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Cutting Teeth Started by: Zeitgeist on Sep 26, '21 09:13

*Zeitgeist's heart was racing, his breath extremely heavy, squeezing each new breath out with a small pang in his chest and he desperately tries to control his heart rate, he was pressed hard against a rather shoddily built filing cabinet in the management office of Bella Vista's jail district. He was stuck contemplating his options, he had received a frantic call some hours ago from a family member who found themselves on the wrong side of a pair of icy handcuffs and looking to make a name for himself and earn his badge had decided, rather foolishly, to spring his compatriot from his cage*


There were a lot of considerations Zeitgeist hadn't considered, the first and probably most problematic of all was that the jails were basically a drive through for some reason today, the alarm had been ringing incessantly since he arrived and as quickly as people were being broken out, van loads of new prisoners were arriving to occupy the places they had left behind. It seemed much like a fisherman catching the same trout over and over again whilst never having his enthusiasm wane for even one moment. Things had devolved into such anarchy that Zeitgeist had witnessed the same mafiosa from a competing family, thrown in, and be freed more than 3 times in the time he had been hiding in the management office.


His breath was finally calming down and whilst his heart rate was tricking him into thinking things were going to settle down, he quickly realized to himself he acutally hadn't achieved a single thing yet and his compatriot was still sat in the bottom cell, and his "waiitng for the perfect opportunity" was becoming a bit ridiculous at this point as he strugggled with his ability to initaite the task. He summoned up the last of his resolve and having figured out from the records which cell his family mate was in, he was finally ready to act and bask in the praise from his peers. Zeitgiest stuck his head around the corner of the management office and watched in horror as his target was being sprung free by a complete stranger and stealing his thunder. 


Zeitgeist forced some motivation to his legs and he bounced down the long windy corridor in hot pursuit of his friend, only to realize a short few skips later that he had seemingly lost sight of him and was now lost in a prison, in the middle of jail break, and little upside remained to his presence here. A deep feeling of utter disappointment and genuine frustration sets in he was about to retrace his steps when he felt a firm and concerning tap on his shoulder. He didn't even need to turn around he already knew who it was and what was about to happen, he instinctively and sullenly pushed his arms back behind his back and slowly dropped to his knees and all the while thought to himself what an awful bloody mess he had made of this...

Zeitgeist awoke some time later curled up on the corner of his cell to more commotion as a friendly face from the office had come to rescue him, he lept to his feet as he couldn't wait to get the hell out of this miserable hole. As they were making their way out of the prison without a single hitch, Zeitgeist remembers feels fairly bitter about how easy this seemed in comparison to the endless struggle he felt trying to commit his first break... and remarked without provocation or context to his peer that he was going to stick to 7/11's for the foreseeable future...

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