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Who's your favorite hero and why??? Started by: howdy on Apr 25, '22 00:48

We've all seen superhero movies or read comics or somethings else of the sort. My question is: Who's your favorite superhero and what makes them your favorite superhero? Are they a smart-ass like Ironman, or are they reckless like Hulk? My favorite would be Spiderman :P because  of how much of a nerd he is like myself.

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General Smedley Butler, A.K.A. Maverick Marine.   He fought in WWll and when he returned to the USA he exposed the Fascists  plot to take over the US government and form a Dictatorship using 500k soldiers.

Took a lot of balls to do what he did.  He also said War is a racket.  Everybody makes money and many die to pay for it.

So, therefore, I salute you General Smedley Butler.  Thank you .

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Mine deffo is Batman.
Being a witness of your paretns getting killed and working hard trying to prevent crimes in the future.
Also the nice gadgets hes has are fun to watch. Cars and vehicles are also a big plus ;)

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Damn, where do I start, it all started in 2016 when a hard working, bread winning son of an immigrant managed to win elections when no one was giving him any chance and the world was at it's end, only then, he arose from the ashes of the failed civilization and guided us to victory.

Also, Batman for sure, he is not the one with godlike powers, he was not bitten by radioactive stuff and he is still nothing more than a man. Genius, educated and such (there is a bit of fantasy to it, or a lot, but people can relate) in any case, if you had absolutely billions and did not have the need to work and like hire best coaches and trainers ever, would you not be very dangerous when it comes to martial arts and stuff? 


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Mine would be my father. Even though I never got to see much of him as I grew up there was not one  day I didn't think of him. 

The hardest part was when he passed away and I never got to say goodbye to him. 

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I don't have a particular hero, but there must be a lot of people that put their lifes in danger to save others and we should thank and praise them; and maybe learn something from them.

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Rambo because every thing he fought for he believed in. He always stood for his values even if others attacked him for it . Above all else he knew the most important thing to fight for is family. 

Plus in the  last Rambo  movie he ripped the heart out of a guys chest (guy who killed his niece he helped raise) and showed it to him still beating the guy took his final breath looking at his still beating heart,  it was beautiful. 

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Might sound like a cliche but mine is my Mum

she's utterly fucking heroic and awesome

proper pocket dynamo

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Batman 100% the Christian bale movies are the best superhero movies EVER, especially dark Knight with heath ledger who had the best villan performance EVER.
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Chuck Norris is my hero.

He is so awesome and a legend about being able to do impossible things.

Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

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Jack Nicholson for all movies he had done. Think he has done so much great preformans and earn this from me.
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Its got to be Homelander the guys a complete weirdo but he's great character.

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My favorite hero is Deku from My Hero Academia because has some very good hype moments on the anime. I feel like he'll have even greater moments in the future. Yet to be seen at this time.

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Batman is basically the driving force of DC. He’s gotten far more movies, TV shows, unique storylines, and popular sidekicks than any other DC character. Heck, many of his sidekicks get more attention than the other members of the Justice League.

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