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Friends & Enemies: Do We Need Both? Started by: Rocky on Sep 24, '21 20:38
This world is made up of friends and enemies. We need our friends to protect us, to work with, to socialise with.

But without enemies, would we have a purpose? If we didn't have enemies, we wouldn't have to train ojr guns, or recruit new blood, or work out what may be coming next.

We would all fight for our friends. But we all love fighting our enemies.

Which leads to a couple of questions.

Firstly, is having enemies as important as having friends?

And secondly, does this mean that the business of creating enemies is itself important?
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I think enemies are inevitable, but certainly not desired.  I've never felt more motivated by someone hating me, although it has made me a bit more paranoid.  And if paranoia pans out to be the reason I get stronger, then I guess you could say my strength comes from my enemies.  But I prefer to think that my motivations in life are spurred onwards by having friends and family I want to protect.  

I want to keep the people I love safe from unknown and then known.  I want to be able to sleep safely in my bed.  Making, or having enemies out both of those dreams in the cross hairs.  So, while enemies exist naturally, I certainly don't want to seek them out. 

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But CherryDarling wouldn't it be boring if we had no enemies?
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