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An Intriguing Choice for Manhattan Started by: Squirrelly-Dan on Oct 31, '21 16:40

The day had come.  Squirrelly-Dan had taken out the old godfather of Manhatten and he was the man.  With that, came the inevitable and unfortunate shrinkage of the crew.


Dan had put in a long time in Manhatten.  He was a only a boss and the community was in a time of transition and rebuilding when he stepped up and took over the district.  He'd worked hard, as had his crew members.


He'd done his best to get to know them all.  Found their strengths, their weaknessed and provided them with as much guidance and encouragment as he could.  LOL who are we kidding.  He was fucking plastered.  It was really le-semois


Through that time, Roxie had been by his side and worked super hard for him.  It was an easy choice that she should get her family as Manhatten continued to grow.  He sat back in his office at the HQ with a fresh dart and Puppers.  He wasn't an emotional guy - but it had been a long road for him.  He raised his bottle at the picture of the long departed Wayne where his grandpappy had got his start.  He was now the last man standing in from the Letterkenny crew and it seemed like time had moved on.


He took a long haul of his dart and picked up his phone...


"Yeah, Roxie - How are you? "




"Good.  I need you to come see me.  It's that time."


Roxie walked in and Dan put some keys down on the desk.  She wasn't stupid.  She knew what this meant.  She smiled and Dan nodded back and adjusted the suspenders on his overalls.


"Roxie - you know what I appreciates about you?  You work hard and you stay loyal.  You know I'm a little all over the place sometimes and you really help to keep the district together.  We've still got lots to accomplish here, and I couldn't think of a better person to continue the growth of Manhatten.  I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Peter-Gangi.  What a fuckin' beauty, eh?  You two have been part of my core here keeping me on the up and up here and his stripes are earned here.  I'm truly lucky to have you guys here with me.  Cheers, eh?"


Dan poured Roxie some whisky in a lowball and slid it over.  He handed her the keys and raised his Puppers to clink glasses.

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Roxie had a lot of respect for Squirrelly-Dan.  Ever since she had to kill her incompetent ex-lover and some of his wannabe men it was a nice change of pace to be around him, her brother Relentless and Peter-Gangi.  Both Peter and Relentless showed the same qualities she saw in Dan.

He was a proud man, a confident man.  He’s not a man of many words but proves himself by actions.  The type of man you are proud to be associated with.

DanFather-Chairman I know it’s going to be a challenge but I would be more than honored to grasp this opportunity to continue rebuilding New York.  I thank you for your kind words, they really mean a lot to me.

She picked up her  whisky in a lowball, raised it, clicked Dan glass and took a sip.

She then picked up the keys to the new Intriguing Minds Headquarter.  

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Pete came to the families headquarters to see his Godfathers Dan's.   He saw Dan speaking with Roxie.  He knocked on the door and stuck his head in to say hello and once again to say congratz.  Roxie stood up and nodded to the Godfather and turned towards Pete and told him to follow her.  Pete looked at Dan who gave an approval nod for Pete to go with her.  

As Roxie walked passed Pete she turned back and looked at Pete and showed him a set of keys and told him she got bump up.  Pete Congratulated her as she was walking to her car.  She told Pete to get in she wanted him to check out the place with her.    He got in as peeled off, they talked along the way.    

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