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Rogue-A-Thon Bug Thread Started by: Pear on May 16, '22 15:18

Below will be what I saw occur when MRBot did not notify the users in the pool today about the next minute Rogue.


At 15:03 the MRBot sent the message: "ROGUETTE: With a final bullet, Roguette's pitiful attempt has been thwarted. Users are able to string together up to 33 additional RATs. The shooter beat 5 to the hit. 249 shots were fired."


At 15:04 a user joined and MRBot did the following action: "sets mode +v"


I think this may have been the same time the pool message was being sent to the users but since it has to perform a mode change it overwrote what it was going to do. What do you think happened? Trying to see any perspectives other than my own, to see if we can understand what seems to cause the no notification from MRBot.

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I'm confused.. there was a pool at 15:04 the rat died at 15:06 from people not shooting?

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Judge ing it looks like. It had gone on for a while and not enough people shot at it
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At the time I was referring to,  more than a couple users did not receive the notification from MRBot about being in the pool. So the it was not being refreshed on iirc.

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Correct, it could be a delay or a refresh timer, it's a bit confusing but generally I would assume that the rat pool is toggleable too.

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