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Order Blattodea Started by: Marishka on Nov 25, '21 16:10

Marishka was bored. She had just arrived home from the streets, so she was also quite annoyed. Every time she went there, it felt like a huge déjà vu. The same people, at the same places, blabbering about the same damned things. She was about to open a bottle of wine, but instead, she opened a bottle of scotch.

"Wine if for another type of ocasion. A nice meal or an evening which i might end with someone between my legs. I need something stronger and straight to the point." Marishka thought.

She filled a glass almost to the top and took a big gulp, then sat down at her comfy armchair, lit a cigarrete and sighed. Her thoughts, that were scrambled and rushing quickly inside her dark mind, calmed and started to gently caress her brain, bringing the comfort she was looking for in that woody liquid.

Suddenly her ears twitched. Her inhuman hearing was able to detect a cockroach at the corner of the wall. The disgusting thing was just standing there, its antennas moving up and down. She tought of a story that she heard once, of a woman who found a cockroach in her home, ate it and had an epiphany after. She would never do such thing, even if it meant an eternity of enlightenment.

The only thing she could think about was crushing it. The noise of its antennas was driving her nuts.

"Vermin are dangerous." She said out loud, to herself "let it go once and it will come back. Let it go for a second time and it will breed and propagate like a disease. Soon you'll have a family of vermin living inside your house. They'll move to the home next to yours, and they'll infect there too. It will keep going and spreading, home after home, neighbour after neighbour and soon we'll have a plague in our hands. We'll have a plague in our streets. All of this, because we let it go, we let it keep making noises with its antennas, we let it walk away and do as it wanted for one damned time."

Marishka slowly finished her drink and took a long last drag at the cigarrete. She stood up and went in the cockroach's direction. The little nasty thing, oblivious to her presence, kept moving its antennas, making noise. Sneakily and quickly, Marishka jumped and crushed it, with a smile on her face:

"This is what we should do with insects. Crush them." She laughed and poured another glass of scotch.

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