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Corruption Runs Deep Started by: Lucatiel on Oct 12, '21 10:57

"Here's your target. The head honcho of Tekkadan named Mikazuki, wanted for arson, multiple counts of murder, assault, and an assortment of other crimes." She looked at the poster of her target, a handsome man by all acccounts. She memorized his face immediately "We could not get a warrant for his Right Hand, but getting one for his Left was easy. She goes by the name Lucatiel, and is wanted for multiple counts of murder and theft, along with the murders of multiple officers. Your orders are to arrest them and bring them here. If you get the Right Hand as well, all the better. You understand what this means, correct?" She looked at the two posters of Mikazuki's Hands, and she memorized their faces too.

"Yes, sir. I'll do my job well." 

"Good. Here's some of the addresses the Left Hand frequents. Find her, and you'll find the other two."


Cassandra thought back to her conversation with her commanding officer. It was a behind-closed-doors order, because half of the cops in the department were on the payroll of the different crews. More than a handful were under Tekkadan, and she was one of the very few, if not the only cop, left that was not under the influence of any gang.

She came to America to become a cop, a keeper of law and order like those sheriffs in those cowboy films she used to watch as a child, and today this was her chance. To bring in the top brass of a dangerous gang.

She put on a good pair of pants, her well-used shoes, a black dress shirt and a coat. Her hair was cut to disguise the fact that she was a woman, but even if she had not cut it, her behavior was so much like a man's that even the trained eye would hesitate before calling her a woman. She took her pistol and badge, and hid them both under her coat. Now she was ready.

She only had 12 bullets in her gun, but she would make sure to make every shot count.


After leaving her apartment in Downtown L.A. she took a cab to Pasadena. Apparently the Left Hand frequented a bar here, and even committed a few unsavory acts close by. She remembered reading it one time, "Murder in Pasadena! Three men found murdered outside Pasadena bar". The photos were nightmarish.

One of the photos showed a corpse that looked like they were carved open, even though they were scorched to nothing. Supposedly, the Left Hand was responsible for this, but there was no evidence to link her there. Witnesses only saw her enter the bar, but never saw her leave afterwards. The frequenters of that bar kept quiet about the incident too, and no matter what the police did, they could not get any of them to talk.

The cab dropped her off at the bar, and she walked inside. It was still early in the afternoon, and they were very few patrons present. The bartender eyed her as she sat down. It was quiet for a few minutes before she said, "Listen, if you're going to be sitting here, at least order something."

And so she did. She asked for a pint of beer, and the bartender complied. She took small sips, and then she began to ask some questions. "Do you know a woman named Lucatiel?" The bartender did not stop cleaning the glasses as he answered, "Who doesn't know her? She's the Left Hand of Mikazuki-- wait a fucking minute. You're a cop aren't you?"


"You won't get any answers from me, then." He said as he eyed her with malice. She realized her mistake, and she lost any information she could've gathered. She shook her head as she finished the glass in one, and put down a few dollars. "Thanks for the drink." She left the establishment quickly.


She ruffled her hair in frustration. This was the fifth address, and she found absolutely zero useful information on the Left Hand, even though she made sure not to let slip her identity as a cop. She was about to call it a day, before she spotted the Left Hand conversing with a shady individual in a trench coat. The Left Hand, Lucatiel, handed the individual a bundle of cash and Cassandra sprung into action. "LAPD!" Luca looked at her and she bolted fast. The shady individual bolted down another alley, as Cassandra gave chase.

-~-~- Meanwhile with Luca -~-~-

"Dannazione, she's fast!" Luca kept running down the street, shoving people aside as she tried her damn hardest to get some distance between her and the cop so she could call for backup. She could not risk starting a firefight in an open street, because one, there were innocents out here that could get caught in the crossfire, and two, she would end up going to jail. Jail was not a problem, but shit might happen while she was in the can, and she would not be able to do anything about it.

She kept running, as the cop kept telling her to stop. They arrived at an intersection, and she ran the red light, somehow missing the cars driving along. The cop was forced to slow down, as Luca managed to get enough distance. Soon enough, she lost the cop in the crowd. Now to get some help...

She went into the nearest shop, and asked to use their phone. They let her. She phoned Tekkadan HQ. She was starting to get very nervous as the phone continued to ring, with no one picking up on the other end. She hoped at least Medea would be there to answer...

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Medea sat in her office at the headquarters, with a cigarette in one hand and her other hand busy filing in some paperwork. She sighed and looked out of the big window, it had been a long ass day, she thought. She finished up her work and decided to get up and take a small walk around to stretch her legs a bit. She was in the middle of putting on her coat, as she heard a small ringing tone. She looked around and quickly noticed that it was in one of the other rooms, so she quickly made her way to pick it up. As she held the phone next to hear ear, she waited a moment before saying anything, wanting to hear who it was on the other line, first. She heard some breathing and sighed as she was about to end the call, but stopped when she heard Luca speaking.

"Lucatiel? What on earth is going on?" Medea asked, curious as to why Luca sounded out of breath. As she waited for her answer she looked up at the clock and took a deep breath. Mikazuki should be here any minute now, and she wanted to fill him in with whatever was going on.

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"Hello, good afternoon Medea, ma'am. I'm being chased by a cop, and they don't look like one of ours." She looked behind her to the entrance. The cop hadn't arrived yet, and Lucatiel did not know whether to be assured or terrified of that. "I'm in Pasadena, running to Downtown. I just... Oh shit." She saw the cop had spotted her from across the street, and was a second away from charging her. "I gotta go. SEND HELP!!!" She put the phone down quickly and ran out of the store, just barely dodging the cop's hand reaching out to try and stop her. And so the chase began.

-~-~- Meanwhile with Cass -~-~-

Jesus Christ on a crutch the mafioso was fast. She kept running, ruthlessly shoving aside passersby to get away. "LAPD, stop!" The mafioso shouted something in Italian, and went, "What the fuck are you chasing me for?!"

She said nothing, opting to focus on chasing her. She turned down an alley, and as Cass came to corner her, she had somehow disappeared. Now, within the confines of the alleyway, she turned to the people passing by. She flashed her badge, and told people to get away as the alley was about to become the venue for a fire fight. As soon as people began to move away, she pulled out her pistol and aimed.

-~-~- Back to Luca -~-~-

She had hidden herself in a gap in the walls of the alley, pulling out her pistol and aiming forward. If that cop showed her face, they would absolutely regret it. "Come on..." She muttered.

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Medea was shocked hearing the message from Lucatiel, and had to collect her thoughts for just a second before she put down the phone and started walking out of the room. She looked around, trying to figure out what she could do to help out Luca. As she walked out of the headquarters a group of guards came by to join her, and for once she did not dismiss them. A car was parked outside, ready to drive her anywhere, so she got inside with one of the guards, while the rest would have to follow up on their own way.

"Downtown," she said, as she looked out the window. She wondered what must have happened to start this mess, and hoped that she could arrive on time. She looked at the rear mirror and got eye contact with the chauffeur, before she gave him a look that said 'Drive faster'

Medea counted the seconds it took for them to arrive, and looked from right to left to see if she could see Luca, with no luck. However she did see a cop running down the street and motioned for the car to follow her discretely. She smiled when the cop noticed the car, and seemed a little flustered, but eventually led them to Luca. The cop turned into an alley and that is when Medea decided to get out, and walk the rest of the road. 

The cop stopped and Medea prepared herself for having to talk with her, but when the cop didn't turn around, she knew that it's because she had seen Luca. To distract the cop, Medea started clapping slowly and walked closer. Most people knew who she was, and had an idea of what she did, but she had always been a professional at covering her tracks, so she had absolutely nothing to worry about regarding being arrested, as she knew she would be out, a free woman, not long after.

"What do we have hear? Nice running, I see you're in good shape." Medea spoke out loud to the cop, hoping to provoke a little.

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Cassandra turned so fast, she would've gotten whiplash, as she set her sights on the Right Hand of Mikazuki. "How convenient. The Right Hand shows herself. Now I can take both of you." She cocked the handle on her pistol back. "Keep your hands where I can see them."

Luca smiled at the timing, which could not have been more perfect. She stepped out from her hiding nook, gun out. The cop had their back towards her, and that would be their mistake. She was a few feet from their back, so close that Luca could just reach out and wrap them in her arms. Which she did.

She heard the cop gasp in surprise as Luca wrapped one arm around their chest, and put the pistol in her hand to their head. "Stay right there. Lower the gun."

Cass gulped as she felt the cold steel against her temple, and she lowered the weapon in her hand until it was aimed at the ground. "Drop it," she heard Lucatiel say, and she obeyed, much to her own surprise.

Luca looked at Medea, smiled, saying, "Boss, can we keep her? With a little bit of conditioning she would make for a good dog." She taunted, and Cass was about to say something, but she remembered there was a gun pointed at her head. 

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Medea took a look at Lucatiel, and returned her attention to the stranger in front. She walked right up to the cop, who had her eyes on the ground, probably wondering how she got herself in that situation. Medea grinned devilishly, as she grabbed the woman's chin and made her look her in the eyes. For people who weren't used to Medea, or knew who she was, it could be intimidating to stand face to face with her, especially when she was out for pissed, after all the cop in front had just messed with her family. And when you mess with family, you mess with her. 

Medea smiled to herself, taking in the woman's face. It would almost seem as if her eyes was twitching from time to time, giving her a crazy look, yet the rest of her body remained calm. She held a tight grip on the woman's chin, making sure that she knew that Medea would do absolutely anything in the name of revenge. She was usually calm well-spoken, but in situations like these, psychotic tendencies could be detected.

She studied the woman and could sense a tough shell, wall of some sort, but a fragile soul. These type of people were her favourite to break. 

"We should definitely keep her," Medea laughed as she let go of the woman and stepped to the side and leaned up against the wall. She pulled out a cigarette, lit it and looked at Luca. Medea did not say another word but left the fun to her friend, after all she wanted to see how the new Hand would handle the cop. Medea was excited as she knew that Luca would make it one hell of a show.

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Cassandra desperately tried to figure a way out, but she knew there was no reasoning with these two. She gulped as she was shoved forcefully against a dumpster. She impacted it with such force that it knocked the wind out of her, but she kept quiet. She refused to give her attackers the satisfaction.

Luca knelt to her level. "Look at me."

Cassandra looked away.

"Listen, listen, listen. I'm very reasonable despite being a mobster. I just need you to look at me." When Cassandra still chose not to look at her, Luca pulled out her knife, which made the cop go wide-eyed. Cassandra shifted backwards, but found that the dumpster was still behind her, so she moved nowhere.

"I'm sure you heard of the Pasadena Triple Murders. That was me. So, you shouldn't put it past me to chop up a cop, even one as pretty and obedient as you." Cass turned finally, and gave her a defiant look, but inside, she was starting to panic. She was seeing no way out where she was not dead. Her gun was close by, but that knife would be inside her before she could even consider trying to touch it.

When the girl finally looked at her, Luca smiled. "Now that's a good girl. Where do you want me to start? Your fingers? Your toes? I'm serious. I don't want to start with that face of yours, especially if we're gonna have you work as a fellow on our payroll." Cass went, "W-W-Wai--"

"Fuck it, let's start with the leg," said Luca, and jammed the knife into the thigh, tearing through flesh and muscle. She covered Cassandra's mouth to muffle her scream. Cass slammed her fist into the asphalt, as she tried to find something, anything to hold onto. "Oh come on. That should barely hurt you. Medea ma'am, I think we need to train her pain tolerance."

They're treating me like a dog... she thought, as her eyes looked at the knife in her thigh, then back at her attacker. "G-God damn--" Before she could even get the word out, Luca pulled the knife out with little fanfare. This time Cass kept it in. "Okay. You're learning. Guess where the knife's going next." She raised the knife again, and Cassandra took in deep breaths, steeling herself for the pain that would follow.

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Medea looked at the happenings in front of her, and wondered what she should do. Lucatiel seemed to be having one hell of a time, so she did not want to ruin that ben then at the same time, she was sure people would start to wonder about the hassle going on. She finished her cigarette and threw the butt on the ground, before she went up next to them.

"Let's finish this up at the HQ," she said, knowing that that would be the safest place to be, after all getting caught torturing a cop was never the best position to be in, and could be hard to talk one out of. Medea knew that they would have to gather some intel on this woman, and the best way was to break them, but she wanted to continue elsewhere.

She walked away, and as she did, she let her people know to get the cop in the car without making it obvious, and then she sat into her own car, and waited for Luca to join her.

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Cassandra was about to scream again, but Luca shut her up by covering her mouth. "Shh. Scream one more time and I might just cut your tongue out. The only thing that stopped me from doing so earlier was how pretty your voice was. Now get up. The car's over there. We'll walk."

"How do you expect to walk out of this alley with-- huh? H-Hey!" Luca picked her up bridal-style. The public's memories was dim, and she could easily say that the cop was injured while trying to catch a thief. After all, the alley opened up to another street, and was therefore hard to disprove.

When they stepped out, the cop hiding her face out of embarassment, some civilians noticed the stab wound on her leg. "What happened?" One of them asked. "Oh its nothing. The bastard got away, but not before stabbing our cop over here. We'll bring her to the hospital," Luca lied. The civilians left, mumbling things to themselves. Cassandra wisely stayed quiet as the two walked over to the nearby car. "Where should I put her, Medea ma'am?" On one hand, there was the empty backseat, but she would stain it. On the other, there was the trunk, but people would question why she put the cop in there if they were taking her to the hospital.

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Medea sighed at the thought of her car getting stained in some random cops blood, but rolled her eyes and decided to grow up. After all she could get it cleaned, or buy another.. It would be a tough job getting it off, but she was sure someone would find a way.

"Just in the empty seat," she said and as they got settled in, she nodded to the chauffeur and told him to drive back to the headquarters. The trip took a little, and Medea kept staring at the cop though the mirror, trying to figure her out. The cop tried to look tough, it was obvious, but Medea saw right through it.

As the car pulled up to the headquarters, Medea got out of the car and told them to bring her in. She motioned for Lucatiel to join her on their trip inside, to get settled for the cop to be brought in. 

"I'll have to go make a phone call, excuse me for just one moment." 

Medea said, as she walked into her office and picked up the phone on the table. She dialed in Mikazuki's number, hoping to reach him to catch him up on the happenings.

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Mikazuki was in his office, he knew that his family was actively working the streets, but unfortunately he was tied down with administrative matters that needed to be addressed. He wanted badly to join them, but unfortunately he needed to tend to this first. He was confident though that whatever was happening they would be able to manage. As he signed the final set of documents and sent them off with a runner he sighed a sigh of relief. The busy paperwork was over. As he did so, the phone rang. He answered it to hear Medea's voice on the line.

"Hello? Yes, Medea how is everything?"

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Lucatiel carried the cop in, who was silent throughout the entire ride, and was still silent as they walked through HQ. When Luca looked down, the cop had fallen asleep. It was far from peaceful sure, but she was asleep nonetheless. She smirked because oh boy, she would be in for a rude awakening.

She brought her to one of the backrooms, pulled a seat up with one of her feet, and gently put the cop in it. She did not tie her up, because no matter what she did, there was only one way in and out, and that was going to be through Luca. Her smile was widening, despite herself.

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Lucian walks out of one of the backrooms his jacket draped over his shoulder his waist coat unbuttoned and his red tie loosened, he stifles a yawn as he walks over to one of the tables and takes a seat placing his jacket over one of the empty chairs.

He then reaches and pull his Smith & Wesson .38 out of the holster under his arm and starts dismantling to clean it. 

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Cassandra woke up minutes later. Her vision was blurry and her world was a little janky, but it righted itself immediately. She took a deep and sudden breath, and made to get up from the chair she placed in. To her surprise she was able to stand up, albeit with difficulty, but her shanked leg and the fact that she ended up bumping into something sent her right back into her chair. Lucatiel stepped into the light with a grin that would have put clowns to shame.

"Still defiant I see? We need to do something about that..." She pulled out the knife, and Cass stilled. She wanted her body to move, begged it even, but it refused. "Guess where its going next... In your?"

She swallowed, refusing to talk. Luca's smile fell. "I did not choose to cut out your tongue just so you would not use it anyway. Wait..." Luca's smile returned and it was wider, more beast-like. Cass suddenly regretted not talking. Luca strode up to her, grasped her face rather roughly and forced her mouth open. She was whimpering, as she felt the cold steel of the dagger touch her tongue. Tears started to pool in her eyes, but her hands refused to move. "I might as well cut your tongue out. You're not using it anyway," Luca said, and just as she was about to carve it out, Cassandra managed to shout out some words. "OH GOD OKAY OKAY IM SORRY IM SORRY NOT THE TONGUE NOT THE TONGUE OH GOD NOT THE TONGUE," and the words became mindless babbling, begging for forgiveness.

Luca smirked. She was bluffing about cutting Cassandra's tongue out, but she took the bait like a fish. She had to stop herself from laughing at the poor girl, who was probably traumatized enough.

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