in the mirror.

She cleared her throat and patted down her skirt. She figured no one would recognize Falista since she never even went there before. She assembled the guns with Falista and practised aiming the gun. Perfect. 

She fixed her eyes on Falista, nodding. "Let's fill up the van with our weapons and also spare coats for the girls when we get them. It's fucking freezing out." 

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Disappointment filled her face, damn no shopping she thought to herself.

Luna left the room to go upstairs and fetch her a box of wigs she kept in the cupboard. With Luna gone briefly, Falista quickly checked around the corner of the door frame to confirm she was upstairs and made her way back to her duffle bag. Falista quickly looked through the bag pulling out a small pistol, looking over her shoulder to be certain Luna was still upstairs she placed the pistol  along with her knife back under her dress. 

Falista still had a doubt about what was really going on and she was not going to get caught short, hopefully she was wrong and would not be put in a position where she would be required to use it.

Luna reappeared and startled Falista "That wig makes you look hot." Falista winked at her smiling. Everything was set all that was left was getting the weapons and spare clothes in the van, Luna took the lead and Falista quickly doubled checked the pistol she had hidden and picked up the remaining bag "All set, lets get going." 

Falista and Luna headed outside and filled the van up. 

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It was pitch-black outside. No street lamps. No one passing by. Truly a perfect area to commit a murder... Once Luna arrived to the strip club, she began to already familiarize herself with what the inside looked like. She turned to Falista, going over the plan again.

"When you walk in, there's a bar on the left, a big stage in the middle, and a few mini stages on the right. We're coming in as clients, pretending that we're going to pick out a few girls for ourselves. Once they take us to the girls, that's when we strike."

Before, Luna had said that she would be doing all the work with the guns, but now she was second guessing herself. Realistically, she won't be able to take on 10 guys by herself.  

Luna waited for what Falista thought about it, and perhaps if anything about the plan needed to be modified. She was all for alternative solutions. 

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As they drove to the club, Falista took a moment to studying her surroundings, it was pitch black not a street lamp inside and dead silent. The only sound and the flicker or light came from a building at the bottom of he street. As Luna pulled up outside the entrance, it was nothing like Falista had seen before there appeared to be no people around, nobody entering or exiting nothing. Falista still had her doubts about what was going on but as Luna was explaining the plan she smiled and nodded along. 

Exiting the vehicle, Luna picked up a weapon from the duffle bag they had brought with them and straightened her disguises ready, Falista followed her out as they approached the entrance just about to go inside Falista smiled at Luna "You first." Luna looked hesitant but entered slowly.

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It all happened so quick.

Few seconds before, Luna had been clutching onto her gun waiting for the perfect time to strike. Next second she's on the floor pinning some guy down with her leg. She looked at Falista in distress, signalling her to quickly grab the girls and run. Luna looked down at the man underneath her. No mercy. Her gun pointed towards him, finger hovering over the trigger.


The loud shot resulted in more men approaching her with pure hatred in their eyes. How dare she come in and protect the girls? The girls were their profit. Without them, there'd be no strip club. Another loud bang came and she turned in the direction of it, ducking quickly just in time before a bullet came through her chest.

She didn't want to waste more time. Knowing her, she had confidence to take down all the men - however she knew... that she would not be able to. There were still many more coming and all armed. She shot whoever she could, before sprinting out the club, breathing rapidly. The van was in sight and she ran towards it, looking back only to shoot bullets at whoever was following after her.

Her feet felt like they were on fire from how fast she was running. Every muscle in her body seemed to signal to her to rest. Luna jumped in the passenger seat, looking at Falista for a quick second and shouting, "go go GO!"

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As Luna burst into the club shots started echoing around the club, Falista knew what she had to do and immediate made her way into the back to find the girls in the dressing room. Falista approached them telling them that everything would be ok if they stayed down and followed her, leading the girls out, she turned to corner to see Luna frantically fending off men bullets whistling around smashing glass everywhere. 

Outside Falista loaded the girls into the back on the van, a man come running out of the club and fired a shot at her, the bullet whizzed past her cheek leaving a mark, Falista pulled her knife out and threw it hitting the assailant right between the eyes. Wiping the blood from her cheek she got into the van waiting for Luna. 

BANG BANG! shots could be heard from outside, tapping her foot anxiously Falista waited for Luna to appear. From the darkness of the club doors Luna came running out, she was being chased by atleast 5 guys, she jumped into the van and screamed at the top of her voice GO!. The van screeched off shots being fired by the men, one shot got lucky and burst the tire sending the van into a mad spin, Falista tried to hold it but she could not.

CRASH! The van smashed into the wall sending Falista crashing through the windscreen, looking up from the road with what strength she had left she shouted for Luna there was no response.

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Ultimate chaos.

That's what the situation had turned into, with Luna's head feeling like it was about to split open. She looked across from where she was on the floor trying to communicate, but she couldn't even open her mouth to talk proper sentences. Her legs were aching and the side of her left arm probably bruised from getting thrown across during the crash.

Luna looked back behind her to see if any men were coming for them, and they definitely were, all armed with a gun. She started to panic, and the only thing on her mind was to get Falista and the girls to safety. Or else, she would never be able to forgive herself for putting them all in this danger.

She grabbed her gun that was still attached to her hip and she shot all the bullets she could in the direction of the running men. One by one, they all fell down like dominoes. With as much strength she could muster, pulled herself up off the ground and limped towards Falista, grabbing her by the arm and flinging it around her shoulder.

The girls had already started escaping the van probably out of fear and now Luna was sure she had lost them all.

Luna turned to Falista, her eyes fixed on Falista's hopeless ones.

"I'm sorry love," she whispered in a tense tone. Luna then started to run fast while still supporting a heavily injured friend.

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Looking up she can hear Luna's soft voice in the distant, sensing she was in danger Falista attempted to get to her feet. Pushing herself up she was nearly standing then her legs gave way beneath her and she crashed back to the floor. More shots rang out in the distance, Falista looked back up and saw the girls leaving the back of the van and running away. 

There in the distance there was a figure approaching, they were become increasing closer, not being able to make out who it was Falista drew her gun she had hidden, she was not going to be going down without using every last bit of fight she had. As the figure got closer Falista perched her finger on the trigger, the closer the figure got the clearer they become, Falista was overjoyed to see it was Luna, she quickly placed her gun back away and smiled with happiness. 

Falista looked at Luna and joked "You have no idea how glad I am to see you", she attempted to laugh but she was in too much pain, Luna extended her hand and helped Falista up, putting her arm around her she managed to steady herself, slowly taking a few steps she looked at Luna again.

"Can we get out of here now, its going to be a long walk."

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Luna was finally able to reach a safe house. It was a dirty, abandoned warehouse, but it was still something. Luna had hoped that her friends would be looking for her by now and sensed that was in some kind of danger. She tried to comfort Falista's pain by looking closely at her injuries. She gently grazed her fingers over a bruise on her shoulder and she heard Falista wince.

"Shit, sorry," Luna said in an apologetic manner.

Luckily, she couldn't see any gunshot wounds. There were just lots of red markings and some glass had penetrated the top surface of her skin. That's how bad the car crash was. Luna was lucky enough to still be able to walk herself and Falista to this place.

She heard an engine running outside all of a sudden. Luna looked at Falista worriedly, hoping it wasn't more enemies. She was relieved when she finally saw who was outside.

"Thank goodness. How did you even find me? Tell me all the details later. Right now let's get Falista back to my place."

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Falista was injured badly and everything around her was becoming a blurr, she had no idea where she was going or where Luna was taking her. She dropped to her knee again, "Just go, ill be fine." She explained to Luna, "Ill catch you up." Luna snapped at Falista that she would no leave her behind and that they would soon be safe.

After what seemed like a like time the finally made it to an abandoned warehouse, Falista dropped to the floor and laid still staring up at the ceiling, Luna grabbed some medical supplies that she had and attended to Falistas wounds. Luna gently dressed the wounds and cleaned them up, pain etched all over Falista's face. From outside Falista could hear the distinct sound of  a car engine, she wondered who would be outside, maybe they were followed. 

The figure entered the warehouse, Luna seemed surprised yet happy to see the person turn up, Falista pulled herself up to her feet, she acted on adrenaline and instinct alone this man was a stranger where did he come from, Falista pulled out of gun.

"Who the hell is he, and how did he find us." She pointed to gun at the stranger, while looking at Luna.

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Luna widened her eyes, not expecting for Falista to take out her gun and do that considering just before she was in a lot of pain. She quickly came between them and put up her hands in defense.

"Falista, hun. Put that down..." Luna made a lowering gesture wth her hands and sure enough it seemed that Falista was able to settle down a bit.

She did understand though why she had reacted like that. Luna didn't blame her, she would've done the same thing to find out that there was someone outside expecting their presence and had no idea who it was. To clear up the confusion, Luna attempted to give a sufficient explanation.

"He's a really good friend of mine. He can take you to a doctor, one that is connected and has knowledge of the kind of stuff we deal with. This won't get out to the public, I assure you."

Afraid that someone could be watching them at that exact minute, Luna quickly and gently pulled Falista towards her and got into the backseat of her friend's car. She gave him a nod in the rearview mirror when he jumped into the drivers seat. "Let's not go to my place. They are probably already there. Your place, Philip?" 

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Falista snapped Lunaout of the state she was in. "Oh my god, I am so sorry, I do not know what come over me."  She holsterd her gun and gave Philip a friendly smile. 


​​​​​​Falista slowly followed Luna and Philip outside and into the car, she checked behind her double checking nobody was around and that they was not being followed. Philip but his foot down and his car screeched off. They seem like that had been driving forever flashing past car after car and building after building. Eventually the car come to a slamming stoop, Falista was thrushed forward in her seat "Ouch, watch it!" She shouted towards Phil. Falista took a look out her window, they appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, she took a worried look at  "Where the hell are we?" She asked her.

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Falista snapped out of the state she was in. "Oh my god, I am so sorry, I do not know what come over me."

She holsterd her gun and gave Philip a friendly smile. ​​​​​​Falista slowly followed Luna and Philip outside and into the car, she checked behind her double checking nobody was around and that they was not being followed. Philip but his foot down and his car screeched off.

They seem like that had been driving forever flashing past car after car and building after building. Eventually the car come to a slamming stop, Falista was thrushed forward in her seat "Ouch, watch it!" She shouted towards Phil.

Falista took a look out her window, they appeared to be in the middle of nowhere, she took a worried look at Luna "Where the hell are we?" She asked her.

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The unfamiliar scenery outside when Phillip finally had reached a stop unnerved Luna. Even Falista seemed to look alarmed. Luna looked into the rearview mirror, caught his eye contact and gave him a curious look. In reality, Phillip had long ago started to betray Luna and was completing jobs behind her back. Making more money than her and not letting Luna in on it. Luna, one of Phillip's best friends... had somehow turned into an enemy who he was ordered to kill.

Phillip wasn't prepared though for killing two women. He had not known of Falista's existence before, and now that she was added in the mix, Phillip should've brought two body bags. He had driven them both out to an abandoned site, no neighbours at all so one could scream at the top of their lungs and still not be heard.

Luna was smart enough to act fast. She had a bad feeling the whole drive. Her gun had 2 bullets left.

She quickly side-eyed Falista and nodded.

"Get your fucking hands off the steering wheel and step out of the car," Luna suddenly said as she whipped out her gun and pressed the cold steel towards Phillip's forehead.

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