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Some People just ain't worth it. Started by: Squirrelly-Dan on Sep 20, '21 18:57

Gunhoking, Kuku can come out here himself and I will tell him the same thing. His line has been cast from this land far more time and for far more reasons than anyone else. It seems like leaders are taking a stand, and that stand seems to be that the Kuku line isn’t worth the trouble. As per usual, he has found another mouth piece to spread whatever none sense spews from his mouth.

Let me ask you a straight up question, what was the last thing that the Kuku line was locked away for?”

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No please tell me what he did I have never got to the bottom of it. 

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"I can answer that one, He was locked up for sending r@pe threats to someone. How despicable. He'll probably be locked up again for issuing a writing contest and not paying the victor. That's fraud!"

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Walks into the street and drops a sign post, "No Feeding of the Animals", then casually walks away from the scene of debate.  

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Rocky sees a crowd gathered, and jogs over.  He jogs on the spot, listening, waitin' till everyone's finished, and then he starts to speak...

Here's how I see it.  A powerful CL, Squirrelly-Dan is annoyed that his Goomba was killed.  Understandable.  So he sets out a proposition: Some People just ain't worth it.

And he makes a good case.  But in making the case, he gets the streets movin'!  And then along comes Dr_Kennethnoisewater.  And Dr Ken's got a contact who's giving him info.  And that's getting people talkin' too!

And on and on it goes.  People be getting snarky with each other.

We got GUNHOKING making an interesting damn point.  And we've got Dagda setting his stall out concisely and clearly.

So I guess what my questions is; how can we gets more debates like this going? 

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Shady overhears a Stan muttering ill things


Listen Stan, I'm sorry I never wrote you back. There is no need to speak ill of the City of LA. I don't usually respond to things but you seem very disappointed and let down. I guess I can address your concerns since you are vocal about the city being shit for brains. Prior to my decision to take Downtown, LA or to remain in Hollywood, I spoke with Godfather Qui-Gon-Jinn about the future of LA. We had a very fruitful discussion on the matter. We agreed upon that the late Catalina to take lead of the city as I just rather enjoy making music and would remain in Hollywood. It's obviously Catalina took an unfortunate accident. Now, I waited for this young runt by the name of Adalynn to able to step out in the world on her and continue down her mother's footsteps with Mikazuki taking care of her. I would also be keeping my word to GodFather Qui-Gon-Jinn ensuring him that I was a man of my word.  So are you implying that myself and Godfather Qui-Gon-Jinn have shit for brains? Don't be mad because I do want you as a fan. To show my gratitude towards a fan I will leave you with a gift.

Shady gives the Stan a pair of new shiny shoes with his autograph

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Mikazuki was walking along minding his business when he saw a bunch of men arguing with one another in the street. None of it seemed of interest to him whatsoever, but one person did stick out. It was this GUNHOKING individual. A few days before, Mika spotted the stranger snooping behind LA's headquarters. This GUNHOKING fella was wrist deep in their trash cans at first. This lead Mikazuki to believe he was either a spy for the feds trying to get evidence out of the trash, or just some hungry bum dumpster diving for his next meal. Either way it was a truly sad sight. 


It worsened however, when he saw GUNHOKING lunge into the filth and garbage down to his ankles. The man was searching the disgusting refuge with such vigor. Then finally the man held up an old high heal that had been thrown out days before, sitting in the filth. This man, GUNHOKING, then smelled the high heal, licked it and hugged it as though it were a coveted prize. The sight was enough to make Mika's stomach turn. The man ran off with his prize never to be seen again, so Mika hoped.


Alas! Here was the same man! Speaking of what!? The shoes of Adalynn. It was clear to Mika that this man was truly sick. He was not one Mika intended to waste another moment of thought on. Mika decided not to address the poor soul, there was no telling what sorts of disease this man was carrying. Mika simply shook his head and carried on. This was certainly not a place he intended to stick around.

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Mikazuki do you feel this has been worth it? That the conversation here has been worthwhile?
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*Zeitgeist was walking down the street, as he occasioned to do on a Sunday morning, it was an opportunity to get out of the office, and soak up some sunshine and the hustle and bustle of the streets and the city. The city felt somewhat constipated this particular sunday with groups of people congregating somewhat haphazhardly about the streets. Zeitgeist continued weaving his way through the crowd doing his best not to disturb the enjoyment of his walk, whilst simultaneously keeping a watchful eye on his coin purse, he had found that the streets had become a hot spot for a squad of petty thieves recently and wasn't too keen to replace yet another wallet this week. Zeitgeist approached his favourite coffee shop which seemed to have drawn a small crowd as some established community members were disccussing leadership and the pitfalls associated with it, Zeitgeist hadn't ever lead a family but his lineage had a few leaders in it and some wisdom had passed down from generation to generation*


*Zeitgeist placed his coat over the back of his chair, lowering himself gentle into the arm chair and considered contributing to the conversation... he opted to keep his thoughts to himself but still wanted to explore the topic and his thoughts on it, even if it was just with himself and to have the ideas and debate bounce around his own head*


On one hand, you can't lead without empowering employees and allowing them the freedom to make mistakes, if you have an employee you can't trust to make their own decisions then they arguably shouldn't be your employee now, that being said where you have an employee who makes mistakes after being given the freedom to do so, how many times are they allowed to make the same mistake before it calls your leadership and business into question?


It could be argued this all starts with recruitment, and that we should focus on only hiring the best and having a more comprehensive screening and selection process for the organization, but speaking practically this is only partially effective and odds are, on a long enough timeline everyone will hire an absolute cretin no matter how critical their review process is. The positive side of it is that idiots, in our line of business tend to excel at getting themselves killed. The continued problem however is that this business is, at it's core, a family one and family names continue for many, many generations, the greatest problem of which is intelligence has a large genetic component. 


A son should not be judged for the life of their father, but if their father was a moron, there is a good chance the apple is reasonably close to that tree...


*Zeitgeist stopped for a moment and struggled to understand why his forefathers had been so obsessed with leadership when having to tackle problems like this on a recurring basis.... he gets lost in thought here for a while*

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