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Illuminati - Almost Famous Started by: Illuminatiated on May 13, '22 15:11

Twelve; a dozen, face cards in a deck of cards, sets of ribs in a human, strikes in a perfect game of bowling, a perfect box of donuts, months in a year, apostles at the Last Supper, inches in a foot, Zodiac signs, Labors of Hercules, the amount of examples in this list - and - the number of days it had been since Illuminatiated had started his journey as a Container CrewLeader. And oh what a dozen days it had been indeed. 

Between the constant sneaker squeaking from the gym lead by HeadCoach, the occasional criminal dispute getting out of hand (what in the fuck was a 'New World Order?'), the nearly never-ending influx of new members, being interviewed for multiple editions of @RonaldCarrabia's newspaper, and maintaining the hedges at the HeadQuarters, Ian found himself having not much time to plan for the future. A future which now demanded attention. 

The meetings, as had the dozen days, went by in a blur. At first it was just an idea that twigs had mentioned in passing; remaining as a CrewLeader even after there was a need for Container Crews. As the coffee meetings became more frequent it seemed to Ian as if the choice was clear - according to his intel it was almost unanimous with the other leaders of the world that this was a good move, and, he did thoroughly enjoy the group of people he had gathered around him during his tenure as a Container CL. Staying on made sense. 

It didn't take long for the paperwork to go through and for the announcement to be made - Illuminatiated would pack up his bags once more and head out of town, this time, he'd be headed to Chicago. A few of his closest associates; Jarrick and Mark sat waiting for him in a sleek looking vehicle at the airport terminal. One of the no-named goons whom they employed got out of the car and opened the door for Ian. 

The drive into town was quick - Mark was at the wheel and had already been in Chicago for a number of days now, having answered the Streets' need for more housing. They pulled up to a block which seemed to be bustling with an almost tangible nefariousness in the air. Ian smiled and motioned for Mark and Jarrick to follow. Walking swiftly to the center of the block, Ian blew upon a whistle which he had snagged from HeadCoach before leaving Detroit. It was only at that moment that Ian realized he wasn't sure if the thing had been in the Coaches mouth...gross. Shaking that thought from his mind Ian spoke, gesturing to himself Mark and Jarrick. 

"Folks, it's a little beyond me as to how it happened, but I'm here to stay. Initially I moved to Detroit to help with the Rebuild that our world was experiencing and as fate would have it, apparently I impressed the right people. It has been decided that Chicago is mine to do with what I wish..."

A few people in the crowd started murmuring, they could feel the winds of change blowing through their aptly named Windy City.

"First and foremost it is my wish to thank those who have displayed a tremendous amount of faith and confidence in my abilities; twigs, Giorgio-Esposito, Valinor, HeadCoach, not to mention the countless well-wishes and thank-you's from a number of folks who have passed through our HQ thus far. It is also my wish to alter our name to 'Illuminati - Almost Famous'"

A polite round of clapping ensued before Ian continued.

"We have our work cut out for us but I have absolute confidence that this city will remain a beacon for criminal activity. This is, however, not a realistic goal for one man to hope to achieve on his own. Nor would I be so foolish as to attempt it."

Ian paused briefly to take a long look at the two men standing next to him.

"Mark - the South Side of Chicago remains yours. In a time of need you answered the call brilliantly and I look forward to seeing what you can do with your part of town. As for the North Side... Jarrick, my mysterious friend, the North Side is yours. Please commence with the celebrations!" 

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jester comes up in tow of his boss. He was just a baby wise guy without much standing - but he knew that his boss had done a service for the greater good of the community, and he was delighted that he was rewarded justly for it…


don’t forget 12 beers in a evening pack, 12 hours on a clock and… fuck. I dunno. I’m not supposed to be smart. Congrats boss!! Looking forward to seeing what the future brings here!!”

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