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Clearing the air (of a mistake not oxygen) Started by: PauliePoorAnalogy on Oct 13, '21 19:15
#Tutte - seems to me that the legal profession and clergy just see it as open season on Kuku, wheever he might be.

Now, I can't speak for him, but I imagine he's done a lot of good as well as some bad.

Seems to me he's never oppresses the masses. Never taken out entire crews. Never failed to give money to the young and needy. And he ways tried to make at least some people laugh.

Now,imagine you are Kuku, and you find out that people you cared for and respected used you for money you accessed from your IRL Bank Inc? That itself it not the sore point. He's helped more people financially that CLs he's shot. The point I'd that I'm told Kuku was sold the illusion of friendship for money.

That is am enduring tragedy. And still you people come out here and attack him?

Have you no dignity, Sir?
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Tutte - prove you are serious by sending Wanderer $2m
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A legal profession to lie about NOT being kuku, smiles big to that.


You cant speak for him even when your him just show what you are in mind.


Never opresses the masses, O my, taking out a whole crew cant 1 man do kuku. Good you give out money here and there. And you really make many laugh about what you spread out in street.


Image me being kuku, then I had being of this hgame can I assure you, had truly been in big shame over all that kuku has done.


I dont attack anyone, just tell the truth always.


Have enough dignity also kuku.


"Still arent pleased but dont give a shit more in this sad thread, have it as good you can kuku"

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Tutte - unsure exactly what you mean but you made a couple of good points
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I think this has gotten a bit off track.

I'd like to say thank you to Dr_KennethNoisewater for doing what I asked and listing his 3 things. Thank you, Dr. You're the second best Dr I know. (After my boss Dr_Satan).

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OK, PauliePoorAnalogy, since this is your speech, I am happy to go along with it.

Some things I like about the streets: 

There is a sense of equality - we can all come out and speak on the Streets (though of course some of us are much better than  others)

Some people need the Streets to air their grievances and work through anger and frustrations (looking at you, Lincoln_Lawyer)

Finally, and this is what is important - I can see a way forward for all of this - all of us on the Streets.  There is a redemptive quality possible in the Streets.  Maybe one day Lincoln will realise that I am not "evil incarnate"

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