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Sep 25 - 06:39:53
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Performance Coaching Services Started by: Wendy_Rhoades on Sep 13, '21 17:24

Wendy_Rhoades steps outside of her exclusive Manhattan offices and walks over to the nearby print shop.  She picks up the flyers for her new business service.  Happy, she steps out onto the streets, and attaches one to the lamppost at speaker's corner.  It reads:

"Are you unhappy?  Unmotivated?  Do you find yourself stuck in a rut, thinking about the past too much, or unable to get over something that happened in the past?  Are you not achieving all that you thought you might?  Are you in a cycle of behavior that makes little to no sense, particularly not to you, who keeps messing up?

There is help.

I am a psychotherapist and performance coach, and I help you be the best you that you can be.  In some cases, you might not like the level that that particular you is - but that is for you to deal with.

I use a person-centred approach.  You come to me, you say what is important to you, and I help you realise about yourself that which you might know, but are otherwise afraid of.

So, step right in, and tell me what's on your mind!"

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Tombstone, can you recall a time when you have been so fixated on something else? 

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*pushes tombstone out of the way*

Me please. Help.
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What seems to be the issue, Runway? I noticed that you sought someone out, they came to you. Did you find what you were looking for?
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Wendy_Rhoades, I unfortunately did not. A business trip pulled me out of the country and by the time I returned the fella I was looking for had parished. 

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Runway - how have you been feeling since then?
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