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Cama wool Started by: Rama_the_Cama on Oct 27, '21 09:34

What the fuck does cama wool have to be on the Streets for?

Upon hearing a first remark, Rama raised his wooly eyebrows and inspected the soap box he was supposed to climb on.

If my parents would have been a chimp and a leopard, I wouldn't have any problems to climb onto it, he thought. Rama_the_Cama had prepared an impressive, long, well thought-over speech about mafia morale, the future of the community, his own ancestry and gender issues, all intertwined and ending in a spectacular plot twisted finish, but for now he had a bigger challenge.

Here we go..

Rama placed his left front foot on the crate, tried to place his left rear foot right next to it, but lost his balance and fell on the ground. He didn't lay there for too long, he shook his fluffy head and lifted himself back to his feet. Turning back, he inspected the left side of his gorgeous young soft cama wool.

Well.. Fuck a llama.. I am all dirty now!

Shaking his head, Rama thought of his speech. Looking like this, he could forget about the part where he would explain the onhearers about the future of the community or gender issues.  It wouldn't make sense anymore.

I will show them I am not a quitter, Rama_the_Cama mumbled, as he did a new attempt to climb on the soap box, this time he would try his right front leg first. He stepped onto the crate, but at the moment he wanted to add his hindleg, he fell down again.

Screw all dromedary camels, I quit!

Rama_the_Cama dropped his head and walked off.

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As usual, Sammy walked the streets until suddenly something caught his eye..

"Is that a fucking Camel?" he said verbally confused.

Looking around anxiously as if he just seen a ghost, Sammy jogged over to the first person he could find.

"Do you see this right now? That Camel is trying to step onto that box."

The man replied.. "I actually think is a llama."

"What? Thats not the point, why is it here?" he said again before a long period of silence.

Suddenly Sammy thought "Who the hell do we call?" as he looked around for a payphone.

"Yes, operator, can you connect me with... I don't know, a zoo?" he had a feeling today was going to be an interesting day.

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Enzo happened to be walking by noticing this creature trying to get on the box as well. Seeing SammySoul dart to the payphone he made his way over confused, rubbing his face a moment lost at words almost.

"Yo boss, is that a Camel? Or am I still drunk from last night?" Chuckling as he leaned against the payphone. 

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"... Sir, excuse me did you say a camel is loose in the street?" the person on the other end of the line replied.

"Umm.." he paused anxiously "Yes, could you send someone out?"

"Sir this is a zoo, not animal control. There is nothing we can do sorry." and with that the line went silent.

Noticing Enzo had approached the payphone...

"Im not sure if its a camel or a llama but all I know is that if we aren't drunk I am going to need to be soon."

"Holy toledo Enzo, it just fell trying to step up again!" a small chuckle couldn't help but escape Sammy's mouth as he pointed back at the creature.

Then suddenly, the creature began to walk off. "Wait, where are you going Camel come back! Why are you here?" Sammy said jogging in its direction.

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Adalynn had been walking by and saw two of her family members a little distraught and she couldn't help but wonder why. Walking up to them she tapped Enzo on the shoulder before looking in the opposite direction. "Uh guys, what is that?" She said pointing to what seems to be a llama getting on a box.

"SammySoul should we get them a few more boxes? I feel like that may help a bit?" Still in shock Adalynn wasn't sure what would help but this was quite a sight to see.

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Tyrion watches as the two confused gents discuss Camels

You are both very much mistaken, sirs. Thats no mere Camel at all.. Can't you tell by the exquisite wool on display? That my friends, is a Cama.

"What the fuck is a Cama?" I hear you saying to yourself! I was too wondering that very same thing when it happened to stroll on by me before. However, being the curious (nosey bastard) person I am, I had a brief chat with the Cama. It turns out, someone got to Tyrion levels of drunkenness and allowed their Camel to mate with a Llama and thus produced a Cama.

Now.. this begs the question - what other strange species can we develop by forcing such a crazy situation? Or has the world gone mad enough by creating this here Cama?

What would happen if we allowed a Zebra and a Horse to mate? THE PEOPLE HAVE TO KNOW!!!

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Through the huffing and puffing Sammy yelled back at his boss Adalynn .. "Get more boxes! It may help!"

Spinning back around, he almost tripped in his natural gait. "I don't know if its dangerous so don't get to close, boss!"

Keeping his distance, Sammy stopped and waited to see what the beast would do next.

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Enzo could help but laugh watching his bosses try and wrangle this creature in. Still leaning on the payphone pulling out a cig, placing it up to his lips and lighting his match. Taking a big inhale of smoke as he chuckled at them.

"What a day."

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Scarface was looking and was in his car when he saw he's bosses wrangling a camel. "What the fuck" He said then said "fuck it". Then pulled off to go to the Hq.

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Guido sat at the table in his mum's grimy apartment located deep in the heart of New York.  Whatever the fuck neighbourhood it was called these days; BooHoo, STFU, Little Britain...fucking changed all the time depending on which sweaty ball bag of a developer was looking to gentrify some shitty little hell hole.

From the table he could hear some discussion out on the streets but it mostly passed him by.  He could hear the unmistakable braying of yet another one of Squirrelly-Dan's recruits who had started to advance faster than himself.  Fucking Rama_the_Cama.  The one thing Guido was good at was harbouring jealousy.  If he worked as hard at making money as he did at moaning at the world, he'd be in charge...that much he fucking knew.

"Ma!  MAAAA!  I'm about to head out."

It was shit that he was so poor he couldn't move out of his mother's place.

"Guido, where are you going?  Alpaca lunch if you want."

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Squirrelly-Dan furrowed his brow and looked at the wierd looking rama camel alpaca thinger in front of him.  He got reminded of the milk crate challenges that had taken the world by storm a few years back as he watched the thing struggle to get to the soapbox.  Meh..  He offered him a spot anyway.


"You see, here in Canada - we're the land of diversity, truth and reconciliation.  I could care less if you were a spotted toad fucking a wombat.  There's a place for you here.  Welcome aboard, Rama_the_cama."


Squirrelly-Dan hangs his dart out of his mouth, wipes his hand on the front of his overalls and extends it while trying to think of how a Cama is going to shake his hand...

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      MidpoinT had heard a rumor that he was estactic for you rushing around to grab his supplies that were a neccessity or such a momentus occcasion. For being what some would call a gangster today MidpoinT will be going to incognito. Blend into the back ground and not be noticed. Middy had heard a little rumour and could not believe it. His excitement was something to be hold, but he couldnt not go see the rally without being fully prepared. Digging though his closet he finds it his cama wool jacket he had collected in his time he spent with a certain cama's mother learning just how flexible they could be. Looking at himself in the mirror he is smiling from ear to ear.


     "Ok, I need to pull myself together here. You are ready for this you are not such a fan gyrl you can't handle this you've handled countless killing, organized crimes, and helped with various other activities for the family. You got this woosah mother fucker." he says to himself.


       Looking at himself in the mirror he has what he says is a cama suit,  but he knew it was really llama fur from a special llama friend of his. Middy tried to make a alpaca friend but she was a freak and just spit in his face. Frustrated thinking about it because Mid gave that damn alpaca 40$ for  a good time and it was not one no card games or joking that fucking thing just spit in his face. Calming down he checks he is read and starts heading out to find Rama_the_Cama and here the wise words of the the crossbreed legend. Slowly he walks up to watch Rama_the_Cama beging to give what Middy knew would be the best advice her could ever hear. Middy was front and center watching he had on the llama fur jacket he got from Cama's own mother he also wore a stylish feydora cap which had a string that you could pull and make what looked like Cama ears go up and down. Last but not least a giant mug saying 'Cama spit' on it, the t-shirt he had on  with the statement "I'd rama a cama" written on the front clearly visible. Middy stands in the front pulling the hats string and drinking out the cama's spit mug excited. 

    "THERE HE IS!" Mid yells as Rama_the_Cama approaches. Middy shreeks like a fan gyrl.

    In no time at all Rama is there climbing on to a box, Middy watches as down her goes. Middy wants to jump up and help but he restrains as to not embarass Rama. Sadly on his second attempt it happened again. Rama_the_Cama yelled and all Middy heard was he quit and no Middy wouldnt except that. So he made sure to make his way around and catch Rama_the_Cama off stage. Cutting him off and hoping Rama to listen to him but without given him the chance ot say no Middy gives the greates piece of advice to Rama_the_Cama.

     "Please Rama I want to give you some of the best advice I have ver got from an old friend of mine his name was Vincent, but we called him Chumbawamba." Rama nods as to give the ok. Middy nervous to meet one of his idols begins. All the while Middy pulls the sring on is fedyora to make it look as if the ears are natural and move to his emotions.

    "First off Rama please let me tell you i would love to meet a nice Cama one day and let them become best ever palls and maybe she would let me show her the hama. But ok you Rama are destined to do great things. Your mom said so she believe in you too almost as much as me. Her and i meet to enjoy each others company at times. But I will leave you with this. My friend chumbawamba's statement. 

     "I get knocked down, but I get up again

     You are never gonna keep me down" ~Chumbawamba

    Etch those words in to your heart Rama, get back up again. Well no don't get back up on that box again that was embarassing. But stand up and dont you let his keep you down." proud of him self Middy tugs on his hat ear string some more he will have to make sure to ask for an autograph on his shirt and maybe actual cama spit for his mug.

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