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Jan 20 - 17:36:11
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Poker Tournament Started by: Butter_Cup on Jan 07, '22 21:06

Evening all,

I'm going to try get a poker tournament going. Hopefully I can generate enough interest.

If you wish to get involved then let me no. Either on this thread or send me a message.

Once we have enough people that wants to get involved we will sort dates & times etc.

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I'm horrible at the game, but will happily participate and lose my money for some fun times. 

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I remember a time when you would find a full table every Saturday night. I hope we can bring that back. Count me in!

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Good idea, thank you for suggestiing and potentially hosting some poker games. 

Unfortunately, I was being overly prudent and blocked gambling earlier due to my repeated behavior of detrimental dicing habits.

(7h, 25m, 50s)

^- I'm down to play poker then if it's still ongoing


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Well, I know Butter_Cup isn't interested in any poker since he can't play for a hot minute. 

But, is anyone else trying to do some poker games this evening?

Julius ?

Tyrion ?

MidpoinT ?

Freyja ?

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As long as I'm not broke I'm usually up for a game.
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Let's do it

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Count me in.

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Glad to see the positive feedback!

Butter_Cup, let us know next time you want to plan a tournament so I can schedule some time to casually take your monies :-p

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I'll be looking at getting a game set up for this Saturday coming.

Once I've set the game up you can register.

Out of interest how much are people looking to lose?

I'm thinking anything between 5-10million?

Let me know what you all think. 

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How much money do you want to lose to me Butter_Cup :P

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Might I suggest using the MR Discord and playing in voice chat? I ran that one poker game that one time and it was a damn riot because we had voice chat. 

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Maxine sure we can get it set up :D

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You can count me in and im sure i can pull a fe more

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Always down :-)

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