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Why Does WhyBother Bother? Started by: Mr_Keating on Nov 25, '21 14:06
WhyBother follows me around, commenting in an entirely inappropriate way, not in keeping with our traditions, and is not censured by his superiors.

I know not why this person is so fixated upon me, or what I can do to soothe his incredible pain.

It raises a question - when does it become dishonourable for a trained, armed, gangster not to put his life on the line in furtherance of a bloodline vendetta?

I can't think of a single person I dislike enough to shoot. But WhyBother, and a few other malcontents, clearly want me dead.

It is to their shame that they lack the fortitude to follow their deep desire.

I pity them.
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WhyBother follows because he dont botther about anything anymore.


Withoput any pain I do whatever I like and having fun during doing it.


He don't bother about anything about bloodline or so he just keep on his journey since Kuku never stops his journey in here.


WhyBother hasn't said anything about anyone should be dead, another lie comes up, good.


I only pity all that Kuku harrasing all day long and THATS bad.

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If you really pity them, why start a street post only to talk about him? This doesn't look like pity to me, just another one of your attempts to pick on someone and to get attention.
I might say, its getting annoying to only see your void posts here.
Why dont you write something cool? Some RP? All you do is bitch and complain, for God's sake.
Get over these stupid squabbles and shenanigans and grow some balls, dude.
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I have no squabbles with anyone. I respect everyone, and aim simply to keep the streets alive and active.

WhyBother, by his own admission, has as his only aim in life to be an irritant of mine.

I simply say to these people: come at me like gangsters if you care so much
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Good day to you Mr. Keating. Allow me to introduce myself and assist you in your ambition to keep the streets alive. I do not speak much. However, I do read much of these streets. I tip and many times quite generously. I never had any qualms with you until now.

I am one of WhyBother's superiors. I have read most, if not all of the bantering between the both of you. What exactly do you want to be censored? It's apparent, both of you set out to "irritate" (as you put it) each other. Just the mere fact you took the time to call out WB on a mega phone speaks volumes. Why not drop him a mail? 

Please do not question the ethics of his superiors again. We are way too busy to get involved in your squabbles. I thank you in advance.

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Pepsi-Cola - you will have noticed that WB's contribution lack Grace, wit, style, or indeed often sense. He has a condition known as OOC-itis.

When asked why he is dedicated to following me around, he can't answer.

As his superior could you support him to be better?
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Mr Keating, if he suffers any OOCitis, direct such matters to city hall. They will help ensure he gets vaccinated.

However, that isn't your aim. Your aim as always is to put someone down. You are not the saviour of any streets, you are the local crazy kid that people cross the street to avoid. You are someone that is tolerated in many cases and ignored in most.

The fact you regularly toot your own horn is embarrassing now. The only thing you bring to our streets is controversy and negativity. So why not put some effort into improving your own output instead of focusing on critiquing that of others?

And we all know your expected response to me; you will state how you've done all these contests that in reality have amounted to nothing. If you can find 5 people that will come out here and speak of any positive impact that you have had then I will eat some humble pie... and no, paying people to speak positively doesn't count.
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Marishka smiled in appreciation after hearing what Don Tyrion said. She wholeheartedly agreed.

She then grabbed WhyBother hand and said:

"Let's get some beers, my friend!" They laughed and raced to the nearest bar.

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WhyBother were so glad over his boss words and thanks him fearly.

He took Marishkas hand and walked away with her to have a great time with her and forgot that sad Mr_Keaton and were glad over his good friends that made him happy.
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