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the mafia code Started by: OmertaCapone on Jan 13, '22 21:44

i just joined my new crew HEADHUNTERS and decide to introduce myself to THE STREETS

"good night everyone, have you heard of omerta, honor and respect??"


1. omerta - code of silence, you can't tell any mafia to anyone, not even YOUR WIFE or your family

2. honor - you must always do things with honor

3. respect - you must always have respect for the dons


what do you guys think?

respect to don HEADHUNTERX always



I believe these things are what the mafia is about and if you disagree tell me

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Maxine was confused while the man stood there talking. After a few moments she tugged on Creasey's arm and motioned him down to her level. Once her bodyguard's ear was close enough Maxine asked as quietly as she could, which for a six-year-old wasn't as quiet as she thought, "Mister Creasey, does the man know that he sounds really, really, really," she took a breath and continued, "really, really, really, really, really, REALLY, silly?" Maxine said. 

The bodyguard straighted back to his full height, but Maxine hadn't missed the sound of his quiet laughter at her question. Not sure entirely how to get the attention of the man who really seemed on a roll here, she raised her hand in the air as if she was in school. After a few seconds she started fidgeting in place, already losing interest because she was six, and there were so many adventures she could be having. 

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i'm sorry Maxine,i am trying my best

thank you for coming even if what you said was not nice, every man has to accept criticism and rule 3 is respect which i show to you

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"But you stated it was respect for the dons, and neither you or I have that title," Maxine said. With a quick glance upwards she realized her hand was still foolishly in the air, so she quickly lowered it. Her fingers were starting to go a bit tingly which was amusing. "Trying is good." she said nodding her head, "But you have to admit a thug and a child really shouldn tell people how to behave. My grandma would have called us dunderheads." Maxine said. The girl smiled and gave a wave, "Good luck! I want to go get a hotdog and Creasy," the six-year-old gestured to the hulking figure of a bodyguard next to her, "said he might take me to the zoo!" and then with the exuberance for life that only a child can properly have, she skipped off towards a hotdog cart on the corner. An echoing cry of "Come on Creasy! We actually gotta pay for these ones!" was heard faintly from the direction she'd gone. 

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sorry maxine i did not know you were a child so maybe you will learn this in school because it is rules from ancient times, i am not telling anyone what to do

if you have omerta honor and respect, you will be a good gangster but it is up to you now


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OmertaCapone do you believe only Dons deserve respect?   Do you believe people deserve respect just because they are a Don? is it the rank that deserves respect or the person behind the rank?

Or are they due respect for the way they work with their family regardless of their status or rank?  I am also curious do you believe that omerta only means silence about the family business, or does has more meaning than that? 

Also honor means different things to different people. So will you clarify what you mean by honor?

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alicelidell a don must be respected, to be a don you must be a person so then i think all dons deserve respect, otherwise how can you be a don?? a rank is just a person!!

omerta is to not tell of mafia to anyone!! if anyone asks, you say a lie like you are delivering for a bakery but something so that they believe you, especially with cops

honor is to not disrespect yourself or anyone, even children and people you hate, you must act with respect and get honor by the way you act otherwise you will have no respect or honor and those are almost all the rules

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Bacon casually strolls up to the soapbox from which the oddly named man spoke from. It was apparent his lexicon needed some refinement. 

"Could you please clarify on what honor and respect specifically mean to you in the context of these streets, OmertaCapone? What examples of respect and honor do you value? Do you have any anecdotal evidence you could speak on?" he asked as he listened on to the conversation while random pedestrians roamed the sidewalks minding their own business.

Fecking sheep Bricktop thought to himself.

"Furthermore, your initial statement indicated your intent to introduce yourself. Are you still planning to do so? There's been no sort of introduction but rather you announcing fragmented thoughts such that of a madman's ramblings."

Bricktop anxiously awaited Capone's formal introduction to the streets and an explaination to his purpose to proclamations. Moreover, he thought to himself, if he were a real mafioso he would realize that he betrayed his first rule. It supposedly went something along the lines of never talking about 'fight club'.

Publicizing such activities or code would, in essence, be in breach of the rule itself. 

Bacon then noticed the city bench nearby and decided to take a seat. He wanted to hear the young person out since Bacon was only trying to help them understand.

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bacon i wasn't going to go Hi my name is OC, i am from Florida and like hamburgers, i introduced myself by speaking to the people here!! I also didnt break the rule of omerta because i am speaking to mafia members, not like standing outside of a dunkin donuts. like have you ever seen a plumber give a speech here like 'hey guys where can i buy good overalls', its all mafia guys here and omerta is about not speaking to NOT mafia guys. im not just standing on a random street!! wow

anyway i answered some of your question already, which alicelidell already asked, but i can give you an example of respect and honor if you need it.

respect - i respect my boss, HEADHUNTERX, who i am forever loyal to for giving me a home and drug money

honor - a man who has honor will obey the rules of the mafia and his crew and do whatever he can to help the family, like if he robs a bank he will give half the money to his boss or use half the money to buy some good suits so that the crew looks good

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Excuse me sir. I couldn't help but overhear you talking about THE MAFIA and it really caught my attention. I had no idea THE MAFIA was openly operating in the area. 

I'm not sure where you got the idea that everyone around here is some sort of gangster. I, myself, am a famous doctor and little Maxine here is just a child. Are you wanting me to believe that this small child is some sort of Right Hand man to a mob boss?! 

If you need your head checked I know a guy. If you need your other head checked, I'm your guy. 

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i can see now how important it was i made this speech since you all don't know alot at all

like its crazy to me that Bacon thinks THE STREETS are just a random busy street where you are like standing on top of boxes and shouting across groups of normies to talk to your one mafia friend, that is insane

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DarkTimes approaches his family member OmertaCapone with a warm smile and friendly manner.

"Ah yes my friend, I agree with you regarding the importance of our principles.  Without omerta this whole thing falls apart. 

However if I may add one more to your list, one of the most IMPORTANT ones, one that is often overlooked...... respect

Respect is part of our foundation and is what sets us apart from common criminals."

DarkTimes shakes OmertaCapone's hand while also nodding.

"We should talk when there are less ears around.  I might know of some business opportunities down town."

A sinister smile spreads across DarkTime's evil face, as both men know that by "business" he means crime. DarkTimes lights a cigarette

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OmertaCapone I fully agree that a Don must respected, but you never answered the first question I asked which was do you believe only Dons deserve respect? 

 A rank is not a person it is a position or title of achievement within the ranks of this thing of ours. The person fills the rank and contributes accordingly.  You do not necessarily have to respect the person who is holding the rank, but you do have to respect the rank the person is holding. This is because some day you may hold that rank and you will want the respect.  

We respect the people holding the rank because these people holding the ranks have shown they have loyalty to their crews, leaders and upper structures.


People speak of loyalty as if it is just a given and that only members have to be loyal, but the upper structure and the Crew leaders have to be loyal to the members also. Loyalty and respect are not one way streets, some people with leadership roles feel they should automatically get  these and that their members have to prove them or earn them. 


Honor is to me is linked to integrity such as doing what you say you are going to do, and if for some reason you can not saying so. Standing by your word. 

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Bacon's ears 'porked' up when he overheard the standup thug that had recently been putting in some hard work around the city of Detroit. This gangster seemingly knew the nuances of life in the shadows and how to subtly operate on the streets. Even more impressive was the earner clearly conducted himself with confidence and the swagger of a traditional mafioso.

"Life on the streets is more than one's perspective. Being involved in This Thing if Ours should be done with class and originality. Not just spewing the ramblings of your ancestor's journals. Effort is a commendable trait yet hardly found on the streets these days. It mostly consisted of various debates with strangers' broken up thoughts and ideals without any mind to one's surroundings or environment. There's no stories to be had on the streets if we don't work to improve the shores and be a model for other wiseguys." Bricktop thought to himself as he stood up and walked toward the gathered group. 

Glancing at the odd figure who allegedly was a known associate of our friends in This Thing of Ours. Looking at the gentleman's clothing and his unshaved facial hair he noticed the stains of ketchup on his white shirt from his evident over indulgence on hamburgers. "You should clean yourself up, kid," said Bacon who sternly glared at the underwhelming shell of a thug. 

Turning to DarkTimes he shook the man's hand before saying, "Call me Bricktop, friend. I run somethings over in Corktown. I've heard good things about you and the work ya been puttin' for the city. Glad to have you in Detriot. I'll be seeing ya around. You should come visit my butchershop in Corktown next time you're in the area. I think you could help me solve a pebble I got in my shoe, ya know? I be needin' a house painter for an out-of-town job across the border. We can see about you makin' your bones, kid. Your future looks bright." Following the brief encounter and introduction Bricktop proceeded to stroll down the block to grab a cup of coffee from the street vendor.

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Kenneth stood scratching his chin becoming more and more confused by the strangeness of OmertaCapone

like its crazy to me that Bacon thinks THE STREETS are just a random busy street where you are like standing on top of boxes and shouting across groups of normies to talk to your one mafia friend, that is insane

Listen, buddy. I'm not sure how to break this to you, but you did just come out onto the busy streets and starting talking nonsense about being in the mafia. I'm not sure where you think you are, but this isn't some private club, you should really be careful with what you're saying and who is listening. 

Kenneth leaned in a bit closer to OmertaCaponeI heard that Bacon guy was a cop. I know a pig when I see one. But you didn't hear it from me. I'm just trying to help you out here bud.  

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As Bacon was enjoying his hot beverage an object seemingly glimmered just so slightly into the 'pig-of-a-man's' peripheral vision. It was something that Bacon had been craving all morning. Something so beautiful that every moment was filled with absolute bliss and joy.

After closer inspection, it was discovered the object of the pig's desire were freshly baked doughnuts that the coffee shop had moments ago brought out of the oven. The coffee shop's reputation for doughnuts was known throughout the shores as the one-stop shop for people from every walk of life. It was renown for it's ability to bring people together and was even considered a contender to solving world hunger.

Admittedly, Bacon had to have one and went to walk his turn in the quickly forming line of would-be patrons. 

"Patience is a virtue," he sarcastically quipped as he whispered under his breath impatiently. On the positive side, he beat Dr_KennethNoisewater to the line.

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