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The New Regime in Detroit. Started by: Squirrelly-Dan on Nov 08, '21 18:18

Squirrelly-Dan had a long hard night.  The war had taken a toll on both his emotions and his crew.  He lost some good members, and even had great respect for many of the fallen in the old city of Detroit.  


But - He survived.  Along with most of his district. It had been a long road, and definitely the one less taken.  Squirrelly-Dan had come to NY to rebuild the city after Garou fought his way to a truce.  He thought he could build a bridge and help to rebuild the city.  Garou was unfortunately killed by a rogue, but he was happy when his son came back and he was able to provide him with an opportunity leading after he'd worked hard for Squirrelly-Dan.  He'd come to have the deepest respect for SatoruGojo and knew that bigger things were in store for this gentleman.  


Detroit now needed to be inhabited, and SatoruGojo had shown Squirrelly-Dan that he was prepared for the opportunity.  The choice to bestow a city upon him was an easy one.  He sent for SatoruGojo and his trusted Right Hand Man - CLO.


"SatoruGojo, your heritage and mine go back a long way.  Almost as long as the line of Drunks has treaded these shores, you've been around, you've worked hard and conducted yourself honourably.  I couldn't be happier to offer you this opportunity.  Would you be able to take your criminal enterprise to Detroit?"


Squirrelly-Dan smiled as he put several train tickets down on the desk to give to SatoruGojo.

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The day had been a busy one for SatoruGojo. An invasion of folks dressed in strange halloween attire, bags of cash in their hands just waiting to be shot, weird to say the least. This time of year always brought out the fancy dress in people so he had simply allowed himself to accept the quirkiness. As he sat at his desk within his Manhattan office, a knock soon came on the door as his head bodyguard, Orion, entered the room with a message. Seems that his presence was required by the Godfather of Manhattan, his close friend, Squirrelly-Dan.

"Orion, with hast, pass this information to CLO too and arrange for one of my drivers to be ready and waiting outside within ten minutes. I do not wish to keep a Godfather waiting."

Thankfully, the journey to 'Oh Canada' Headquarters was not too far and the closer they got with each passing second, the stronger the scent of maple syrup and beers that he could smell inhabiting the formerly fresh New York environment. Upon their arrival, Satoru and CLO made their way to see the Godfather. A quick nod to the entrance security was in order but no requirement for identification as the local guys fully knew both men already.

"Good day Gentlemen. CLO and I are here to see your Boss. Our attendence was already requested."

As they were escorted upstairs, no further words were shared between the party.

Entering the office of Godfather Squirrelly-Dan, Satoru nodded his head with respect before offering over a brown paper bag, filled with a selection of alcoholic beverages. He knew that whilst gestures of money were the norm for meetings such as this, providing a gift of beers was just more of a personal touch to a man who he knew so well and a line whom his forefathers had worked with and been guided by in the past.

"It's a pleasure to see you again old friend. I apologise if there was any delay in our arrival, we made our way over as quickly as possible. Traffic wasn't too bad but the security at the gate seemed to slur their words a little bit, no idea what you have been feeding them." A small smirk appeared on his lips as he spoke.

He then remained quiet, along with CLO, as they both listened to the words of the prestigious Manhattan Godfather. He had seen the Detroit war and the results that it had left for the City. As soon as the request came through, to relocate their operations over to Detroit and rebuild the City, the answer was a simple one.

"Godfather, I am sure you already know my answer. You have looked after us, helped myself, CLO, all of my family infact, so there is only one response to this. It would be a pleasure to take my operation out to Detroit and begin work on restoring the City. Whilst I fully acknowledge the task at hand and the work required, I also appreciate the opportunity you have given us. I can assure you old friend, I will give my best to ensure the City sees growth once again and that the streets will soon thrive with activity."

Reaching down to the table, he lifted the train tickets from the desk before sliding them into his blazer pocket.

"I think we may need to make a few additional plans for the rest of our stuff in the HQ. I'll be honest, we have alot of junk stored in there. On the plus side, at least we can enjoy a nice scenic train journey over as CLO and I discuss our immediate renovation plans."

With a warm smile on his face, he then stood up and extended his hand to shake that of the Godfathers'. "Again, I thank you for this opportunity Squirrelly-Dan. We will ensure Detroit is injected with life once more."

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Work, work, work. Thats all the life of a LHM seemed to be. But not the glamorous work. No GF meetings, no thanks from the boss, just a sell this old HQ, buy this new HQ, bury the deeds under 20 shell corporations. Bribe Cityhall, send the Mayor a fruit basket, send his wife some flowers, make sure the bodyguards sweep the train for boobytraps. Send the old man a really expensive bottle of whiskey and a box of those cigars you like, no you can pay for it yourself, CLO and I have a train to catch.


Still it could be worse, He could be giving up yet another practice in New York to move across country to Detroit to start from scratch all over again...oh yeah... but he couldn't be mad, SanittaGojiberry deserved this chance. His father and Mickey's father had both been friends before they were both gunned down in cold blood. Here was an opertunity to build something good in Detroit, once they got rid of CLO. Mickey had been thinking of putting a hit on him, getting some boys in from out of town to rub him out, but he figured that the boss would have other plans to farm CLO out to pastures new, and that would have the same effect. Now, what to get Sinitta as a gift from himself? Oh yes, that would be perfect, the golden turd that the boss had insisted he open in New York, which haemorrhaged money like White Star Lines Insurance company. He'd give him the title deeds to the Sex shop in New York. Now, whwre did he put that Whiskey for Squirrelly-Dan?

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Le-Semois had been in a bad mood all morning, he had his hand full running a lot of the Oh Canada operations, for his leader @squirrely-dan was near permanent Drunk and unable to keep any civil conversations and that wouldn't do keeping contacts with key suppliers (of beer and maple syrup obviously) and local police department and politicians to stay out of Canada's ways. He had been working hard, doing beer runs, finding the best and cheapest supplier of jars especially since the LHM had tried to keep up drinking with the boss one night and never recovered. Being in almost a comatose state Le-S had been taking tasks of both hands.


Those pricks went on to celebrate satorugojo's coronation as the king of Detroit without him... He grumbled to himself, smashed a few of squirrely's finest beers out of spite and told his driver to bring the car round so he could maybe catch the end of it, surely Squirrely would be there until the beer ran out at a minimum. He also wanted to congratulate Saturo himself, for he knew the quality of the man and his inner circle. They'd do a fine job running a city and he knew the streets of DT would be welcoming and much more prosperous for people who walked our way of life in no time!


As he arrived, and instructed the driver to bring the car round back he strolled in, nodding at some bodyguards of his friends, some of the younger associates that he knew from face and entered the main room where all persons of importance had gathered. He sighted  Clo and Lincoln_lawyer and strolled over to congratulate them on their promotions as well. After some business and pleasantries, he went to look for satorugojo so he could congratulate him and drink his liquor. God knew where squirelly would be, but that'll be a worry for later in the evening. AS he went to search for Saturo he ran across @R-L-_Stine as well whom he said would surely do a shitty job as hell, and he hoped Satoru had chosen a more capable person!!! Before the man could smack him, he saw Le-Semois signature smirk and laughed it off, punched the guy on the shoulder and had a scotch on the rocks with him.

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After getting wiped out in Detroit muself I rumbles my brain and laugh and then wanted to congrat those nes ones taking over the great Detroit to make in grow and fantasticly be a great town again after being lonely after we moved from there to Chicago.


Great congrats to all three CL taking this good thing to make Detroit a fantastic place again which he loved much.

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